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  1. Captain Nemo

    Disney Princesses 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    I like the majority of the builds. Arendelle and the tree house are exceptional. And the color selection across the board is spectacular. I will certainly be picking most of these up. Olaf has a great new body piece mold which was well needed and I think Anna's new variant is really nice (particularly the cape). But uuuuugh! That Elsa! Her shoreline variant is just not good enough. White boots? It's just way too bright and loud to match the subtle look we've seen from the trailers so far. I'm really really disappointed in that. And we only seem to get one new minidoll character? I really like the Disney Princess line, but the fact that every set has the same two or three characters makes it really discouraging to continue to collect. But overall, a very good wave.
  2. Captain Nemo

    Licensed Forum Restructure

    Thank you all for the input--this change seems to be working out well so far. Hah! Sorry about that--Star Wars must have a different visual package applied to it, for some reason. So...we'll both have to live with OCD I guess. @Robert8 @jimmynick Regarding a Superhero subforum--this is something we've been kicking around internally for years, but we've just never implemented it. At this point I would say it's held up by activity levels (does DC/Marvel have enough conversation/activity to warrant it?) and then just staffing levels. So might happen some day, but probably not tomorrow.
  3. Captain Nemo

    Licensed Forum Restructure

    Hello all! I'm glad you could find this, considering how cluttered Licensed has become! With new themes seemingly being released by the hour, I felt it was time to revamp the organization of the Licensed reverting it to the old style of pinned topics! Pinned Topics are threads that are locked in place at the top of the forum's page. That means they will never move up or down and will never get lost. This means whenever you are looking for a major thread, you will always know where it is. Currently, six threads are pinned, and are designated as "Major" threads in Licensed: Marvel Superheroes DC Superheroes Harry Potter Jurassic World Overwatch Disney Princess These are clearly not all of the Licensed themes--but rather they are pinned because of their longevity, popularity, scale, and discussion frequency. There is no limit to the number of topics that can be pinned or unpinned. --- Current Classification: 2019 A big reason why I reverted Licensed to the pinned system was to cut down on the sheer number of duplicate threads. For example, up until a few minutes ago the Overwatch theme had three active threads that were essentially the same thing--a 2019, 2020, and a "Future" thread. That's too much for the forum to handle! As such, each theme will now only have one open year thread at a time--ie the pinned threads. Please keep all topical theme discussion in the open and available year thread (2019), whether it pertains to the year the thread is actually dated or not. So as we are getting lots of 2020 set news now--please actually discuss them in the 2019 thread until January 1st, 2020 (when a new thread is created) Basically, a year thread now means the full year. 2019 discussion encompasses all discussion in 2019, whether it is actually about 2019 or not. --- Notes: I have renamed the tagline of all pinned threads as "Rumors & Discussion", for clarity and brevity "Harry Potter" encompasses all Wizarding World discussion "Jurassic World" encompasses all discussion of Jurassic World and Park sets. It is all one theme under the 'World' banner Do not create 2020 or other year threads. I will close them. One year thread at a time please! Smaller themes may not be pinned, or may not be pinned until, the true size of the theme can be determined For example: Stranger Things, while popular, is essentially one set. We do not yet know if we will get more sets, so the relative small size of the theme, in comparison to the size of the other pinned topics, means it is not necessary to pin Stranger Things at this time Lego Ideas Themes will most likely not be pinned For example: Flintstones was, and currently is, a one off set, from a one off theme. It will not be pinned because of this The majority of Licensed Ideas sets are one off licenses. An unpinned thread will be dedicated to the Ideas set specifically, not to the theme specifically Dormant or Retired threads may be unpinned For example: Ghostbusters, Simpsons, Scooby-Doo; these were all themes that would have been pinned, but are now dormant or retired. If and when they return, they may be pinned again
  4. Captain Nemo

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors, Wishlists and Discussion

    Per restructuring: Please continue ALL Harry Potter & Wizarding World set discussion (even discussion on 2020 sets!) to the 2019 pinned Harry Potter thread. Thank you!
  5. Captain Nemo

