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  1. @masseffect66 Here you´ll find a list with all the parts for the Isd
  2. @Fuchs Thanks for the great advice
  3. Man, it looks great! I´ve never doubted that it wouldn´t but I can´t wait when you´re going to show us the final result in a few years. The problem of a big Lego Mon Cal ship is probably its shape but it clearly looks like you´ve solved it. Keep up the great work :)
  4. @Raskolnikov Thanks again for the tip. Also in that video from beyond the brick about your fleet you said that your next moc will be a mon calamari cruiser. Are you going to sell instructions for that moc too? I know you have probably little progress on it so this is a little bit to soon but what are your "plans" for this moc? (class, interiors, size...)
  5. Hey @Raskolnikov I´ve just found out, that you can buy a lot of the parts for the Isd Agressor with the customer service on the Lego web side. Those pieces are sometimes even cheaper (for example the part 87926 costs around 5 Euros, but on the Lego shop it costs under 2 Euros) so I was asking you if you think It´s a good idea to buy the parts there?
  6. @Raskolnikov Thank you for the quick response. Now I'll have to save my money to get the moc as soon as possible :)
  7. I know this question was already asked so often, but mine is pretty spesific. I´m thinking of buying the instructions and parts for this amazing moc and I already have about 3000 parts. How much would it cost to buy the remaining 12 000 parts, when I buy only used pieces? Btw your moc just amazing. I´m looking now every day on the pictures of the Isd, because I can´t wait to build it. The amount of details is great and I love the interior, especially the hangar.