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  1. micaz

    [N10 - Foundry - TCR] The Can Can

    Oh man, beast! Very good pictures, I almost considered having some as screensaver to my pc or something. Awsome build.
  2. I just checked it out. Looks very good and easy to use! I will most likely use it when I get the time to finish my builds.
  3. I thought about doing comic-style myself. I like it. Much easier to follow the story!
  4. micaz

    Factions - Introduction, Discussion, and Core Rules

    Tatch Faale, Colonel in the Commenor Remenant Navy and instructor at the Naval Academy at Commenor. Colonel Tatch Faale. Faction: Commenor Remenant. by Dan Cazón, on Flickr
  5. micaz

    Decal Wish List

    If anyone makes different Star Wars themed officer decals, I'd be interested in seeing them. Thanks in advance. I'm trying to make some myself but its a slow process..
  6. micaz

    Hello from Norway

    Norge <3
  7. micaz

    Factions - General Discussion

    So factiones control planets, and gain IP over them. The faction with the most IP controls that planet if muliple factions has IP over 50 on a given planet? So i guess if you want to control a planet another faction controls you'd have to build MOCs to out-influence them? Or will there eventually be any conflict mechanics? Or is it one and I read the rules poorly? And also, this is great! Awsome work guys.
  8. A new game? What? Why? As you can see I am fairly new to Eurobricks. There has been one thing I have been looking at mostly and that is the four major building games on the forum. All of them seem great, however for me being a boardgamer/pc strategyplayer I want a building game with more game mechanics. Therefore I propose a new thing: Building RPG set in the era of castle fantasy with elements of 4x (explore, expand, exploit, exterminate). Each player or group start by making a faction (name, colours, culture and buildig style (for buildings ofc), how the faction is ruled and landscape, what they are good/bad at. Each player has a character as well that he/she follows. Each factions gets a portion of the map under their control. The game? By building mocs player are to build up their factions economy, infrastructure, army and can engage in wars and conquer other factiones lands. Events will be occuring which factions can respond to with a moc. Examples: Most things are tied up to reasources. Do you want to make a big castle which will make your land hard to conquer? You will need stone! Either through trade or by building say a quarry which produces it. Raise an army? You will need to show them training if you want them to be good soldiers, and each month pay for their upkeep. Build a blacksmith to produce weapons which you can trade or equupt your army with. Skeleton invasion from the north? Build a moc where you defend your lands. And so on and so forth. Conquering and destroying what palyers have built will be possible but will be hard and requiere alot of time and effort, and in the end might fail if the defender puts up a good defence. I am tyring to keep this post to a minimal and just give a understanding of what I hope it can become, I have a more fleshed out plan. What do you think? Something you could see yourself joining and contributing to? Bad, good, excellent or stupid idea?
  9. Thanks for the awnser! Will join in before the campagin ends. Already started a build just need to make a character.
  10. Is there some kind of mapcontrol involved? Conquering and losing land? How does a side win? It seems to me that it is just build and get points to use to recieve more things you can build to score more points and repeat. I am very interested in the game aspect but it does not seem to be that much of it?
  11. micaz

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    I think I read somewhere that the organizer of AG was quiting. I cant find the post where i read it. How is the future of AG? Maybe I am mixing up different games? DOes anyone know?
  12. Looking forward to this, and more factions good good!
  13. micaz

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    I have recently been viewing GOH and BOBS. I dont have the capacity to join both. So I will join one. BOBS has an economis system which i find interesting, does GOH have anything like that? Does everyone/most in GOH build their own city? Any waring? What are the main differences beetween GOH and BOBS? Thank you in advance for the awnser :)
  14. Question. I have been looking at this rpg now and most of the post about the EGS and statistics are 2-3 years old. I wish to join but curios on how it is today. Anyone can fill me in on the status of the game now?