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    Um yeah, that's part of the problem... Shortly to be fixed.
  6. Captain Nemo

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    @Digger of Bricks No, I do not intend to open @J4ck's 2020 threads at this time. Considering the number of Licensed themes this sub-forum now handles (which is only exponentially increasing)--I feel it is best to limit what are essentially duplicate threads for organizational purposes and clarity. I now feel that each theme should have only one, open and active thread at one time, for the full year. So please keep for example, all discussion (wishlists/off-topic aside) of DC Superheroes, throughout the entirety of 2019--whatever actual release date it relates to--within the DC Superheroes 2019 thread. I don't want two 'year' threads for one theme open at the same time. It splits discussion and clutters the forum. Expect 2020 named threads to open on January 1st, 2020--the same day the 2019 threads will close.
  7. I’m closing this thread for now. There is little to no info on 2020 sets right now, so this thread is unnecessary.
  8. I’m closing this thread for now. There is little to no info on 2020 sets right now, so this thread is unnecessary.
  9. Eurobricks has done it again! A team of 18 builders have assembled a magical wizard shoppe at the recent convention, Brickworld Chicago 2019. Head on over to the Event Forum to see an in depth look at this award winning display, built by our very own members!
  10. Potion Shoppe Each year, a group of Eurobricks members assemble in Schaumburg, Illinois, at the annual Lego convention--Brickworld Chicago--to construct one large and crazy collaborative build. This was the result: The Eurobricks collaboration build for Brickworld Chicago 2019 was Potion Shoppe, a life sized wizard tent overflowing with potions, artifacts, creatures, and cauldrons of magic. A total of 18 Eurobricks members, from across the United States, Europe and Australia, came together on June 12th to assemble a mystical storefront for four days. This large tent, built in 1:1 scale, towered over the convention and enthralled the public and attendees for hours on end. And while last year we assembled what we thought would be our crowning achievement, the Tree of Worlds, we are very proud to say that Potion Shoppe somehow managed to turn out even better! So before we dive into the details, let's first recognize the Eurobricks members who built this: Left to Right Back Row: @Hinckley, @Prune Face Middle Row: @Ecclesiastes, @Captain Nemo, @RoxYourBlox, @Silver.Smith, @ZCerberus, @Rogue Angel, @Barbara Hoel Front Row: @Vincent Kessels, @Kristel, @Evensong, @Cecilie, @Phred, @Ryushi Not Pictured/Present: Kim, @soccerkid6, @LittleJohn, @Bob De Quatre -- The Tent Overall Before I break down what each member built and contributed, let's look at the tent as a whole. A free standing structure, measuring 8 feet wide, 6 feet deep, at at its tallest point, 8 feet tall, Potion Shoppe was the largest display Eurobricks has ever assembled. While you cannot tell so much from the photographs, there is a significant wooden substructure. I constructed a framework for the tent (so sturdy that Ace did pull ups on it), and then painted the wood so that it matched the Lego color Reddish Brown. Select portions of the wood, such as the front two posts, the shelves, and the table were then covered in Lego. So successful was this method, that many people viewing the tent assumed the entire tent was only built with Lego...that or it's just easier to say it is! Interestingly enough, I only fully assembled the complete wooden substructure once...on site at the convention. Fortunately everything worked out! The glorious beautiful fabric covering of Potion Shoppe, in that rich velvety Royal Purple, was a custom sewn creation by one of our newest collab members, @Evensong, lovely wife of @Silver.Smith. She was looking to get more involved in her husband's hobby...and she may have gone too far! I think we caught another one for our crazy Lego lifestyle! We got one! The fabric of the tent was hugely important to the success of the entire display as it added some serious atmosphere. Once attached, the interior of the tent was darkened and viewers were forced to come close, squint, peak around, and simply enjoy the details on a much more personal level. One of the things I've been working towards in leading the Eurobricks collab has been my desire to change the way the public interacts with our displays. Potion Shoppe worked spectacularly in that regard, as the simple affect of darkening the interior meant that the public was forced to see our display through a different lens, they had to work to see all the rewarding details. And oh the things to see! Individual Contributions: The best part of this display, from a planning perspective, was the fact that each member contributing to it could bring as much or as little as they