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  1. When I purchased this set last year, the box looked sealed and even when I opened it all looked ok. However alarm bells started ringing when I could not find the motor, then I noticed clear tape on two of the numbered bags, and one of the bags was missing. I then looked again at the seals on the box and they had been broken. Someone had used smaller clear tape over the Lego seals so it was not noticeable unless you looked very very closely at them. When I returned the set the sales person did confirm they had a return of the item, but as it was still sealed they put it back in stock! I'm not say that is why your missing a bag but there are some people that will go to any lengths to not pay for things, even if is few bricks of Lego! Apart from the set above, in the last 12 months I've purchased seven technics sets which I know is not that many but they have all been complete.
  2. lamaii

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Do you have a link as I can only see it at 184.99 The bucket wheel is a good price at 118.99
  3. Thanks for the reply's. The issue was trying to run two L motors on the one connector of the IR receiver. So now the model now runs fine with both red & blue connected to a single motor. I now just need an additional receiver for the steering and winch I understand what you are saying about the friction, but the changes I have made are simple enough and don't cause any extra friction. I think the tracks are one of the biggest causes of friction compared to running wheels. I will post a picture of 2x L-motor modifications, I'm happy with how the rear motor is mounted but the front motor mounting needs a little (lot) work.
  4. So about 6 months ago I got my first technic set 42078 Mack truck, and since then I’ve been hooked and got another 7 sets. One of the sets I got was the “42070 All Terrain Tow Truck” I wanted a set which had the IR controls, as I wanted to see it all working on a model. So, another kit I got was the 42069 Extreme Adventure, and looking to make this motroised, so far I have fitted 2x L-motor (one powering each axle) and here is the problem! If I run the motors directly off the AA battery box (so no control) it moves fine in both forward & reverse, however if I try and control it by using the Lego V1 IR receiver the model only moves a few mm then stops. I read a few posts about the IR receiver and from what I understand this is the source of the issue, and even if I found a V2 IR receiver it won’t resolve my problem 100%. So I guess my questions, are there any hacks to the V1 receive to allow extra power to get to the motor, as I read about the hack to the battery box or should I give up on the Lego IR receiver. Would the Sbrick device solve the problem, are there any restrictions and would you go for the plus version over the standard. Are there any other possible controller only solutions, as I have looked at BuWizz device but just cannot justify the costs as I have 7 other models I what to convert to power functions, and don’t have a spare £700 as I still need to get a lot of motors, parts & new 2019 sets when released.