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    Imperial Flagship 10210

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    Lego Pirates, Lego Pirates Mocs, but I love a bit more realistic approach: big imperial war ships and small pirate ships.


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  1. DonRamon1981

    Printing and laser cutting replacement cloth sails

    Made a new pic of the BSB where you can see the sails closer. I bought them online and they pretty look like the one he is doing here. They are very nice quality
  2. DonRamon1981

    My first Pirate Moc

    My son wanted the red sails badly so we changed it again. Not the ship itself just the front and masts / sails. That's the end product of my son's improvements to the ship: The inside area wasn't changed at all: Compared to the other sails... I made a good ship but my son made it look excellent. 😁
  3. DonRamon1981

    Printing and laser cutting replacement cloth sails

    They look great and I think all my new aquired sails like the Carribean clipper 2x for my BSB (Blue Coat) and my Pirate Moc are exactly that kind of sails. The burn marks on the sides are really barely to see when you play or display them on the ships. The colours are even better brighter deeper than in the original ones, see my blue coat BSB here:
  4. DonRamon1981

    Imperial Guards: Bluecoat and redcoat uniforms

    The British Red Coats look really like Lego Figures as real humans.
  5. DonRamon1981

    My first Pirate Moc

    Thanks a lot. I am receiving a lot of compliments on that stern I build. I used my old hull ends from the carribean clipper for that ship and hat the idea of the windows because of all that ships I watched at the battle of Trafalgar. I have another idea to modify it, will try that out in my blue coat ship project for January. They all have to be playable, because my son love the ships and sometimes we play 8 hours nonstop at the weekend when we are at my flat in North Berlin. When we are in the other flat, were we are 90% of the time, there he have his second love: lego train. He got his first couple of days ago at his 5th birthday, he loves that more than ships. But I haven't the same passion as I never owned trains in Lego. But I play the same time with him doesn't matter what and how. But my love stays with the Pirates theme. His too as we wanted to have something like a pirate gold rush at his birthday. A treasure with golf coins (chocolate inside) was made for him. So we will definitely be back there making ships. Will try to take some design elements from admirals eagle and add my own ones and the idea to variate that stern I made for the pirates. It won't be big like the 2010 Flagship as he have trouble to play it because of his age and the size of the ship. His favourite size are the bounties that's why the pirates received the same size. And I also think the next blue coat will get this handable size for him. Long term I really want to make another big Flagship for the Blue Coats, as the BSB is their Flagship since 1989 already - receiving new sails and crew recently. Another long term project would be a base for the red coats. But that comes way after the ships.
  6. DonRamon1981

    My first Pirate Moc

    That's exactly what I will do next thanks. Use my parts that I still have left buy new parts that I can build a second blue coat ship beside my BSB. It will take a while because I don't have really enough time before new years, but I like the idea of mixing design elements from one of the most beautiful ships I have ever seen, the Admirals Eagle. Thanks!
  7. It depends what you like. I would not givea cent to one of the most unrealistic and ugliest ships ever made what are the Skulls Eye Schooner and Red Beards Runner; along with the Crossbone Clipper topping the ugly scale of him realistic colour schemes and very ugly design elements I would never take a second and always would go for one of the most beautiful ships ever, the Black Seas Barracuda. That's my point and my opinion. If you can grab more money the Big Imperial Flagship is the best one you can buy but also the most expensive one. I know a lo of lego fans like that SES so it depends on what you like. But don't worry you will always find both at eBay
  8. DonRamon1981

    Spanish Colonial Outpost

    Looks pretty realistic and playable aswell. Like that one really much. It's a shame that the Spanish Armada end up as only faction without any kind of a real base, as they just had a single soldier on a one man mini building. The red coats had the Imperial Trading Post and the Blue Coats had Eldorado Fortress. The Islanders had a big base as had the pirates twice as the only faction to achieve that feat in Lego Pirates todate. And the Armada? As the only set a sad little man on a 1yard island. What a shame! Would like to see more of that builds like yours. Great job ;-)
  9. DonRamon1981

    Caribbean Flagship, or maybe Imperial Clipper?

