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    Imperial Flagship 10210

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    Lego Pirates, Lego Pirates Mocs, but I love a bit more realistic approach: big imperial war ships and small pirate ships.


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I was born in 1981, so I grew up with all the classic Lego. My first one came in 1986, a lego Fire Station. From that I moved from city (too boring for me) to Space and Castle. With the then new introduced Space Police (Red Blue electric lights and sounds) and black dragon knights I was satisfied. But when the Lego Pirates was introduced as the first completely new theme I was totally in love. But as I am very interested in history and studied a lot, I did not like the real stupidity that Lego made always big pirate ships (which is historical dumb dead wrong!) and what makes it way more stupid, smaller imperial ships. This lead already when I was a kid that I did not buy any pirates ship until the Rennegade Runner came out. This small ship is he most realistic PIRATE-Ship. So now my soldiers could fight the pirates a little bit more realistic with the Flagship from 1992 and the Clipper from 1989. Finally I gave up on the pirates when I grew older. But with the birth of my son and relaunched theme I get back into it, especially as Lego finally made a bigger soldier ship in the imperial flag ship....