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  1. I just got the pieces I needed to finish the roof of my villa tonight, but I need to furnish it and build the surrounding terrain. I may hold off on the interior since the action of the scene will be taking place outside. I also realized that I didn't include a fireplace and chimney. Again, I may hold off on that and just refurbish the villa after Isabella and her soldiers reclaim it and develop the surrounding estate.
  2. Wiltar

    Varlyrian Family Intrigue Thread

    I'll be adding pictures as I take them and editing this post as I figure out how to insert pictures between lines, but consider this the official entry for House Sforza. Isabella Sforza is the current head of her household. As a child, she was forced to flee from Varlyrio, far across the sea to distant lands. There, she worked hard to establish herself as a merchant - selling various wares - and as a sellsword. Over time and benefiting from a combination of skill, brilliance, and the finest education her family could buy, Isabella became an expert at pairing mercenary companies with employers. She built up a small organization devoted to this purpose until she was able to raise companies of condotierri (well-armed and trained soldiers) on her own and then sell their services to local merchant princes. Finally, after a decade of hard work and at the age of 24, Isabella hired the finest mercenary captain in the region, Bayl of Keldemmar, and set sail to reclaim her homeland. The first step to rebuilding her family is to retake their villa from the treacherous Falizi, their supposed allies who had betrayed and murdered her parents, as well as most of her immediate family. After that, eliminating the Falizi was of paramount importance, lest they rise up from the shadows and strike the Sforza's once more. Never again would Isabella let her guard down. Once her hated enemies were dealt with, Isabella would establish relations with old allies and other families in order to sell her condotierri to the highest bidder. While Isabella has no grand designs to rule Varlyrio, she does see the need to amass enough power to protect herself and her new family. It will also put her in a better position to secure wealth and status for future generations of House Sforza, as well as find gainful employment for her loyal soldiers.
  3. That's exactly who I had in mind ;) Caterina Sforza is kind of an inspiration for the Isabella character as a strong female who held her own against all comers in a world run by men. Such a fascinating character. And the idea of the condotierri and their use to establish a power base or as a negotiation tactic with other duchies and families. I hope to use that to help tell our stories. Maybe after reclaiming her home, Isabella and her condotierri, led by Bayl, will be hored by various houses or even other Guilds across Historica. At least that's my goal :)
  4. Yes, exactly that! Bayl is my character, but he isn't a local and he works directly for Isabella, so it would be her family rising to power. As the story progresses, she and Bayl could grow fond of each other and get married; we'll see what happens :) I'm building her family villa right now and plan to have the company battle its current occupants to regain control. It will count towards a few builds and help tell their story. I challenged myself to try a few new techniques and I think it will pay off nicely.
  5. Thank you so much. I've been lurking on the forum for a few weeks to figure things out and because it took weeks to get my email verified, but now I plan to throw myself into the mix. I am more of a storyteller than a builder and my older builds are really basic, but I'm a medieval history nerd and love all things castle-related, so I'm trying to make my building skill match my knowledge hehe. I would LOVE to be involved in the political side of things and was hoping to compete for the Minister of War position (given my real life background as a soldier and a student of historical warfare). Do I have to be connected to one of the 3 or 4 families named in the beginning? If so, the head of the Sforza family that my sigfig serves is an eligible female and could marry into one of the houses after she re-establishes her home in future builds :)
  6. My rough idea is that Bayl is the head of a mercenary company that was hired to help a noble woman reclaim her birthright. Most of my builds will be based on their main occupation (mercenaries, weapons, and war) as they reclaim and rebuild the Sforza family holdings. I'm new at all of this, so any comments or advice - especially about what, where, and how to post - will be really helpful! Thanks!
  7. Hello everyone! I am new to the forums and a huge fan of what I've seen so far. I've decided to throw my lot in with Varlyrio and would like to introduce my character, the mercenary general Bayl of Keldemmar: Waves crashed against to prow of the Promise, a sleek longship cutting across the sea toward distant Varlyrio. The cold, salty air bit through the cloaks of the dozens of men and women on board, causing some to huddle for warmth while others focused on their work to keep the blood flowing in their chilled fingers. Bayl of Keldemmar looked over his crew, his friends, his family, a slight smile tugging at the corner of his mouth, a sense of pride and anticipation warming his bones. These were some of the fiercest, bravest warriors in all of the Kelden Empire, and they were his! He had lost count of the skirmishes, sieges, and pitched battles that had forged this band of mercenaries and sellswords into the most respected mercenary company in the Free Cities of Keldemmar, his homeland. His tactical brilliance, skill at arms, and incredible charisma had rallied them all to his banner over the course of years, and their military exploits had made them all wealthy and famous. It was not to last. Building such a reputation had brought no small amount of challengers and rivals, forcing the warriors of the Silver Tower - their small but impregnable fortress - into alliances with various merchant houses and city states, some of whom proved to be less than honorable. Politics and betrayal weakened the company’s hold and reputation until their position in the region became untenable. Bayl needed to find a new home for his remaining warriors, and the opportunity presented itself when the wealthy and adventurous Isabella Sforza needed a reliable band of warriors to help her reclaim her ancestral home in the distant land of Historica. The small Duchy of Cantovella had been invaded by their rivals, the Falizi, and the entire Sforza family except for young Isabella had been put to the sword. The 14 year old woman had been hidden by her parents, who died fighting their ancient enemies, and crawled out of the burnt ruins of their villa. For years, she travelled, using the money she had found in a hidden cache to pay for passage to distant lands, where she slowly establishing herself as a reliable merchant...under a pseudonym, of course. Life was hard as a lone merchant, especially as a young woman, so Isabella continued her family’s tradition of being a warrior as well as a merchant. It took years, but Isabella was able to earn enough coin to purchase her own ship and, finally, a force of reliable mercenaries that she would use to win back her home. Bayl smiled at the beautiful Isabella as she climbed rigging and sang sea shanties right along with her crew. There was no arrogance or air of superiority from the noblewoman, just a fire and bravery that Bayl respected and even shared. It had been easy to sign a contract with her, and he would serve her until she achieved her goal, even if the coin ran out. Of course, a famous mercenary general like Bayl would never admit something like that to a client, but the entire company had grown to see Isabella as one of their own and any one of them would die to protect her. “Land! Land ahead!” Bayl peered through the spray and mist, straining until he made out the outline of a rough coast. Mournay, currently acting as lookout and Bayl’s best scout and one of his finest warriors, had not been mistaken. Land. the tall warrior gripped the hilt of his sword and strode to his employer, his smile becoming a wide, warm grin, his face before any battle. “Lady Sforza! Welcome home!”