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  1. CSW652

    Freelance road-rail excavator

    Very nice, I like it.
  2. CSW652

    Trains forum banner

    Like the new banner very much. Thanks to everyone involved.
  3. So still no switches?
  4. CSW652

    Trains forum banner

    Has the banner been changed yet? Wondering if I have to change any settings or if it will change automatically?
  5. Never been to Canada, but I have to agree with Phil B. The engine looks way to big next to the coaches. Otherwise I think they look very nice.
  6. CSW652

    Trains forum banner

    Bring on the Emerald Night!!
  7. CSW652

    Ideas for New Train Sets

    I think that would look much better with the old school Amtrak striping instead. I would leave the city train sets as they are. Wish Lego would add train cars and railway maintenance vehicles to the 3 n 1 creator line. Also wish they would bring back the Creator expert trains and add creator expert train related buildings once in awhile. Probably none of that will happen except for the city trains every few years, but here's hoping.
  8. CSW652

    Trains forum banner

    The Emerald Night idea looks good to me, with one exception... it's missing tracks. It is much, much better than what we have now. Would be neat to see what other people come up with in a contest though.
  9. CSW652

    Trains forum banner

    This forum needs a unique banner, please somebody make it happen.
  10. CSW652

    Cereal Docks

    That was very informative, I would have never guessed that. Quite a different design than the US covered hoppers. Thanks.
  11. CSW652

    Cereal Docks

    That was my question, where do they open them up? Guess I will have to internet search them.
  12. CSW652

    Cereal Docks

    Love it, very nice building. I do have a question on the grain cars though not being all that familiar with European style trains, I don't see any hatches on the top so how do they fill them?
  13. CSW652

    MOC: Brick Walk

    Very nice building and will support, but kind of surprised it isn't a modular.
  14. CSW652

    The Bakery

    Very nice building and love the bakery, but how do the figs get into the apartment?
  15. I like this banner for the trains, can it be used again?