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  1. Welcome to the Harry Potter 2020 discussion thread! 

    This thread is dedicated to all Lego related Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, and general Wizarding World discussion throughout 2020--sets, rumors, thoughts, and general Lego Harry Potter discussion. 



    Confirmed for 2020 release (prices in USD):

    Forbidden Forest-$30 Includes Umbridge, Harry, Hermione, 2 Centaurs

    Room of Requirement-$20 Includes Harry, Luna, Hermione

    Privet Drive-$70 Includes Dudley, Pentunia, Vernon, Harry, Ron, Dobby, Ford Anglia

    Buildable Hedwig- $40 Includes exclusive Harry

    Astronomy Tower-$100 Includes Harry, Hermione, Ron, Slughorn, Luna, Draco, Lavender, Neville


    71028 CMF series 2 - Professor Sprout with adult Mandrake, Neville with Monster book of Monsters, Richard Harris Dumbledore, Luna in Gryffindor mascot outfit, Kingsley Shacklebolt with broom, Bellatrix in Azkaban garb, HBP Harry in civilian outfit with HBP's textbook, Hermione in HBP civilian outfit with butterbeer, Ron in HBP civilian outfit with butterbeer, Moaning Myrtle with Tom Riddle's diary, Griphook with sword of Gryffindor and clanker, Ginny in Slughorn Christmas party outfit with ice cream, Fred and George in matching GoF winter outfits, James Potter with photo, Lily Potter with Baby Harry.


    Image credit to


    Image credit to @Micmac.

    40412 Hagrid and Buckbeak Brickheadz



    Yet to be Officially Revealed

    75978 Diagon Alley-$400 (price not confirmed. Set's existence confirmed by exclusive Harry minifigure and sticker sheets)

    It may contain 5544 pieces, and include the stores Ollivander's, Flourish & Blott's, Weasley Wizard Wheezes, Quality Quidditch Supplies, Scribbulus Writing Implements, Florian Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor, and the offices of the Daily Prophet.

  2. Welcome to the Videogames Tie-Ins discussion thread! 

    This thread was originally dedicated to all Lego related Overwatch discussion throughout 2020--sets, rumors, thoughts, and general Lego Overwatch discussion. 


    Now it is ongoing with the possibility of more Overwatch sets and one-off sets based on other games into the future.


    76989 Tallneck from Horizon: Forbidden West | 1222 pieces | 80€ | Releasing May 2022

  3. 2 hours ago, J4ck said:

    I strongly disagree with this. We have already commenced conversations on such sets and it is only logical we continue with such threads. You even said yourself you will unlock the threads on January 1st.

    I don’t believe that is what I said in those threads. Regardless, those referenced threads have been locked since June—all relevant and timely discussions have since taken place elsewhere, in the 2019 threads. All relevant discussion will then move to new 2020 threads come January 1st, with the closure/locking of the 2019 threads.

    I don’t intend to reuse those referenced threads just because they were created ‘first’. 

    1 hour ago, Robert8 said:

    Wouldn't be easier to keep the current ones and just update the year on the name of the thread?


    Technically, yes, that would be simple renaming. But for archival purposes, I want to keep distinct year threads, as opposed creating/having one massive thread that spans hundreds of pages across multiple years. 


  4. 45 minutes ago, Digger of Bricks said:

    Will any preexisting 2020 topics here be then merged with 2019 topics at that point? :shrug_confused:

    Well there shouldn't be any preexisting 2020 no. New 2020 threads will be created on the 1st, and go the conversation can continue from there. :thumbup:

    We won't merge them, as it is still beneficial to have distinct year threads (so 2019 & 2020) for future reference, even if the discussions within said threads have some overlap at the beginning and ending of their life cycle.  

  5. Hello members of the Licensed Forum, 

    Today we welcome fellow member @VBBN as the newest Licensed Forum Moderator. :thumbup: Previously moderator to the Lego Action Figures sub-forum, VBBN has transferred over to the Licensed to help run this ever increasing sub-forum of Eurobricks. You may have already seen his increased activity over here. Along with @Clone OPatra and myself, the three of us will be your Licensed staff team going into the new year! 

    Let's wish VBBN best of luck! he will need it. :blush:



    And while I have your attention, I do also want to post a reminder about 2020 threads. Myself and the other two Licensed moderators will be generating and creating new threads dedicated to all theme discussion (i.e. 2020) threads for release on January 1st 2020. Please do not independently create your own, we will close them. All of the 2019 threads will be unpinned and replaced with new 2020 threads. All relevant theme discussion can then continue (whether it is about 2019 or 2020 sets/info) in the new 2020 threads. This condensed form of forum organization has worked very well for the back half of 2019 and I expect it to continue just as smoothly as we move into 2020.  

    At this time I do not have plans to remove and not replace pinned threads (though looking at you closely Overwatch) or add additional new pinned theme threads (bit early Trolls and Minions). This may change in early 2020 when we start hearing about the ending or continuation of various Licensed lines, and their apparent importance in Lego's portfolio. 

    Any suggestions on theme thread inclusions/exclusions are welcome, as is general feedback on how the new Licensed forum structure has been going are more than welcome. 


