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  1. Hurri

    [WIP] Volvo EC160e

    Hello! It's long time about last update but now I have time to write! First I change building plan little bit, we arw now building ECR 235. I change plan because I want little bit more challenge and I think most construction excavators are present compact. Bottom on the excavator is not ready, I need to make it 2 stud more wide and put track tensioner.
  2. Hurri

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Do you think this would have pf motors or would it be remote controlled like 42065?
  3. Hurri

    [WIP] Volvo EC160e

    Hello! Little update what I did on thursday! Colors are not match to real model, but I'm going to change them, I just test does my ideas work, and I think they work very good! I need to order more motors and pneumatic pumps and cylinders to make boom ready. I also look my lego storages and found some lego tools, so I think if I found some space I build a tool box there and something else details, like computer on cabin etc, If you invent anything cool, let me know! Mpj, I check track gear reduction and it was little fast but I think I can solve that problem when I change some gears, reason why tracks look soft is that because other side doesn't have yet track tightener.
  4. Hurri

    [WIP] Volvo EC160e

    Thanks! Yea! I use this tactic a lot, I also look my old lego technic building instructions to found different building styles! Ivan, reason why I want to build it on 1:17 scale, is it I want my excavator is same scale than my trucks are, you are right when you say pneumatics are better than LA, but I want to make my excavator run smooth so I will use LA. I'm going to build two autovalve pneumatic cylinders, one for tilting bucket and other for bucket quick attachement. I also have been think to build in future forestmachine like John Deere 1110E, and I think it will fit to 1:17 scale very good.
  5. Hello! I'm Hurri, and first I want to apologise if my text have some misspellings (I'm from Finland so english is not my mother language :D ). I'm 18 years old forestmachine driver student from Finland. I start this topic because I want to show you my creations and if I get problems when I build something, I think you guys will help me! So let's start to tell something on this volvo. When I was 11 or 12 years old ( Oh boy It feels so old to say that) I get 8043 to christmas present. I love it, it was awesome, I play it like everyday but couple years later I take it apart and I start to desing new excavator with six power function engines. One night I was looking videos on youtube, and I see Teclem8 Volvo excavator, I look that and I was like "Wow, I want to build something like that". I change my plan little bit and now my plan is build a Volvo EC160e with bucket tiltator and quick bucket attachement. I'm tryint to make it fit same scale than Mercedes Benz Arocs, but now, some pictures! So tell me if you see any weak points or something else on my buildings, If you hava building tips, tell me! :)