desired. We were building a life sized shoppe, and simply needed to fill it with things. This meant there was a very loose structure and any thing imaginable could be added. Fortunately we ended up with too many things, but at the same time tons and tons of amazingly detailed creations. Unfortunately however, Potion Shoppe also turned out a bit too detailed so it was a hard for everything to be photographed apparently. I will try to point out everyone's contributions with appropriate photos, whenever possible, but some things might be a bit hard to see. Additionally, we did film a display interview with Beyond the Brick. When that interview is uploaded, I will add a link to it here. -- Starting out with the most noticeable piece, the Potion Shoppe sign. Aussie member @Kristel built the main sign, which could be viewed and read easily from across the entire display hall. She also constructed the silver wind chime as well as various trinkets and bottles spread throughout the tent. When I pitched the wizard tent to Kristel, she demanded only one thing--that the sign have an old-time-y spelling to it. Specifically so that "shop had an E at the end of it." Kristel got her wish, and the sign was spectacular! E and all! Aside: Kristel's Elvenstar Treehouse was also nominated for Best Large Building! Kristel also organized the communal construction of the large rug. The rug was a late addition to the tent, built in the last month, and was assembled on site using modular 16x16 plates with various tile designs. The plates were not connected to each other, so the rug itself was literally just Lego sitting on the floor! A number of members contributed squares to the rug...I'm gonna say eight? I don't know, there was a lot of people! The posts of the tent, with their golden floral styling were designed by @Captain Nemo, and physically built before the convention by @Hinckley and @Prune Face. The three of us met up, as we did last year when building the Tree, to construct as much of the bulk of the tent before the convention as possible. Eurobricks has learned from experience to build as much as possible before you show up! I constructed the shelves and the table top, along with one leg of the table. The table top and shelves where sheets of wood covered in brick--I must have used some 7,000+ 1x4 brown bricks alone! Thankfully we had a bunch from the previous year! The bulk of the table was a group effort. @Hinckley built the "face", with the elegant line work, and the left side leg was covered by large brick built books stacked atop one another. These books were assembled by a number of builders: @Prune Face, @Kristel, @Barbara Hoel, @soccerkid6 and @LittleJohn. The large brick crate in the back, filled with plants, was built by @Prune Face. I do not believe there are any photographs of them really, but @Ecclesiastes built numerous wands for the display. One of classic Lego style is hanging at the top of the right hand post (between the flowerpot and post). His castle was also nominated for Best Medieval building! Difficult to see, but the light at the top center of the tent comes from a Will-o-the-Wisp, built by @Silver.Smith, which was nominated for Best Replica. He also constructed the castle paperweight (back corner of rug) which and a flying dragon on it. Aside: Silver Smith's replica HGTV dream home was also nominated for Best Large Building! The various potted plants, hanging plants, and hanging herbs were built by @Barbara Hoel. Her hanging potted plant (top right of tent) was nominated for Best Replica. Barbara was also nominated for Best Creature, and won the award for Best Individual Layout! Barbara was also nominated for Brickworld Master! Aside: Barbara and @Phred were also nominated for Best Group Display for their own collaborative pirate layout. We love them, but if they had won over Potion Shoppe--they out! On @Phred, I must call attention to his amazing Ship in a Bottle. Unfortunately when on site, we discovered that we simply had no physical room for the piece in the display. I blame him for not giving me notice , and then I blame myself for having to ask him to move it to a nearby table! I feel so bad Phred! Nonetheless, his ship in a bottle was spectacular, with it's synchronized light and sound as well as movement. Phred's daughter Lydia also won the Pull-Back Dragster (For Speed) competition, for the second year in a row! Lydia was also nominated for Best Youth Creation! Getting more into some specific photos: @Hinckley built the large mesmerizing Crystal Ball. It was nominated for Best Replica, in case that was not clear. Hinckley was also nominated for Best Vignette! In this photo you can see the two glass bottles built by @Captain Nemo and one of the various thin tan candles built by @Rogue Angel This cauldron filled with a vile brew and topped with jousting duckies was built by @ZCerberus. A track inside the cauldron topped with magnets pulled and pushed the ducks atop