    Thanks everyone! :thumbup:


  6. I will create and open 2020 threads for all appropriate Licensed themes on January 1st 2020. Until then please keep all theme discussions in 2019 threads, regardless of street date releases. 

    This is a new format I’m going with. It prevents discussions from splitting, prevents essentially duplicate threads from simultaneously existing, and makes the forum itself easy to navigate. 

    Thanks everyone! :thumbup:

  7. I like the majority of the builds. Arendelle and the tree house are exceptional. And the color selection across the board is spectacular. I will certainly be picking most of these up. :thumbup:

    Olaf has a great new body piece mold which was well needed and I think Anna's new variant is really nice (particularly the cape). But uuuuugh! That Elsa! :sick: Her shoreline variant is just not good enough. White boots? It's just way too bright and loud to match the subtle look we've seen from the trailers so far. I'm really really disappointed in that. And we only seem to get one new minidoll character? I really like the Disney Princess line, but the fact that every set has the same two or three characters makes it really discouraging to continue to collect. 

    But overall, a very good wave. :thumbup:

  8. Thank you all for the input--this change seems to be working out well so far. 

    On 7/18/2019 at 11:48 AM, Hoth Rebel said:

    A minor note I have, since I mainly visit this and the Star Wars section, Is that the pinned icon for both pages are different and my OCD can't handle it. :tongue:

    Hah! Sorry about that--Star Wars must have a different visual package applied to it, for some reason. So...we'll both have to live with OCD I guess. :blush:


    @Robert8 @jimmynick Regarding a Superhero subforum--this is something we've been kicking around internally for years, but we've just never implemented it. At this point I would say it's held up by activity levels (does DC/Marvel have enough conversation/activity to warrant it?) and then just staffing levels. So might happen some day, but probably not tomorrow.  

  9. Hello all! 

    I'm glad you could find this, considering how cluttered Licensed has become! :blush: With new themes seemingly being released by the hour, I felt it was time to revamp the organization of the Licensed reverting it to the old style of pinned topics! Pinned Topics are threads that are locked in place at the top of the forum's page. That means they will never move up or down and will never get lost. This means whenever you are looking for a major thread, you will always know where it is. 

    Currently, six threads are pinned, and are designated as "Major" threads in Licensed: 

    1. Marvel Superheroes
    2. DC Superheroes
    3. Harry Potter
    4. Jurassic World
    5. Overwatch 
    6. Disney Princess 

    These are clearly not all of the Licensed themes--but rather they are pinned because of their longevity, popularity, scale, and discussion frequency. There is no limit to the number of topics that can be pinned or unpinned. 


    Current Classification: 2019

    A big reason why I reverted Licensed to the pinned system was to cut down on the sheer number of duplicate threads. For example, up until a few minutes ago the Overwatch theme had three active threads that were essentially the same thing--a 2019, 2020, and a "Future" thread. That's too much for the forum to handle! 

    As such, each theme will now only have one open year thread at a time--ie the pinned threads. Please keep all topical theme discussion in the open and available year thread (2019), whether it pertains to the year the thread is actually dated or not. 

    So as we are getting lots of 2020 set news now--please actually discuss them in the 2019 thread until January 1st, 2020 (when a new thread is created) :thumbup:


    Basically, a year thread now means the full year. 2019 discussion encompasses all discussion in 2019, whether it is actually about 2019 or not. 



    • I have renamed the tagline of all pinned threads as "Rumors & Discussion", for clarity and brevity
    • "Harry Potter" encompasses all Wizarding World discussion 
    • "Jurassic World" encompasses all discussion of Jurassic World and Park sets. It is all one theme under the 'World' banner 
    • Do not create 2020 or other year threads. I will close them. One year thread at a time please! 
    • Smaller themes may not be pinned, or may not be pinned until, the true size of the theme can be determined
      • For example: Stranger Things, while popular, is essentially one set. We do not yet know if we will get more sets, so the relative small size of the theme, in comparison to the size of the other pinned topics, means it is not necessary to pin Stranger Things at this time 
    • Lego Ideas Themes will most likely not be pinned
      • For example: Flintstones was, and currently is, a one off set, from a one off theme. It will not be pinned because of this
      • The majority of Licensed Ideas sets are one off licenses. An unpinned thread will be dedicated to the Ideas set specifically, not to the theme specifically 
    • Dormant or Retired threads may be unpinned 
      • For example: Ghostbusters, Simpsons, Scooby-Doo; these were all themes that would have been pinned, but are now dormant or retired. If and when they return, they may be pinned again 

  10. @Digger of Bricks No, I do not intend to open @J4ck's 2020 threads at this time. 

    Considering the number of Licensed themes this sub-forum now handles (which is only exponentially increasing)--I feel it is best to limit what are essentially duplicate threads for organizational purposes and clarity. I now feel that each theme should have only one, open and active thread at one time, for the full year. 

    So please keep for example, all discussion (wishlists/off-topic aside) of DC Superheroes, throughout the entirety of 2019--whatever actual release date it relates to--within the DC Superheroes 2019 thread. I don't want two 'year' threads for one theme open at the same time. It splits discussion and clutters the forum. 

    Expect 2020 named threads to open on January 1st, 2020--the same day the 2019 threads will close. :thumbup: