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  1. Hi I'm Gort, just joined here as I love to build Lego. Look forward to seeing what you all have built. I live near Edinburgh in Scotland. Cheers for letting me join!
  2. Gort

    What Video Game(s) are you playing?

    What sort of Mods are available for Skyrim? I play it on the PS3. However, I'm currently playing Saints Row 2 on the PS3. Was playing Titanfall 2 on my Xbox One S, but I got stuck.
  3. Gort

    News LEGO Architecture 2013 Discusion

    I created my own version of the Marina Bay Sands hotel complete with sky deck swimming pool, but not the lit up Lotus Gardens. I hope I took a photo at the time. Friends of mine stayed there earlier this year - said it was amazing.
  4. Gort

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2018 Pictures and Rumors

    I'm a fan of Asimov. Used to be into WH40K back in the day too. Good ideas.
  5. Marine Boy Dungeons & Dragons Boss Cat Hong Kong Fuey Ulysses
  6. Gort

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Rewatch of Thor: Ragnarok. Still one of the best Marvel movies. Love Korg, voiced by the movies director, Taika Waititi. 8.5/10