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  1. CSW652

    MOC: Brick-Built City Billboards

    Nice, but no train one?
  2. CSW652

    7939 tanker wagon alternative parts

    Can you take a close up of the red/black multi-cylinder tank car in the back row?
  3. CSW652

    Are the Creator Expert trains finished?

    It just dawned on me they have already done 3 in 1 train sets with 10022 and 10025. They could re-release those under Creator and then make a line of additional new train sets. As far as the three Creator Expert trains...Emerald Night, Maersk, and Horizon Express...they were all released about 2 years apart from each other from 2009 to 2013 and there hasn't been one since so I take it there isn't going to be another? Unfortunately I missed them all at the time and they are a bit expensive on the market now.
  4. CSW652

    MOC: 7898 Cargo Train converted to Power Functions!

    Very nice mod. Kind of a shame that it's boxed away and not running on your track. Although that is the fate of mine trains too due to lake of space at the moment. To bad it isn't as easy to upgrade some of the other older engines like 4512 and 4564 even with the new Powered Up.
  5. CSW652

    10017 Hopper

    So 10017 is probably an European track ballasting car, which is what I figured. So someday I will stick mine with a future M.O.W. train when I come up with an engine for it. Maybe replace the load pieces with round 1x1 plates. Wonder if anyone has made that UK autoballaster in Lego?
  6. CSW652

    Are the Creator Expert trains finished?

    Which is why I am all for it. Lego make it happen!!
  7. CSW652

    Are the Creator Expert trains finished?

    While I like the concept, the problems I see with set #10183 are the instructions for the different models aren't included in the box, to much red, and it's rather expensive to buy now.
  8. CSW652

    MOC: Gingerbread Express

    Have you submitted this train to Lego Ideas.
  9. CSW652

    [MOC] Classic Lego Home

  10. CSW652

    Are the Creator Expert trains finished?

    Maybe they could make the Creator train sets so you could make either a European or an American version of a car. Not sure what the third instructions would be though. Example could be a Hopper set or a Boxcar set that would have the instructions to make either version. Could probably do the same for passenger service.
  11. CSW652

    10017 Hopper

    Are those side openings doors? Looks more like #4536 the blue hopper but also like a smaller version of 10117 with a roof. That looks more like the one from #60098 to me, but I guess it could be a smaller one door version of #10017.
  12. CSW652

    10017 Hopper

    Does anyone know what the MOT Hopper 10017 is based off of and would you have pictures of the real thing? Assuming it is a European design.
  13. CSW652

    Are the Creator Expert trains finished?

    I like this idea of Creator 3 in 1 train sets. Wish Lego would do something like that.