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  1. Mehmet T

    My Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries

    to z3_2drive I have a couple of questions: I'll buy a 9.6V LiFePO4 battery soon. Link below. According to the technical specs that provided on the web site, It has 4A max. discharging rate. Does it possible to use this battery as-is with my Lego PF motors and SBrick accordingly? Max. discharging rate for this battery is higher than the SBrick's max. levels, do you think if there is a risk to burn-out SBrick? What's your custom battery's max. discharging rate? Do you use those batteries with Sbrick? Thank you, Mehmet
  2. This is fantastic design! Thank you @Didumos69 I’ve search on internet but could not find this app, would you share a bit more information about it? This looks awesome! @Ctan Would you please share your power supply configuration with SBrick? I’m tired of Lego’s limitations and want to try new and more efficient (and more cheap) solutions :) and.. we’re still waiting for the photo-sequence instructions @Didumos69 🙂🙏🏻
  3. Mehmet T

    Double Trouble Trophy Truck

    Hi, me and my son started building lego technic this summer, and have built couple of mocs together. This was the ultimate model which we built, thanks @rm8 for this fantastic model 🌿👍🏻 Here is our model’s photos below;