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  1. sputnik16

    New Mannum 2012

    everything looks great! can't wait to see the ford dealership...
  2. sputnik16

    MOC: LEGO Colosseum

    oh my... this is amazing
  3. I am back from a very,very long hiatus...(is that the word you use?)

  4. sputnik16

    Modular Madness: London Joint City and Midland Bank

    very nice! I am looking forward to see how this will come along!
  5. sputnik16

    MEGA-MOC - Shopping Centre

    This starting to become a Great creation, Lightningtiger! It's one of the best i've seen in awhile!
  6. sputnik16

    Best Theme Ever?

    A few months before I had a Eurobricks account, it was star wars. But now, It's town.
  7. sputnik16

    Welcome Phred, New Town Regulator!

    Congrats, Phred! May you have many happy years full of dictatorship over the town forum!
  8. sputnik16

    Shady Vale

    this structure is so complex and awesome... can't wait to see it done
  9. sputnik16

    MOC: Modular Record Store

    I was looking for a better view view of that sideways board on the wall. thanks for the pic
  10. sputnik16

    MOC: Modular Record Store

    Awesome job Can we see a close up on that on the right wall of the shop? I saw something there.
  11. sputnik16

    [MOC] Do It Again

    Nice creation I have never heard of the chemical brothers, though
  12. sputnik16

    Shady Vale

    I can't wait to see the city center complex done this town is WAY better than mine.
  13. sputnik16

    2012 City sets

    I might just cry. I was hoping for some more town essentials next year. Maybe we will get them in the summer wave.
  14. sputnik16

    Mini-figs going to Jupiter

    wow. this is awesome! Does galileo have a new beard piece?
  15. sputnik16

    [MOC] Micro City

    Everything looks great to me! are there two grand emporiums?