it, so they looked like they were fighting. It was nominated for Best Mechanical. ZCerberus was also nominated for Best Sea Vessel and Best Mecha! Also in the background you can sorta see one of the two green candles (left) built by @Barbara Hoel, and a spice rack (right) built by @Vincent Kessels. The terrarium was built by @Cecilie, who was in the middle of moving between it was constructed in a storage unit! Which means we expect many great large builds from her next year from her awesome new house! Aside: Cecilie was nominated for Best Creature, for her Phoenix Bird, and won the award for Best Vignette. Cecilie was also nominated for Brickworld Master! The caged dragon was built by myself, @Captain Nemo. I hate it. It featured a rotating head, a tail that could be raised and lowered, a flame light, and for like five minutes on Wednesday smoke vapor that came from his mouth. The book was also built by me. The lonely coin was built by @Phred Aside: My Gingerbread Train won the award for Best Original Train. I was also nominated for Brickworld Master. And if you were counting, three Eurobricks members were nominated for Brickworld Master 2019 (out of 5 spots)--so we really got to stop cannibalizing each others votes! Sitting next to the dragon, and visible in one of the pictures above: the chicken legs, as well as numerous food items, books, and a treasure chest full of gold and gems (shown in picture below) were built by brothers @soccerkid6 and @LittleJohn. They were unable to attend this year, but shipped over some amazing builds in their place. Thanks guys! Ok, so this next photo has a lot of stuff going on! The small ornate shelf unit was built by @Ryushi, and is constructed entirely with Lego. And it managed to hold all of the weight! She is also responsible for a number of really nice photos of the tent. Aside: @Ryushi's Angel Form Dress build was nominated for Best Artwork. The books on top of the shelf are Guilds of Historica Tomes, constructed by @Rogue Angel. On this shelf he also constructed the tan candle, the chain mail swath, and the two scrolls. The Blue and Vibrant Coral wand was built by our youngest contributor Kim. Kim was also nominated for Best Youth Creation! The white potion bottles were...someone's I don't remember! The green book was built by @Silver.Smith and the black book (and chest) by @soccerkid6 and @LittleJohn. The potted plant was built by @Barbara Hoel. The large books here were built by @Barbara Hoel. The large black cauldron atop them was built by @Vincent Kessels. It contained a mechanism inside that spun the brew and turned the ladle around with it, magically of course. I'm going to take a minute to single out Vincent right now, again. This year, Eurobricks was awarded the inaugural "Inclusivity Award" (name change pending), for having a display space (the tent and surrounding tables of individual builds) that was the most inclusive within the convention. Eurobricks was recognized for having low height display tables so young children and those with disabilities could better see and interact with our display and for showing an open arms approach to our collective display. Vincent was the reason we were given his honor. During the convention, he acted as a guide to our Potion display--answering questions, engaging with the public, and even offering build advice to other young attendees who wanted to know what a Eurobricks member thought of their build. He embodied inclusivity, and showed the Lego community the best Eurorbricks has to offer. Thank you Vincent! At the opposite corner of the tent was the Happy Hourglass, built by @RoxYourBlox. This built was awarded the well deserved prize of Best Mechanical! More images and videos of this build, as well as images of builds from the convention itself can be found on Pete's Flickr page. Miscellaneous Build info: Various potion bottles built by @Hinckley, @Vincent Kessels, @Rogue Angel The Wolfpack Shield is official Legoland play ware. Brought by Nemo The Chess Set was built by @Barbara Hoel Probably like ten other things I missed. Overview: Potion Shoppe was a success! No doubt, this is the best display Eurobricks has ever assembled. I must say I am very proud of our team. Potion Shoppe was awarded the Best Group Display of Brickworld Chicago 2019! That makes the fourth consecutive year Eurobricks has won the coveted Best Group award! Eurobricks now holds the record for most consecutive wins, and in addition to a 5th earlier, non-consecutive win, Eurobricks now also holds the record for most Group Display award wins in Brickworld history. That's five years of wins out of only 13 years total! But that's just the awards. No, I'm most proud of the Eurobricks team--the Eurobricks family--which has come together year after year to top ourselves, to enjoy each other's company, and to assemble some crazy-ass display each year just to tear it down four days later. Here's to next year!
  11. Captain Nemo

