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  1. Thanks @HRU_Bricks Ok, I tried the 8 pumps compressor on the ball cleaner. Pressure drops really fast, I think a dual compressor doesn’t work either. I’m considering on buying an airbrush type compressor.
  2. @HRU_Bricks I have send Akiyuki an email with a picture of my progress and some questions. Up till now I have received 2 emails from him with some additional pictures. Here’s a link to my bricksafe, I will add some pictures along the build. https://bricksafe.com/pages/Juroen/building-tech Building a Lego compressor is a big guess for me. I will see where this takes me. Could you share some pictures and information about the automatic shut-off switch when the compressor reaches the preset pressure? I’m planning to set mine to 2bar, the ball cleaner operates between 1,5 and 2,0 bar. Do you have a video available of your ball cleaner module? It looks quite impressive already!
  3. Juroen

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Seems to run ok! I received some photo’s from Akiyuki this week. I made some minor adjustments to my ball lift, so I now have a 100% exact copy of his design. It does make a difference though in which direction the motor runs. In one direction it runs smooth and in the other direction it has slightly more resistance.
  4. @Lego_GBC_NL You are right. My goal is to build a compressor only using official Lego parts, except from the hose. Compressor will be the same height and length as the ball cleaner and connected on the back side of the ball cleaner. My guess is that a single Quanix compressor will not suffice. Provisions for a double compressor are made.
  5. Juroen

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Looking great! Another Akiyuki mystery solved!
  6. Juroen

    GBC General Discussion

    How is the setting of the 9V controller during exhibitions marked so that others can start and stop the GBC modules? Is an on-off switch always used? Are there some examples?
  7. Juroen

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    He had the same problems in 2015; mark 0:42 & 4:10 He somehow managed to solve this in 2017; mark 3:38
  8. Juroen

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    In between building a compressor for my Akiyuki ballcleaner, I’m tweaking some parts of the Akiyuki ballcleaner design. The first stepper is an exact copy of the Akiyuki design. However as you can see in this video there’s a problem with the vertical movement. When the stepper is moving up, the motor struggles to get it to the top due to the weight of the stepper. With a XL motor I have the same problems. When I hold this part horizontally it works just fine. Also tried some different gear ratio’s. I was thinking of using some kind of counter weight, does anybody have any experience with this kind of stepper?
  9. I only tested the functionality with a manual cylinder. I just ordered parts to build a Quanix based compressor. I will have to see if that works, otherwise I might be using a non-lego compressor. Probably some kind of airbrush type compressor.
  10. @HRU_Bricks Looks great! I still have to start building a compressor. So far the ball cleaner project has been standing still for almost 2 months.
  11. Juroen

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    A video will be available once I have built or bought a compressor.
  12. Juroen

    GBC General Discussion

    Is it customary to name both the designer and builder of a module during a GBC show? Is there a standard for this? Printed tiles for example?
  13. Juroen

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Thanks! Indeed a mirror image. I doubted for a long time to add any mini-figures. I thought that might be too much. Technic 40 years is much more subtle in my eyes. Ball path is 2 studs off center towards the back.
  14. Juroen

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    It took me almost 6 months to build and today I have finished the Akiyuki ballcleaner.