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  1. I haven’t been following the news for a moment, so I ask here. Will lego stop making power functions components? I think Control + battery cases are impractical, also they are expensive and I wouldn't want to stop making moc without powered functions
  2. Hurri

    [WIP] Volvo ECR145E

    Today I almost get cabin ready, start making side panels and fit "batterybox" behind cabin. Only two autovalves and mechanical side is ready, then details and rest panels. I need to look help find instructions to autovalves. I'm pretty happy that boom trajectory, but it need little bit fine adjustment. But some pictures now!
  3. Hurri

    [WIP] Volvo ECR145E

    Long time about last post, but last couple weeks, I had time to build this, and this is where we are now. There is two pneumatic cylinders on arm, one for quick coupler, and one bucket tiltator. I built it one night to get it as compact as possible There is some problems, I have no idea where to put two autovalves. Second problem is that, boom is very heavy so this thing is falling if arm is full long, one solution of this will be batterybox, which will be behind cab what makes more weight to back. That Coca Cola bottle is giving some scale, how big it is.
  4. Ah okay I know that feeling, when you say that you wanted a real truck, this is the reason why I build lego excavators, its way cheaper than buy real one
  5. Oh I notice you are form sweden, regards from Finland That forwarder is cool too, I like to watch that when you drive on mud! I drive them in real life so it's cool to see lego versions. Does that truck have differential axels? And do you use power functions lights or some custom lights?
  6. That truck is so cool! Can you make video of that forestmachine? It looks very interesting! This video gives me motivation to keep on my builds
  7. Hurri

    [WIP] Volvo ECR145E

    Thanks! I'm going to make stickers to model when it's ready so they give last detail! I think first to use buwizz, but then I start to think I can't get all functions what I want if I use buwizz, so I choose sbrick because I can fit batterybox behind cabin and put two sbrick to other side, but thanks for the idea, I probably make an brick what is same size than buwizz and try could I make to fit two of them, buwizz give more power than sbrick ( if you don't have modified batterybox) so they would be better on excavator because functions are stronger, but if i cant figureout how to fit them, I probably use sbrick.
  8. Hurri

    [WIP] Volvo ECR145E

    Hi again! Little progress has been happened, now i'm just thinking am I happy how it looks like or what i'm gonna do with it, functions work very well, and boom moving range is very good, but when I'm looking old pictures, I think it would look more realistic than now? Tell me what do you think about it and would you do something on diffrent way, or change something! ( all colors doesn't match because I dont find enough right color pieces, but I will order them in next time when I buy parts more ) Boom looks little bit too massive, it would probably help if I redesing it and make it smaller?
  9. There is a one picture what I found in google, there is orange handrails. Have you been think what pneumatic tools you are going to make?,12683180-1.jpg
  10. Looking good! What scale you are building and have u been think what year model u make (Volvo add orange details to their machines in 2016, if I remember right)? I really like volvo machines too
  11. Hurri

    Power Functions

    Hi! What lego set you have? Bigger models are easier to motorised because there is space to hide them. I start with this kit and put it to lego set 8265 and if you want to make rc models, you need receiver and controller. There is also sbrick and buwizz to make rc models, but these are little expensive.
  12. Hurri

    [WIP] Volvo ECR145E

    Thanks! I found software what called studio 2.0, I build a little bit and it feels good, maybe I'm gonna desing whole thing again with it, but we haven't work earlier for nothing, there is many things what I'm going to copy to finished model, under bottom is that where we need redesing and cahnges, some changes to top body, but I don't think anything big Ah I need to ask that, when this model is finished, check everything work good and playability is good, would there be interest to buy instructions to this? I'm trying to build this with "cheap" parts, not expensive or rare parts, so it would be nice, fun and cheap to build.
  13. Hurri

    [WIP] Volvo ECR145E

    It's was very good idea to make track littlebit longer, it look so much better now, next I need to buy some motors and batterybox etc things, but I make some details last night and also change trackwheels! When I'm waiting motors and last parts, I desing boom. Thinkin about it give me some grey hairs because I have no idea how to get right angles and look it like real, oh. Does anyone good desing software to computer? My desing progress is now like "Build and learn" I would like to desing my models with computer, I have try LDD but it feels complex, but maybe I'm just rustic with it Some pictures:
  14. Hurri

    [WIP] Volvo ECR145E

    @mpj thanks! Yep, I have been desing lego excavator so many years so now is time to finish it and build it! @steph77 That would look good, but first I try to change track wheels to these because if I want to make under bottom bigger I need to rebuild whole thing I make some changes, and build boom up and down gearing and cylinders, make batterybox fit back to cabin and move auto valve from top to side, I think it's pretty good now, also when I change track wheels, it give little bit more length and make it look bigger. I also ad some details from cabin (It's not finished yet) hourmeter and opening sunroof. That yellow box behind cabin is simulatin batterybox, I need to order that and some motors and brick to my next project If anybody know good small autovalve, show it. That what I have now gets stuck and doesn't work good
  15. Hurri

    [WIP] Volvo ECR145E

    Oh I haven't notice u have ecr too! It look really nice! I think i'm going to use this batterybox and sbrick, batterybox is going to back to cabin, There is not gonna be enough space to ir receivers so that's the reason why i'm going to use sbrick!