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  1. It is a promo poster for new sets, so the nexo is a new wave... well... new for me... with space vampires :)
  2. It looks like a horse-breed-alien coming out of him on this pic :)
  3. So this is legal since I got this as promo offer poster from our local toy the cowboy wears it as body armor
  4. prvi svog imena

    My vintage petroliana recreations

    Hello, the old sets look great! Please tell me, does the garage baseplate fit on studs, or is it a real baseplate, and can only stand on a table?
  5. I must ask, rule for 7A: "but not new ones from Series 7 like the Grandma's Visitor's pinic basket, Evil Knight's shield, Tennis Ace's racket, Bagpiper's bagpipe, etc, for example." Isn't the picnic basket a part from Friends line, and the tennis racket from previous CMF lines? Are we talking just about colors, or the mold piece itself?
  6. prvi svog imena

    Future of SW Contest: Large Category Voting Thread

    7. Oky - The Ultimate Showdown - 2 points 13. ACPin - Yoda's Legacy - 3 points ACPin has a really great creation, while Oky did something I was thinking of... but went even further. Great works all together, but these 2 are primus inter pares
  7. prvi svog imena

    Hellthorn Castle

    This is great! I usually do not post something like this, but I am speechless, very tasteful
  8. prvi svog imena

    Review: 70004 Wakz' Pack Tracker

    No stickers? The flag is printed? I just love the wolves here, although their helmets (big heads, whatever) are not as good as the eagle's helmet (which has a horrible head print). I hate the mouth print on Winzar (mainly helmet mouth, but head mouth is just as bad...). That's my two cents
  9. prvi svog imena

    EB's Super Hero Comic Cover Contest Voting Thread!

    1 by Ninja Nin - 3 points I just love Deadpool, and this really looked like a live action scene... ok, capt. America is in, but it looks like he is getting beaten :)
  10. prvi svog imena

    Legends of Chima 2013

    Wow, looking right now (after ebay pictures and out of the box pictures), I think that all the figs will have helmets, and not modified heads :) That is just great, I love it!
  11. prvi svog imena

    Legends of Chima 2013

    nope, they are still legends of chima, only the pictures are so small... look at the {Razcals Raven glider} on brickset, you can see it says "legends", These sets are better than Ninjago, IMO
  12. prvi svog imena

    Warrior Beauty

    In the harsh North, many of creatures linger, lurk, lavish upon others, where the weak are thrown at birth, and the strong annihilated past prime. But none speak of war. For it is the million of small fights that shed the most blood, and pleases the greatest thirsts. But some manage to crawl out of the red snow, their weak bodies forged by rage and persistence into legends. Still those few never forget... ... On a dreary night, Savage Rose finally reached the dreaded Orcish stronghold, the pit of evil, and the home of Skinner, Orcish warlord of this Mark. To Rose, this hellhole was more than just an Orcish fort, it was everything. She only heard of Skinner, at young age, the fierce pillager, for if she had seen him than, she wouldn't have been standing. But he left a mark on her never the less, for her kinsmen were not as lucky as her. "May this arrow seek true. I cannot go back!" Clumsy, the might Orc fell over the fence, as Rose rushed up the stairs. "With haste, even Orcs have patrols..." Shimmering scales, and blood red eyes glittered in the hall. "Halt, get'er boyz!" Half afraid, half mad, she lifted her sword and push right through the great oaf! "Die, scum!" But it was too late, the guards were alerted. "Pinkish girl, I'll snap you in two!" But the heavy armored Orc was too slow for Rose, for she quickly evaded him, and cut him while still running up the stairs. She felt she was close, for this hallway was different than others. Halfway clean, and with regular patrols, these stones lead to someone important. Though the guardsman' sword was heavy, his aim was poor, he had no motive, only hunger, and dull senses, so quickly after a block came a fatal blow, and her path was clear once more. But behind her she heard roars, and heavy metal sounds, for by now every grunt knew she was inside... Never looking back, she rushed to the end of the hall, where giant doors led to a tribal throne room. "Huh? Foolish human, I kill ya and feast upon yer flesh" For a brief moment, Rose closed her eyes. The reason seemed all so clear now, for she lifted her hands and swung her sword. The metal cracked, and blood splattered on the walls. "This was destiny..."
  13. prvi svog imena


    wow, amazing... I love all the details that now I did not even look at the figs. I would say around 1,57m
  14. prvi svog imena

    The 'Golden Age' of Lego, is it now?

    I think that LEGO has a golden age every 10 years or so, for me the first was 1990-1992, second around 2002, and the third is right now, a started with the new kingdoms theme after fantasy castle... Well that is my opinion any way...
  15. prvi svog imena

    Challenge III Voting Thread

    My votes are: 19: Angeli 3 votes 22: Zach Mills 1 vote 25: Hersbruker 1 vote I am sad that yet again I didn't enter :(