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  1. Most of the Disney+ shows won't be released till 2021 though, so if we do get sets for the shows ( which seems very likely) than we wouldn't see Ronin till then
  2. Or because the sets might have been put into production long before the movie was released. Mattel's losing the DC licence?
  3. Most of the entire final battle is surrounded by burnt ground and the only vehicles that are in the scene, are too big to be portrayed properly in lego at this price point. So of course it is going to be inaccurate because Lego wants kid's to have something to play with. Also the set was designed before the movie even came out.
  4. While that is a fair point, accuracy can some times hinder play. Either way it would still be scaled down
  5. whats wrong with it being a play set. This set is made to be played with just like the rest of the endgame sets I don't think though that a kid would want a giant space alien that doesn't do anything. I mean what action features would it have.This will probably make kids happier
  6. That would be really cool as well
  7. I forgot that they did the beard like that to enlarge the torso. I could really see Lego reusing that piece or making one similar to it as that would work perfectly
  8. How would Lego do fat thor?
  9. That would be amazing
  10. That would be really dark for Lego. I think that we could see another set or two based on the movie. After all the avengers in their regular suits (beside Iron man) are missing. I would also suggest valkrie in her new outfit but that probably won't happen considering that none of the other toys for the movie have resurrected characters To be fair everyone thought we wouldn't get any more endgame sets for the movie so we can't rule out that this will be are last
  11. It is weird that the set contains a repeat of black widow, however it does make sense when you consider the two exclusive figures. Rescue looks really great though. The helcopter looks interesting as well, or at least more interesting then some of the other endgame sets.
  12. legogoblin2099

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    To be fair LEGO didn’t have much source material at the time to go off of considering that the set was in production before the Chamber of Secretes was released in theaters. LEGO would create a much more accurate set for his office if they were to release a set of his office.
  13. legogoblin2099

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    I don’t know if it’s entirely unlikely. It would make sense for LEGO to put that variant in a CMF series, especially considering that doing a set of the trial is unlikely. It would be a great a way to gather robes for ministry people.
  14. legogoblin2099

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    Wait baby voldy is going to be in the grave yard set?
  15. legogoblin2099

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    I must say the irony is refreshing. When the first wave was revealed people complained about the Great Hall and Womping Willow set. People were also estranged about the use of the short legs for the students. How everyone now loves the sets. Is this going to repeat it self? Over all the sets are great. Hagrids hut is beautiful and better looking then possibly imaginable. The clock tower looks quite majestic and fits the new Hogwarts castle stile well. The Knight Bus is as good as it gets for the vehicle design. Expect patronum has good value. While the first challenge set appears to be the weakest, I think that the build for the horntail is accurate enough when looking at the in universe creature and the tent is acceptable.