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  1. husko

    9V bar layout, including 90s sets

    Thats right, everybody has some fond memories of Lego and its great to see adults (guys especially) being transported back to their childhood.
  2. Hello, May i present my 9V bar layout, features some of my sets from the 90s, some lightly modded, and some bridges i made. Train delivers drinks to guests at parties.
  3. Hello guys! After a quick search on the internet I was surprised how few pneumatic mods of the 8043 there are. As powering the boom with pneumatics seems somehow natural, I had a go at it myself. I can't be bothered to describe it at length, you'll figure it out. Let me just say that the base remains original, the gearbox is manual, the arm is about as powerfull as the LA version, it's movements are quicker, however it is difficult to operate the pneumatic valves via the RC, so precision is at a loss. there's also a fun video: Bye!