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  1. Maranar

    [MOC] Desk-Scale Star Wars fleet

    These are awesome! My favorite is the venator cruiser! That scale is really perfect, enough detail without going absolutely bonkers on parts.
  2. Maranar

    [MOC] [Instructions] Republic Fighter Mech

    Thank You very much! Also, for the ones interested in building this mech, I made a build tutorial video: Have Fun building! Greetings Maranar
  3. Hi! After I got Yoda's Jedi Starfighter and the Republic Fighter Tank I felt these were two good sets to mash together into a Mech MOC. I present to you the Republic Fighter Mech: I used quite a lot of the parts from these two sets, but obviously also additional parts that I had at hand. 20181009_Lego Star Wars Mech MOC_04 by Maranar bricks, on Flickr Including the cockpit for a clone trooper: Link to my Flickr album of this MOC: An instructions tutorial video will follow in the near future. I hope you like it! I am open for critique and suggestions to make it better! Greetings Maranar PS: The instruction video is online and can be found in the newer post.
  4. Maranar

    [MOC] Fort San Juan

    Nice contribution. The whole setup must look awesome! Is there a video to watch where we can see the moving parts on the rollercoaster pieces? Would be nice!
  5. Maranar

    [MOC] Harry Potter's Gryffindor Bedroom

    I really like the angling of the wall. Very cool. They have quite a lot of brooms on their room! ^^
  6. Maranar

    Hello Lego Fans!

    Thanks to both of you! Glad to be back!
  7. Hi! I wanted to show off my first fleet I build. It's mostly for a game called Mobile Frame Zero: Intercept Orbit. I haven't played the game yet, though. To make it potentially more interesting I added a bit of background fluff. There is also a short Youtube video about this fleet, if you are inclined to rather watch that instead: I made a couple of instruction videos as well: Intercept Orbit Playlist But now to the fleet: Terran Defense Union Fleet GreyFleet001 by Maranar _bricks, on Flickr The TDU values their assets and uses defensive tactics to gain the upper hand in any conflict. Each ship is equipped with defensive systems, based on their shield ring technology. Nevertheless, Terran Command knows the importance of offensive capabilities and tries to balance these within their ship designs. GreyFleet007-Intercept Orbit-Long Range Capital Ship by Maranar _bricks, on Flickr //>Designation: TDU Malteriton //>Combat Role: Long Range Capital Ship //>Loadout: #System01: Support Range Weapon - Railgun #System02: Communication Sensor #System03: Communication Sensor #System04: Defense - Shield System --Description: This slow and hulking capital ship is the seat of the commander and designated as mobile command center. She is equipped with a long range railgun and sophisticated sensor equipment, allowing the commander to collect intricate sensor data of the surrounding space and objects. GreyFleet010-Intercept Orbit-Capital Assault Cruiser by Maranar _bricks, on Flickr //>Designation: TDU Ceratid //>Combat Role: Capital Assault Cruiser //>Loadout: #System01: Assault Range Laser (Paired) #System02: Assault Range Laser (Paired) #System03: Point Range Bombardment #System04: Defense - Shield System --Description: This menacing capital ship is designed to bring as much fire power to the opposition as possible. She wants to be closer to the battle taking the attention away from the command ship. It is rather hard to ignore this offensive power house. As is it custom for the TDU, every ship is equipped with defensive systems through their shield rings. GreyFleet014-Intercept Orbit-Railgun Frigate by Maranar _bricks, on Flickr //>Designation: TDU Gladibrach //>Combat Role: Assault Frigate //>Loadout: #System01: Assault Range Weapon - Railgun (Paired) #System02: Assault Range Weapon - Railgun (Paired) #System03: Defense - Shield System --Description: The assault frigate fulfills a similar role to the assault cruiser, but its improved mobility allows for more strategic strikes at high value targets. The inability to fight at point blank range has to be taken into account when choosing its target. GreyFleet019-Intercept Orbit-Assault Frigates by Maranar _bricks, on Flickr //>Designation: TDU Totidius and Sepiidus //>Combat Role: Interceptor Assault Frigate //>Loadout: #System01: Assault and Point Range Weapon #System02: Spotting Sensor #System03: Defense - Shield System --Description: These two interceptor assault frigates are placed in a supporting role by bringing their sensors in, helping the more offensive ships to do their jobs. Nimble and fast, as well as flexible in combat, they are an important part of the fleet. And the link to the full album of the fleet with some more pictures: I hope you like the fleet! Have a nice day! Maranar
  8. Maranar

    (MOC) The Elvan Seaport of Elvadion

    This is just amazing. It works all really well together. I don't like all the colors of the elves theme that much, but you made it work!
  9. Maranar

    Lord of the Rings Ongoing Discussion

    Yeah, that sounds like a huge miss. How could that even happen?
  10. Maranar

    [MOC] TIE-Separator

    Hehe.... thats a really fun build. Really cheeky! Love it!
  11. I got new boxes of Yoda's Jedi Starfighter 75168 and the Republic Fighter Tank 75182 for 20 Euro each from a flea market.
  12. Maranar

    [MOC] MINIs from Solo

    And now for a monorail version! Kidding aside, its very well captured with the rail in between. Would be really cool if possible to build a small complete rail track to drive this on. I assume there is no wheel or so inside? But should be possible to keep the tiles to a minimum so it could still slide a bit. Too bad it was impossible to attach both parts to each other. Really awesome microscale build!
  13. Really cool. I like the round front a lot. But I guess the AAT needs a stand for the upper part or it will fall on it?! Or is the front heavy enough? I guess its not that easy to know from digital renders. ^^
  14. Maranar

    [MOC] Circa 1712 36-gun East Indiaman 'Duke of York"

    Every time I see such a cool ship build I feel the urge to try myself at it as well. Really cool ship. I love the dark blue color and the details. The finished ship will be awesome, I am sure!
  15. Maranar

    [MOC] Transformer Sewing Machine aka Stitchmaster

    That is really deceptive! ^^ Very cool idea and execution. The Mechversion looks very cool and articulate, which is something I feel is missing from a lot of other Transformer creations with lego. Well done! The picture with the Transformer sewing on another sewing machine is just perfect!