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  1. The statement above is the reason why my City will need standing army when it is large enough, lol. Anyway, my city will have a last resort defense. If the leader deemed that the city would be lost, a nuke cache buried under the city will be detonated to take out the invading army. Several nuke missiles will be launched to the invading army cities as well, muahaha. Mutual Assured Destruction! If I joined the great Brick War, I won't be signing the non WMD treaty for sure! Oh well, already get too excited even though I still have zero army, lol I actually prefer Lego Castle/Pirates or Army. Playing it is more fun with conflicts/battle rather than only looking at it. But, since Castle/Pirates has been retired (and the price is out of reach/not reasonable enough) and Army is non existent beside MOC (Just found this forum recently), so I opted to build City. If only I found this forum 1 year earlier! I have spent a reasonable amount to build up the City, I can not stop anymore. Lol. I think I will just slowly build up the army. Getting soldiers, gears and weapons should be the first priority on 2019. Thanks for the info. Will try to find the set that I played with when I were a kid. Not going to buy it just want to check which brand it was
  2. Thanks for your reply TheBeeze! I really appreciate it. Okay, so another alternative is to use minifigcat beside brickarms. I will keep it in mind. How about tiny tactical that I read somewhere in this forum? Okay, I just went to check tiny tactical, more pretty but seems I have to construct the add on parts myself. Oh alright, so for minifigs I have to get the monochrome lego figs. For vehicles, is everyone in this forum only use authentic LEGO parts or also procure from other competing (legal) brands such as COBI as well? I am still undecided whether to raise WW2 style army (Tiger Tank! MG42! STG44! City ruins!) or Modern army. Modern army have too many added accessories but the soldiers look cooler. By the end of the day, either option will put a big hole in my wallet. Thanks for the support, but it might still a long way to go. I have to enlarge my Lego city first before having an army to guard it. But at least I can draft monochrome minifigs first as a start. Another question, does anybody know which company made LEGO-like army set on the 80th or 90th? I still recall during my primary school, I asked my parents to buy me a modern tank LEGO set (during early 90th). At that time I thought it was from LEGO (now I realized that LEGO does not make army set) because the parts and the minifigs were scaled exactly LEGO. I don't have the set anymore but I still recall that the tank is quite big.
  3. Hi guys, I am not sure whether this is the correct thread to ask some questions. Please move it to appropriate thread if this is not the correct place to ask. I am planning to have some standing army in my Lego City in the future. I am just curious where I can get the gear, army minifigs and tanks/vehicles. I know that I can get weapons from Brickarms. But how about the gear and army minifigs? Where I can get those? For tanks and vehicles, are there any other brand beside Brickmania? A single medium tank or heavy tank from Brickmania costs more than a single Lego Modular Expert So if there are any other alternative brands for tank or vehicle that I can outsource will be better. Thanks!
  4. Thnaks for the info, guys. So it seems certain city has special sets related to the location of the store. Oh, I thought all Lego Stores (Not Certified) will have Lego passport and the stamps. So it does not seems so. Well, doesn't that defeat the purpose of getting the passport filled with stamps from Lego Stores all over the world? I already have the Lester minifigs through bricklink though. It is quite costly in term of shipping cost. That is why I am getting friends or relatives overseas to visit their nearby Lego Stores. Currently, I have my nephew in San Jose, California. I am wondering whether there is Legoland nearby or Lego stores that sell any special items there. Any advice of what to get? Oh, I asked him to visit target to get the Target exclusive but he could not find it. :(
  5. Sorry I am still new to Lego. Could someone kindly explain it to me what CMF is? I keep reading a lot of this word
  6. Is it? I thought we can get it anywhere in Lego Stores
  7. No, not the set 5004932. I owned that. What I mean is Lego Passport that you can have it stamped in Lego Stores. I do not know whether it is only exclusive in Europe and not available in US. Please look it here: passport#T=A and scroll to the bottom on "Other" section
  8. Thank you for your reply, umm....advice. Is that your nick? lol. Well that is a good idea to visit event bricks. But unfortunately I am asking people that are not AFOL to go to Lego shop for me. So I am not sure whether they are willing to visit any brick events. I just found out that there is no Lego Store in Australia, only franchised (certified) from fellow AFOL. Does anybody know whether there are any Lego Passport in the United States?
  9. Well, you can place several of the minifigs outside guarding the main gate. Maybe a few of it in the battlement or rampart (but I think the minifigs scale larger than the battlement/rampart. But again, the set 375 is also not really scale good enough (in term of castle with minifigs)
  10. one79

    2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

  11. one79

    [MOC] Battle of Nagashino, 1575

    Nice design. Where did you get those tiles for the banners on the back? Are they from Ninjago sets or custom prints? But, did they use cannons at the battle of Nagashino? I am not much into Sengoku Jidai history though. From what I know muskets are widely used
  12. I also have a good time reading it. It is a nice castle to look at. I can even play with it. I Just need to populate it with minifigs
  13. one79

    How did you come out of your Dark Ages?

    Lol, I thought my son is the only want that like to do that. On top of that, he will place minifigs on the track or on the train roof to see what will happen, lol
  14. Hi there, I just want to know whether there are special Lego bricks/minifigs/accessories/sets that are specific to countries or the stores themselves. In case I am going to travel overseas or asking travelling friends/relatives to get me something from there. I know that Legoland have some special products that can only be bought there. But how about the Lego Stores? In my country, we only have Lego Certified Stores and there is no specialty at all. Only standard sets/minifigs/accessories that are also sold around the world. I just dont want my relatives/friends buy a set that I can get it locally. So I better prepare some pointers to them on what to get. Hopefully someone can help me in answering this and enlighten me. Thank you!
  15. one79

    A quick comment on spam

    Well, the Return of the Korean Spams. They are taking over the forum now!! lol!!