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  1. Currently available in New Zealand. Think it is a fantastic set for the price - first superhero one that doesn't have two filler minifigs. Prints are decent too
  2. ApocSlay

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Thanks for that @Schwa. Was trying to avoid using two minifigs if I could avoid it. Haven't made a custom before, so hadn't thought of using the Bricklink search for this. Will use that option going forward
  3. ApocSlay

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Thanks @Schwa. Looking for a dark flesh female head, with matching arms. Considered Jasmine from the Disney CMF 2 series, but has the blue bands. Any suggestions?
  4. ApocSlay

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Wanted to ask, if I use all genuine Lego parts, but remove print from arms, is it still considered purist? I only have genuine Lego, and there are a few superheroes I'd like to make, but not sure when it is no longer considered purist.
  5. Went into ToyWorld and they suggested we have another month and a bit before we see them in NZ, possibly the same for Aus too
  6. From what I saw the last rescue suit was a custom purple one, or was it just my eyes deceiving me? Just saw a really cool blue female torso in an Iron Man suit, and looks like Rescue. Anyone able to correct me please?
  7. Yeah, I'd happily fork out cash for some new sets. Busy building the quinjet, and figured I might pick up another for parts. I'll keep the extra figures for my son to play with - probably my favourite set of the wave
  8. It would be crazy for there to not be anymore sets at some stage - even if they aren't planned at this stage. Endgame looks like it may be the second biggest movie of all time, if not the first. Toys (Lego included) would be a great to milk what is a substantial cash cow in any definition of the expression
  9. Mine has been ordered too :) Lego staff created separate order as I made a qualifying purchase on Sunday. Off to see Avengers Endgame this evening - so a great day all round
  10. Spidey sets are on S@H in the New Zealand store. So many great sets this year.
  11. @Aegis2000 - sweet! ordered mine this weekend hoping to score the Avengers Tower. Would love another superhero Bricktober pack, but hard to call if it would be DC or Marvel. Hoping for another MCU one as we got a fantastic set last year
  12. Just spoke to Kimberly at Lego. She told me to complete purchase, as they will backfill purchases on a first-come-first-served basis, so waiting for Tuesday when the warehouse is open may be too late. Just purchased my order now - hoping that I am not too late, and also that Kimberly is right :) 300 VIP points for the inconvenience is awesome, so at least got something out of it
  13. @Pchan1983 I rang to see if I could get it via telephone order, but was told that it has been postponed until an unknown date at this stage. They have had the go-live advertised as today a few times this week, but it disappeared an hour or so later each time - just to reappear again.
  14. @Lionbear8 I have a sneaky suspicion that it won't be resolved until the Easter promo ends. Please feedback here if you manage to get it. Really hoping to secure one, and not have to BrickLink it like most specials and polybags Same - also wouldn't be too upset if they did a Batman one with figures that haven't been released yet.
  15. Yeah, been online since 2 this morning waiting to complete my purchase :( Refreshing my browser every 30 minutes or so to see when it is resolved. Don't care much for the poster. On a side note, only 126 hours until I see Endgame :)