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  1. littlebwild

    Scale Modeling Building Help

    I never thought to turn the pieces... could also help with the vertical siding I'm trying to replicate... Thanks! Will keep you updated on how it turns out!
  2. littlebwild

    Scale Modeling Building Help

    Hi, First time poster and MOC(er) <<< not sure that's a thing? Also, unsure if this is the right forum, but thought I'd try my luck. My dad's an architect and as a Christmas gift I want to give him a mini-fig scale lego version of the lake house he designed for my mom. I have all the scaling, but I'm stuck on this damn round window they decided to put in the bunk room on the second floor (see attached photo). I'm struggling partially with how to build a to-scale "port hole" window, and with the fact that because I'm building the house to-scale the length of the wall is an odd 17 studs. I've attached another photo of what I've been trying to do with the legos, but I honestly just need some advice/help. TIA! -b