    LEGO 2019 Stranger Things Rumours Discussion

    I don’t think there’s any indication that this “theme” is anything other than just a single, well done, set. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
  12. Captain Nemo

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    That Death Eater looks soooo stupid! I need 10 of him! Great sets!
  13. Captain Nemo

    MOC: For the Empire!

    Thank you! It will be at Brickworld Chicago in June to start. Thanks!
  14. Captain Nemo

    MOC: For the Empire!

    For the Empire! This was built for a Star Wars Battles contest over on Lego Ideas...apparently. Honestly, I just used the contest to give myself a kick in the butt to finally build this! I'm very, very, fond of the Mimban Stormtrooper minifigure, which is just a really cool detailed figure, and so I've wanted to build something utilizing them for a long time now (well I guess a year basically). This seemed like a good time--plus it allowed me to procrastinate on other builds. So win win! Here are some overview shots. And yes, this build just kept getting longer and longer, and I needed to buy more and more Mimban troopers. You can really cram a lot into a tiny trench apparently! I love Lego cloth pieces, like capes, because of the texture they bring to a build. So this next pictures always makes me smile! You may notice that Vader does not wield his lightsaber in battle--this was a conscious choice. I wanted Vader to be essentially a passive force--while utilizing the Force--to protect himself, the troops, and the interests of the Empire itself. This build was inspired by three outside sources: Star Wars Propaganda (the book, and actual historical instances of such), Wonder Woman (2017, No Man's Land Sequence), and Downton Abbey (specifically its depictions of WWI and its affects on named characters/locations). I took a mash up of all of these sources to influence the direction and tone of the build, which is overall more cerebral than literal. While this is ostensibly a "battle" no enemy forces are shown. I wanted the emphasis to be on the individual Stormtrooper's and commander's experiences throughout the battle, ie. the Imperial perspective. As such, there are instances of individuals heroically jumping into the fray (such as the ISB officer, because of course) or merely frozen with shock at Vader's powers (as one officer is). An Imperial nurse is tending to a wounded Stormtrooper and an unprepared officer is dragged out of bed into sudden combat. When I started the build, I did not intend to build a large depiction of the Emperor--I was strictly focused on the individuals. However, in adding the Emperor I found that it created a sense of overall Imperial power, as well as adding a story to the build. The Emperor commands that the battle end, directs Lord Vader to end the battle, Vader arrives, and the battle ends. In this way, with the "shadow" of the Emperor, flanked by incoming air support, the Empire as a force itself is depicted. It also transforms the build into almost a poster, which I think is pretty neat. I will say I am particularity proud of the Emperor, because I was able to build like 85% in one sitting without needing to order additional parts. The other 15% and the point when it fell and smashed I don't wanna talk about. I also built (offset by half a stud, because it's more difficult ) the phrase "For the Empire" in Aurebesh, the official script of Galactic Basic, on the build's base. All I'm gonna say about that is, never again. So for my first Star Wars build this was fun.
  15. Captain Nemo

    LEGO 2019 Stranger Things Rumours Discussion

    To be honest I’m not really a fan of Stranger Things and I’ve yet to finish season two...but this set is an instant buy for me. Aside from my love of haunted Lego themes, this has just an utterly fascinating build, just stunning. I hope we get a designer video too.