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  1. Hello, Can anyone advise me for torso and leg colours if I want to create WW II theme soldiers for the Germans, US and British forces for that era? But again I wonder whether getting monochrome figure + custom vest attachment will be cheaper than custom printed soldiers minifig. Thank you in advance for the input.
  2. one79

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    It seems the Marvel and Avenger themes will be going for a while. Especially the Marvel movies will keep being produced in the next couple of years. One of my friend was saying after the movie Avengers: Endgame "This will be the end of the Marvel LEGO Series. The movie is at the end". I am not convinced though. Because the movie is producing a lot of cash for the studio. I hope someone will create modular avenger tower (3000 pcs parts) and submit it for LEGO IDEA. Oh wait, existing IP can be submitted for LEGO IDEAS. What a bummer :(
  3. No, I choose login. I had to create a second account and now I can vote. But that is stupid. I have two LEGO accounts that use the same address now :/. I can only login with one of them to the LEGO IDEA
  4. Sorry if it is out of topic. I would love to vote on the existing entries. But I am having problem when login into LEGO IDEAS. Why I cant login and this note appear: The email address xxxxxxxxxxxxx is already in use on LEGO Ideas. Instead of creating a new account, please login with the LEGO ID username you used with this email address. If you’ve forgotten your LEGO ID or are having troubles, visit this FAQ for more help. But I am already using my LEGO ID. Did I do something wrong? Can someone explain?
  5. I love this one!! I hope this castle will reach 10k and turn into product!
  6. one79

    [MOC] Castle and Medieval Habitat

    Added "Armoury" on the habitat build
  7. umm...deadly crocodiles = the secret? It can be better of the photo is clearer and the middle is lit. Can not see the detail in the middle due to the shadow. Or is it done purposely as a fog of mystery?
  8. one79

    [MOC] Castle and Medieval Habitat

    Thank you! I appreciate the support A very detailed observation! I was undecided at first on how to proceed with this castle. My first option is to make the walls and windows higher as in real-life castle to prevent enemies to easily getting access into the wall. But I also want to make it more like LEGO-ish (like what LEGO is building their set). I have fond memory of playing with castle set when I were a kid. So, I decided to make it more LEGO-like. I made the windows using bricks & parts since the castle panel with build in window is too costly to buy as parts. At least I made sure minifigs can not fit into the windows to prevent attackers from easily gaining access into the castle, lol. I haven't decided how to place the castle, but you have given me idea to place it on small rocky hills surrounding the castle. I forgot to re-attach the wall of on the guard-tower! Did not use stud only a slid on and it detach easily. I only noticed it after I posted it. It is actually an action feature from earlier castle set where when the wall is attacked by catapult, it will detach. Did you mean the LBG masonry bricks? I have a pile of them so I decided to use them instead of the normal LBG brick since I only have some if it. Yes the tan is supposed to be the solid base/foundation. Alas, I have used my reddish brown and tan baseplates for my city-building so I have to use the temporary white baseplates. But later on I might change the base when incorporating it into larger surroundings. Will enlarge the castle later on so I can fit in more interior decorations. Thank you for the compliment
  9. one79

    [MOC] Ore Research Centre

    I thought this was a digital build until I saw the last photo. great build
  10. Done. I would not said it is simple. Was confused initially but I managed to post my photos in the LEGO Historic Themes thread. Thank you for your explanation earlier. Otherwise, I would get lost on how to post the photos.
  11. Hello everyone. I am new in MOC-cing. I will use this thread to display my build which will be the main castle and habitat build. I will be integrating the habitat into the medieval castle and its surrounding in the future. CASTLE BUILD Actually this castle is my first MOC to build (just started on May 2020). So you might see a lot of simple technique used on it. I am still yet to learn or master the advanced build such as SNOT or MILS. I built it on 32 x 32 baseplate. My vision is to expand it into at least 4 times 32 x 32 baseplates. The castle will have blacksmith & armorers, throne room, dining room, barracks, King's chamber, storehouse, etc. Initial build on 1 unit of 32 x 32 baseplate. HABITAT MODULES Audience With The King (Will be incorporated into the Throne Room) The king's throne, golden candle holder and stained glasses concept are from the medieval tutorial furniture by little john Medieval Store All furniture concept in this habitat are from the medieval tutorial furniture by little john Armoury (Added on 30th May 2020) Shield stand and the small weapon rack ideas are from the Medieval furniture tutorial. Armor stand is generic build, crossbow stand is my own creation. Sword stand is pretty easy to build. I will post more photos when I have updates for the Castle MOC or build more habitat modules. I also have a modern LEGO city build. You can find me on instagram at @raysbrickville NEWS UPDATE 23th May 2020 My Audience With The King Habitat is featured by LEGO Fans Media in Chile. Feel free to read it here (The language is in Spanish though): It also featured on their instagram:
  12. Ok, let me try it. I am going to sign up on flickr and try posting my image in EB forum
  13. one79

    [MOC] Small rural Train Station

    wow...I would love to have it in my city
  14. one79

    [MOC] Tour Montparnasse - Paris Skyscraper

    Is that minifig scale or micro scale? Looks like between minifig and micro scale to me
  15. one79

    Barnsdale Lake

    interesting. So many trans plates to use on this build