    Wow I love it just the way it is. I think of updating my Imperial Flagship too, the original one like yours. And this is a real cool work that inspires myself. Thank you for sharing this here. Appreciate your work. I like the white details paired with black and red instead of blue, I did that already on my one replacing all blue with red and the two blue lights with black ones (swiped them with the BSB which is my blue coat flagship. Love the way you designed the back in white and the entrance. Angled like the back of other ships. You came up with a real new idea and build it great. Only thing I don't like is the door, I would use a different one as I don't like that "farm" looking doors on ships, like the SES have that too. But that's just my opinion and should not take any point off from the perfectly nice designed project ;-)
  10. DonRamon1981

    Lego Ottoman Army

    Impressive! Just what a big Imperial power deserves. Love that kind of love for the detail and history paired together, and you did it brilliantly here. Can't wait to see more pictures of what this project took you to
  11. DonRamon1981

    Hull Section

    Love this one. Looks pretty realistic with nice details. Great display of a ship part
  12. DonRamon1981

    Imperial Guards: Bluecoat and redcoat uniforms

    You named it Napoleaonic Era 1798 to 1815. Here are British uniforms by late 1690 and through the whole time 1720 while the golden era of pirates where lego put the theme timed in. long before the Danish copied it and other nations too by the way. They even look more similar to the lego ones than the Danish. The Danish from that era look way different...
  13. DonRamon1981

    Imperial Guards: Bluecoat and redcoat uniforms

    So it's official the the red coats represent the British by Lego itself with that sets like London Escape, but here is the fact that also the blue coats are British by Lego itself: The comic, released with the first wave 1989 with two mini figures. It's not only the name of the gouvernour, Broadside, but it's the place. He is the gouvernour of Port Royal, Jamaica, a then world wide known harbour for pirates tolerated by the British/English and ruled by England (from 1707 as Great Britain) as Jamaica was a British Colony until 1962. So Lego just made British and later Spanish (Armada/Conquistadores) factions. But as I like to play them as different nations I like them as French, it's funny that many use the tricolore for the French ships. The era lego refers itself for the pirates is 1690 to 1720, the golden age of piracy in the Caribbean. The French lost all their Norhern American colonies to Britian in the 7 year war later, the French still had the white flag with the golden fleur de lis on it. The tricolore was not the French flag until the revolution. And for those who think fleur de lis is just French: The English royal insignia are with fleur de lis too as it was a royal symbol not just a French one. ;-)
  14. DonRamon1981

    Blue Coat and Red Coat ship MODS

    Hello. I also turned my BSB into the blue coat flagship. Here is the picture, the Sails are new from eBay and contains royal blue instead of the lighter original one. And I think in my opinion the different sails of the Bounty I and II doesn't affect the great look of the Brick Bounty as a red coat ship. I turned both Bountys to red coat ships and they both look awesome in my opinion, for the Brickbeards Bounty I used the BSB Sails and combined the original flags of both ships for the Brick Bounty : But along with my original flagship and the big Flagship the red coats have a real cool fleet. And I know you don't like the price but the 10210 Big Imperial Flagship is worth it. I love the details and the look of that ship. Like most of the newer sets it really looks better in real life than On pictures. But I try to get them beautiful on camera. The older sets look great on every picture:-) don't know why is that but you can't even make a bad picture of the old ships... So decide what you like best and do it your way. I was thinking of Brickbeards Bounty as a Blue Coat Ship too, but as I had a big blue coat ship the BSB, I was kinda hard to get my own classic from my childhood that I made blue already in 1989, to a red coat one. So I did it with the BBB. Later, after the Big Imperial Ship and the Brick Bounty it was easy to give them all to the red coats as it fitsin a similar style and cabin design, so it looks nice together. I would love to see how you turned the BBB to a blue coat ship.
  15. DonRamon1981

    Imperial Guards: Bluecoat and redcoat uniforms

    ...Ah and Lego itself made the red coat British when Releasing London Escape, and other sets for Pirate of the Caribbean. LEGO took their red coats to represent London's/ British Army. I guess I can't read and it's Koppenhagen Escape and Gouvernour Jensen and Admiral Hansen. And the history I also read wrong as The Danish had the b8g empire with colonies ;-) ...ah and before I forgot. Even the Admirals Uniform look exactly like the real one from the famous Royal Navy Admirals along with their Hero Horatio Nelson.