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You’ve come to the profile of Tim Lydy, otherwise known as Captain Nemo. I’m a lifelong fan of Lego and I specialize in building for the Superhero theme. I have an emphasis on vignettes and Brick-Built Figures.

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Eurobricks Reviews:

#76007 Iron Man: Malibu Mansion Attack

#79011 Dol Guldur Ambush


Eurobricks Mafia History

Aperture Academy--Simone (Town) Lynched Day 4

Silver City Mafia--Caleb Norman (Town) Lynched Day 1

Collectiable Minifigure Mafia--Rocky Sniffles (Computer Programmer, Town) Survived, Town Won

Mafia After Dark--Candy Nelson (Scum) Lynched Night (Day) 6 , Scum Won

Minimal Mafia--Frank Stella (Town) Killed Night 2, Town Won

Ragnarok Now: Redux--Naemr Sledgehammer (Town), Killed Night 5

Collectiable Minifigure Mafia 2--Carl Nemoss (Evil Mech, Town), Survived, Town Won

Blacktron Mafia--Rip Sewer (town), Lynched Day 3

Eurobricks Contests:

1st place, Superhero Month (Nov 2012) Comic Cover Contest

1st place, Building Drive: Secret Agents