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  1. I visited this site, but the pieces are redundant ,don't respect ldr bricklink convention name and not indexed. It's easier to build new pieces than use the pieces of this site With an organized shared library (convention name, scale,...) like ldraw library but for CAD programs (*.IPT files for example) a script could replace the <piece1025.dat> of a ldr file by a <piece1025.ipt> For example Ldr file : 1 <colour> x y z a b c d e f g h i <piece1025.dat> Fictive fusion script : { Insert <piece1025.ipt> coordinate x y z Transform a b c d e f g h I } { Insert <piece9990.ipt) coordinate ....... } So with the help of a develloper it could be possible in fusion360 to load and ldr file, translate the instruction for fusion, insert the good piece at the right place and finally construct the model. An example of draw files article ........... Line Type 1 Line type 1 is a sub-file reference. The generic format is: 1 <colour> x y z a b c d e f g h i <file> Where: <colour> is a number representing the colour of the part. See the Colours section for allowable colour numbers. x y z is the x y z coordinate of the part a b c d e f g h iis a top left 3x3 matrix of a standard 4x4 homogeneous transformation matrix. This represents the rotation and scaling of the part. The entire 4x4 3D transformation matrix would then take either of the following forms: / a d g 0 \ / a b c x \ | b e h 0 | | d e f y | | c f i 0 | | g h i z | \ x y z 1 / \ 0 0 0 1 / The above two forms are essentially equivalent, but note the location of the transformation portion (x, y, z) relative to the other terms. Formally, the transformed point (u', v', w') can be calculated from point (u, v, w) as follows: u' = a*u + b*v + c*w + x v' = d*u + e*v + f*w + y w' = g*u + h*v + i*w + z <file> is the filename of the sub-file referenced and must be a valid LDraw filename. Any leading and/or trailing whitespace must be ignored. Normal token separation is otherwise disabled for the filename value. ..........
  2. Hello Recently to learn fusion 360, I used lego models to train with this models My fusion 360 models I'm using the tutorials of DK to build my first parts and models. DK made lot of pieces in .IPT format (inventor) format. IPT Part numbers follow Bricklink convention. Maybe someone with python or java skill could make a script to translate .ldr instructions into instructions to build models using a fusion360 shared library ? A fusion or inventor assembly is series of components with coordinate, rotation, colors like in a LDR models. A series of script can import nut, screw in .STL format from a online tools dealer for example. I think it's possible to parse a .ldr file and translate *.dat from it to .ipt files or fusion360 library component. It's just an idea Thanks for your advice :D Exemple script for fusion :