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  1. Hey everyone, thanks for the kind answers ! Yes it is quite packed, the compartment under the seat is full of tubes and cables, I wasn’t able to make it perfectly clean... And I’m really proud to have amazed some of you ! For the video, I will get a GoPro during the month, and with the shooting time I hope to be able to upload it early January ! This bucket is unfortunately not wide enough but thanks for thinking about it :)
  2. Thank you all for the kind words! Thanks, it's an honor coming from you ! I edited a picture to my first post And I'm looking forward to seeing your version! Thanks ! I've been following the work on your Fastrac with great interest Unfortunately I don't own any yellow gear rack and I won't buy one (at least not just now), but thanks for the suggestion
  3. Hello everyone, Please let me introduce to you my first MOC on this website. I've been building for a while and finally I decided to share something; some of you that saw me in the Decreasing number of Mocs topic may be happy to see it. by Guilhem Martineau, on Flickr The 1CXT is a mini backhoe which particularity is to be driven by tracks and not wheels. As a mini backhoe it features a skid steer loader front and a rear mini excavator arm. The tracks allow for lower ground pressure, greater maneuverability and higher pushing or climbing power. Discover more about it here : JCB 1CXT This build has been almost 1.5 years in the making as i don't have much time in engineering school. I designed it using blueprints of the real machine and the scale of it is approximately 1:10. The model is 33 cm long without attachments and the rear arm folded, 78 cm long at maximum length with the fork, 22 cm high and 16 cm wide. by Guilhem Martineau, on Flickr This MOC is an hybrid of pneumatic and RC. I. RC : With the IR receiver you can control the drive with independent tracks control, and the movement of the front loader. The first receiver is for the tracks. They are driven by one L-Motor each. There is a 12:25 ratio so it's enough to move around. The tracks feature a tension system with one soft spring on each track. by Guilhem Martineau, on Flickr The second receiver is for the loader. One L-Motor controls the arm via a 20:12 ratio but I'm not happy with that, I can't figure how to fit a bigger ratio to gain some power. Because there are two big linear-actuators it's good enough. The attachment is tilted thanks to an M-Motor, directly hooked with two 12:12 90° transmission. then two mini linear actuators give the wanted movement. I am quite happy with the tilting range but not with the height, even tho I really can't do anything given the space that I have. by Guilhem Martineau, on Flickr II. Motorized : By turning the switch on the left side of the cab on, you start an XL-Motor and grant power to a second switch. The XL-Motor powers a pneumatic pump and a two way gearbox in the rear of the backhoe. With a red knob you can actuate the outriggers in either way without having to make the XL-motor run in the other direction. The two big outriggers are strong enough to lift the entire machine off the ground. The second switch is located in the roof of the cab. By turning the beacon left or right you rotate the excavator arm via an M-Motor and a worm gear setup. by Guilhem Martineau, on Flickr III. Pneumatics : The pump powered by the XL-Motor is hooked up to 4 switches that control the excavator arm. There are two of them in the cab and two sticking out of the roof. The one on the right hand side of the driver controls the first section of the arm and the one on the left the second section. The second section features an extension via a 1 stud thick cylinder controlled on the left when you are facing towards the arm. It takes the section from 15 to 20 cm to give the bucket, actuated by a 7 stud cylinder, a better reach. by Guilhem Martineau, on Flickr IV. Conclusion : Overall I am quite pleased with myself. The function setup might seem strange but there was no room for full RC and this was the best compromise I could find. The play-ability turned out to be great, my little brother loves it! You can find more pictures on my flickr account! Thank you for reading me and checking out my little loader!
  4. Thank you for the answers, that's the reason why I like this forum that much :) I'll try to make some decent photos and post this micro backhoe this weekend then. And maybe I was being a little pessimistic but that's how I am lol
  5. here is an humble opinion of a shadow builder : I don't post MOCs because I feel like the quality has gotten so high in certain Mocs that mine are just not worthy of posting them. I could currently post a JCB 1CXT that I've done but it looks mediocre I believe. As I'm here, I just want to say that it's really myself not feeling good enough and not you guys being too mean ! This community feels healthy so don't worry for that, maybe quality is indeed better than quantity ;)
  6. Mmh, are you serious? this part was released a year ago...
  7. I think I'm having hypoglycemia, maybe some candies could fix that ?
  8. So Rm8 do you remember 42054 and its horrible crane ? This time preliminary pictures were better than the final product... And I said I spoke about the preliminary pictures, even then U should to agree that they never change radically between first annonce and final release
  9. I just saw those blurry pictures and my first thoughts was that we had one more 9398 But after examining this, it looks so messy under the bodywork I expected so much from those sets but I have to say I’m disappointed, all the sets look unfinished compared to the 42078 and all the others good sets we had last years I may get this car transport truck but in general I don’t think this wave will be for me and my purse...
  10. Oh yes I didn’t think ‘bout it because on the picture the only viewable side is the one w/o stop But yes obviously not new
  11. Did you see what seems to be a 8l axle, but in DBG ?!