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  1. Brickstar minifigure and tiles 2018 and 2019 (both listed on Bricklink) were given to lego employees that took part in special contest internally I'm interested to buy this minifigure I'm legoman_russia over Instagram if you are interested
  2. I just got known interesting and neat LEGO Grundlæggende Lederuddannelse 2008 (Basic leader education) minifigure was sold out on ebay. Never heard a thing about it. The figure was only given out to participant who attended an internal program in TLG Billund in 2008. who knows anything about it?
  3. Hi to everybody! Collecting minifigure is the most interesting hobby for every lego fan. And lots of figures are on wishlist of us we looking up, finding out, trading for. What's the most rarest minifigure in your collection or wishlist? As for me, I fancy having Inside tour figures but they are too rare to have. And the most rarest I own is Games Staff minifigure and probably black brick on torso the Ideas minifigure
  4. Sorry if so but I couldn't find the thread exist. As for topic do you figures that ain't from regular sets?
  5. advice

    Bricklink questions

    Receiving for sure I have heard some eBay sellers used to offer digital printing figures instead of official pad printing
  6. advice

    Hello, everybody

    Hello, everybody! I'm from Russia and I'm here to learn more about the Lego life in Europe and whole the world. My fancy theme is Star wars and I'm fond of rare minifigures as well. It would be nice if I can find and obtain some lego needs on Eurobricks that I can't get anywhere else. Ask if you have any questions about me or my collection
  7. advice

    Hello, everybody

    Happy collecting in my case Thank you
  8. The lego passport comes with 1st Anniversary Shanghai Disneytown minifigure set. But it's rather rare just 333 of each was produced. 999 passports at total
  9. that is) I can give ones lego advice)) and sometimes need some advice too I believe it's hard to get something special overseas as every brand retail stores offers similar sets. Sometimes it's possible to find old items in others toy shops but that's not regular for lego so... Although I saw some interesting and rare promo sets in small stores in Rome where there ain't official lego store we know both for sure who might helps in Australia. Yes, he is AFOL but very famous. Do I guess? The US stores is common and they offer different stuff. If you mean something like 5004932 set, just get it on amazon or ebay
  10. advice

    Bricklink questions

    Have your ever dealed for fake minifigures on Bricklink?
  11. advice

    My city layout: Dark Brick City

    I gonna start to build my own town but always feel giving it up. I think you are on great way that will never stop
  12. advice

    Do modern white bricks still turn yellow?

    Some said sunshine helps bleach yellow back to white but I would not rather venture
  13. Best thing ones could get overseas is different special events' stuff if you combain a trip and visiting brick events
  14. Just imagine how heavy wooden boxes were and I believe they need much spare place to be stored
  15. Brickheadz ever goes into more creativity compared to regular system moc. You did good figure
  16. Early 90th is the Castle period. Awesome stuff! I like those original figures and buildings. Who knows maybe I obtain some old castle sets one day
  17. As I start to collect in Decrmber 2014, I have never had old lego sets. Now days I feel like the importance to get randomly first minifigures and some classic town sets which look more impressive than new ones. And thank you for neat pics. They're very useful