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    Hello Eurobricks!

    Hello everyone! Thanks for replying, hope to see you all in other forms here! I'm a big Batman/Superhero fan so you could see me in the licensed sections.
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    Hello Eurobricks!

    Hello Eurobricks, I've been an outside viewer of Eurobricks for a while now, and I joined a few months ago. I’ve been a fan of Lego for years, and am now entering the tough stage of copping with college and keeping a Lego life. I've have had problems when attempting to join, in part to my forgetfulness (In terms of my Username, Password, etc), and in an inability to find answers to my questions, so I really haven’t done anything since the many months when I first joined (And subsequently picked a username I now don’t like). If anyone could help me out that would be great, as I also can't seem to find any way to contact moderators, admins, etc—since I can’t send messages. The main thing I wanted to change my username (Or if not possible, be able to remove my account to start anew, which is another problem entirely), but am unable to do so? Is it possible to have a moderator/admin/etc. change it for me, or do I have to wait until I post enough? Thanks, and I hope to become a great member of Eurobricks ~Tim
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    Conversion from Vampyre Castle to Arkham Asylum

    This is a great conversion! It's perfect for a small Arkham, and best yet, the majority of the building is already ripe for conversion in the Asylum. I hadn’t thought of another use for this castle, and with this possibly, I may want to pick one up now!
  4. Captain Nemo

    Favorite 2013 Superhero fig

    For DC, my favorite is Dr. Harley Quinn--she's just a really clever minifigure, and I hope that she has a great double print on her head--possibly showing her painted face. Doctor Doom is my favorite Marvel character, though is face is a bit too cartoony for me. Venom is in a close second, since I really like his tentacles, but without them I find him kind of bland.