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  1. ontheslipway

    [MOC] Sentinel loader shuttle variant

    That gap on the front on the retail version is something I cannot really live with either; looks like something is wrong... Anyway, I made a small rendering of the lock mechanism; could be more study but also gets the job done. Wish I didn't have to use that many black bricks...
  2. ontheslipway

    [MOC] Sentinel loader shuttle variant

    Not sure you do not need many parts, there's 3,300 of them in the model Didn't really count the number of parts of 75095 used, but as many as possible of course. After a while I got "need to use parts fatigue". I uploaded the model to Bricklink
  3. ontheslipway

    [MOC] Sentinel loader shuttle variant

    Thanks for the comments! I"m never done a manual before (don't even know what program to use) but I can always throw the studio file on the forum; the file needs some cleaning up in terms of block structure but then it's fairly easy to build if the block structure is followed in the correct order?
  4. ontheslipway

    [MOC] Sentinel loader shuttle variant

    @Smitty; the Saturn rocket has many creative round solutions; I built when it came out and it gave me many a good idea. The model started to be a bit lighter in tone, but Bricklink complained about some bricks not in light blueish gray (the 4x4 technik brick with open center, 5,5 corner, some technik bricks (beams))) so I had to add more black to the model. So it went more from a pristine white to a more utilitarian color scheme and more "equipment" on the outside. I know that's more something you see on star ships and not so much the smaller craft... The gaps are there on purpose; I could have used the round corner pieces and normal arches but left it a bit more open and playful. The corners may have been a bit more solid with other parts... some black parts on the inside are there to block the view! @ WTFett: I have not yet ventured into the manual making part... (don't even know if stud.io can do it?) At the moment I'm nearly done creating blocks that can be built in block-order... @ JoeChu1980: Thanks!
  5. ontheslipway

    [MOC] Sentinel loader shuttle variant

    Thanks for your feedback! I agree it's a bit long; I wanted to copy the same cockpit style as in the Tyderium model (modified to be open between the cockpit and passenger area). Plus, I though the segment behind the cockpit was quite nice... but the entire idea to keep the model small didn't really work out as planned The pod panels were the main time vampire... as a first-time user I had to work on my repertoire of building solutions! The idea of the gunners is indeed to aim the guns, I also threw one gunner in Tyderium (they have nice heads too, behind that helmet). A normal officer minifig plus a few imperical pilots would work as well but I thought it was getting expensive enough. The speeder is mainly based on all the builds I could google so that's not really my design. The turrets are also from Tyderium (used that one for parts) and I ran out of 4L rods so had to rotate the dishes to make them fit on 3L bars... The detail on the rear of the center wing was also a late-minute addition because I didn't order enough white bricks so I had to improvise with what I had left... I actually had a small ATDT in the rear hatch but that one didn't turn out so well... Falls apart when you look at it...
  6. My first attempt at creating a Lego model since the dark ages were over, using Studio 2.0, a Lego Sentinel-class shuttle / Loader shuttle hybrid. Learning Studio 2.0 was quite easy and the model was fun to create! The main reason to make my own was that the newly released Sentinel is a bit too toyish so I went for something a bit larger. More images here: http://ontheslipway.com/?p=4037#more-4037