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  1. Xifeng

    Stopping a train at an exact spot

    I tried to make an implementation today. Unfortunately, when I was testing it, I found that if I turn the switch to make the axle out of power, the axle wouldn't be rotating because of inertia. So I may need to change the idea.
  2. Xifeng

    Stopping a train at an exact spot

    Hi! I am interested in this question as well, so I come up with an idea and used LDD to build a prototype shown below: It is just a prototype, all the bricks can be altered, it just interprets my idea. I just utilize the friction between the rubber wheel and the tube piece to slow down the rotating axle. And the switch part in red should connect to another small motor to achieve the remote control. The power-output-axle should connect to the axle that the switch is on (whatever how you connect them). When you use this system to stop your car, you should stop the XL motor first and turn the switch, in order to let the deceleration part work. You can see that the wheel deceleration part is split, rather than directly install onto the axle connecting to the motor. I think if I connect them directly, the axle will still stop immediately when the motor is stopped, the brake system won't work. I think it makes sense. According to this prototype, I think its volume may not allow fitting into an 8-studs train.
  3. Xifeng

    [MOC] Emerald 4-Wide Train

    That's so cute and iconic!
  4. Xifeng

    [MOC] Siemens CP4700 1:20Scale Replica

    WOW, I can't even recognize that this is a LEGO model without zooming in! The bogie is so incredible! But I think the lamp can be improved to fit the shape of the face, like angularly placed or add more plates behind the slide round bricks
  5. You can click this link to get more pictures: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5830578809?pn=1 (it is a Chinese website)