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  1. OK, I did something else wrong and I figured it out. Topic closed! :-)
  2. I have trouble understanding the timer block. I have a GBC module and made a program which detects balls. If for example 2 minutes no balls are detetcted, the program has to stop. But whenever balls are detetcted, the timer has to start counting from 0 again. A part of the program which detects balls and resets the timer is below. I don't understand how to make a program line with the timer block which actually stops the program when no balls are detetcted for 2 minutes. Can anyone help me out?
  3. @Ankoku Thanks, I fixed the link in my post.
  4. For the Akiyuki ball cleaner; Stud.io file, bricklink xml file, EV3 file and some additional information is available on my bricksafe: https://bricksafe.com/pages/Juroen/bc-t76
  5. @Ankoku @Innocity @HRU_Bricks I’m running the ball cleaner on an airbrush compressor set at approx. 2,8 bar. It is impossible to run the ball cleaner on a lego compressor. If you require a large quantity of air and you decide to use an airbrush compressor be sure to use a moisture trap. Eventually the compressor will get hot, therefor I think it’s not suitable to run for 8 hours straight.
  6. @Ankoku It is :) 9v system hasn’t built it yet. But I’m sure he will. :-)
  7. @9v system Thanks. I don’t have a complete part list. Below are some of the main parts: 1 EV3 brick; 4 light sensors; 1 large servo motor; 2 medium servo motors; 1 L-motor; 1 M-motor; 6 meter custom & original EV3 cables; 1 conversion EV3/9V cable; 5 pneumatic switches; 7 48mm pneumatic cylinders; 2 32mm pneumatic cylinders; 1 air tank; 1 pressure gauge; approx 9 meter pneumatic hose; 3 shock absorbers; 1 linear actuator.
  8. To detect balls which start the servo motor for the cleaning procedure. I might adjust the program to stop the cleaning procedure if during a specific time, no balls are detected.
  9. Congratulations! Well done! The thing you are missing on the press module are springs and the possibility to adjust the pressure from the press.
  10. Had to make some final changes on the design to connect the EV3 charger. Almost ready for my first GBC, only thing left to do is to buy an airbrush aircompressor.