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  1. cooper87

    [MOC] Row home

    Thanks guys! Some very encouraging replies. I was a bit hesitant to post/build this, as I know it doesn't come close to some of the beautiful MOC's posted on this forum, but I guess it's a decent start to a MOC career :)
  2. cooper87

    [MOC] Row home

    Thanks! They actually are meant to be normal glass, I must've selected the wrong window style in Studio. Thought it looked weird :) Thanks! I'll try adding one brick per level and see what it looks like.
  3. cooper87

    My relax and addiction room :)

    Can we buy this poster anywhere? ;)
  4. cooper87

    [MOC] Row home

    This is the first MOC modular building that I designed since getting back into Lego a few months ago. I tried to design a Dutch row house, sort of inspired by our own house (although we have an extra floor and it's a corner unit, but styling wise). It includes a classic brick wall with big wooden window frames and a wooden beam supporting the roof. The long term idea is to create a couple of similar looking houses to create a row to put in my city. This would be the first one. I haven't designed an interior yet as I find that quite annoying with the software, I'll probably just do that once I've actually built the thing. That's when I'll also put a little more detail on the pavement (such as parked bikes), just need to see how it actually looks once it's built. What do you guys think? Any ideas/pointers to improve on this?
  5. cooper87

    Hi from the Netherlands

    Thanks guys! :)
  6. cooper87

    Hi from the Netherlands

    Thanks! Here's the train station, it's nothing too fancy. I bought the train 60051 and was rather disappointing with the "train station" that it included, so tried to design something in the style of that train. Also the gray brick holding the 2nd clock isn't the right color and one entrance gate is not attached properly yet, need to order some more bricks!
  7. Just a quick introduction, I am a 31 year old AFOL that only recently got back into Lego. I am interested in classic castle and pirates and recently rebuilt most of my cool childhood sets, like the Black Seas Barracuda, Wolfpack Tower and more knight stuff. I am also working on a modest sized Lego city with modular buildings (only got 2 so far, expensive!) and want to fill the rest up with MOC's, a train and some automation with an Arduino; like automated train crossings, LED lights etc. Last week I designed my first small train station, ordered the parts from Bricklink and built it. It's quite satisfying to see it come to life, although I already see some mistakes and learned some lessons for the next one :) Been lurking for a few months but now would like to participate a bit more :)