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    m577 apc

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  1. mh22nm

    Polish war-train

    Interesting finding, didn't knew polish had a military armored train in ww2.
  2. Brick warrior radio pack is easily the best lego ww2 us radio pack ever made, maybe the only ever made.
  3. mh22nm

    [Review] Minifigcat Modular Gear Series

    I like the concept, but still prefer tinytactical, altought just 1 minifig complete gear goes for 30$
  4. mh22nm

    [MOC] Fictional MBT

    Is it the hull based on the m1a2 Abrahms and the turret on the newer leopard?
  5. mh22nm

    Now on Instagram!

    Cool, will check it out later today, it's a cool concept
  6. mh22nm

    Post up your vehicles!

    Some mods i made to bkm mh-60l, i have more posts in instagram. Also did a bkm b-17
  7. mh22nm

    MOC A Band of Brothers

    Great use of those stud shooters, are those overmolded or painted brickarms?
  8. mh22nm

    [MOC] Lego NAVY UCAV VY-48A "Avenger"

    I like the hull, but i think you maybe could use those lego frying pans instead of the 1x1 with rod piece.
  9. mh22nm

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    I have bought it in brickvault, loved how you did the main hull and the landing gear, it's sturdy and maybe the best x-wing in minifig scale that exists
  10. mh22nm

    [MOC] Grand Theft Podracer

    Loved how you did the background on this moc.