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  1. Any idea how to get part 79987 in Studio? Nevermind found the solution:
  2. You'd think they would have sorted it by now especially if they are going to start releasing other sets with the same colour.
  3. anyone have any recent updates on the colour matching issue in newer sets?
  4. Yeah I hear ya. As a fellow Aussie its a bit annoying that we always get screwed on prices and the value of the dollar but that's a whole other discussion.
  5. price increases are most likely due to licensing. The Ferrari Tax would be quite large and all the other sponsors on there would probably get some money too.
  6. This looks great!! Will probably try it out once I've built the official model
  7. aussie_huddo

    [MOC] Tintin Unicorn Ship

    very nice, lots of detailing especially on the rear blue and gold section. Which set had the cannons in it? Would be great to see some sails and minifigs on board to get the full effect
  8. @Tirolian those pictures are far too small to see any detail. Try uploading to an external site like imgur and linking to them
  9. aussie_huddo

    MOCs: Models of trains running in Hungary

    Thanks so much!! Will be sure to credit you if anything comes of my plans
  10. aussie_huddo

    MOCs: Models of trains running in Hungary

    @Ashi Valkoinen Great MOCs!! Any chance I could get a digital model of your updated urbos 3 shown above?
  11. aussie_huddo

    [MOC] 1:400 Willis (Sears) Tower

    Very nice MOC. One reason these sets never get made official or at a large scale is the repetitive nature of the building process and design. What do the internals look like? Is it solid or just a digital exterior? Edit: nvm I looked at the flickr link, very nice. Look forward to more skyscrapers at this scale in the future
  12. @Moseman to answer your questions: 1) you need to purchase one full 42100 set. 2) See my post on page 11 (11 feb) for the amendments to the parts list you need to make. Then purchase these parts from bricklink or however else you want. 3) I have not yet built the mod but you do not need any sbrick or buwizz to control, only the control+ hubs and motors that come with the original set. You do need a different app on your phone like BrickController2 to control the custom layout, but i have not yet reached this point so maybe someone else can assist with setting it up when you get there.
  13. @efferman according to bricklink the set has 8 x 10.4cm hose, 8 x 13.6cm hose and 8 x 16.8cm hose. assuming we can just use the 16.8 to go from connection to bucket actuators and boom to main actuator and not buy any extra?
  14. Are these standard sizes similar to the ones in the set or will we need to cut to size?
  15. These look great and you have done well with standard technic beams and liftarms. I only wish the technic fenders and panels were available in more colors so we can make even better looking cars of this size