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    Superhero Video Contest!

    I had asked this before, but got no answer. Are we allowed to use figures from the previous Batman line as a figure for the "Must have Superhero Figure" rule? I want to know since I have ideas, but the best ones use the old Batman character that've not been released in the Superheroes line yet.
  2. Captain Nemo

    DC Doodles - Superheroes month

    I love these, they look great! We need to get some Giganta and Gorilla Grodd on this list too--they're some of my fav! Along with the rest of the Legion of Doom!
  3. Captain Nemo

    Superhero Video Contest!

    Yes! I have an Iphone 5--first time having an Iphone; and now I can enter a movie contest such as this. I missed out on the offical Lego one. Iphone--check. Ability and Knowledge to make a stop motion film--no. And I'm off! Edit: Slight question, are Minifigures from the old Batman line allowed--as to fill in the requirement of the use "Offical Figure" thing?
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    Super Hero Caption Contest! Week One

    Yay! Superheroes Month! “Holy Green Minifigures Batman! What happened to Harry Potter?!”
  5. Captain Nemo

    Contest: EB is Down

    Ah! So close--well I guess second is good, and if I had to loose first place--I'm happy I lost to Krystel! Great job everyone...and lets all hope there's never another EB Down contest again!
  6. Captain Nemo

    Lego Superheroes 2013 Rumours & Discussion

    I like these new sets for the most part. Both are must buys, with the Marvel being a bit more important to me than the DC one. I love the Spider-bike—despite my thinking that Spiderman having a motorcycle even just for its abilities is still ridiculous—and I think it would fit in really well with the Shield things we have thus far. Fury’s green car is a bit strange—since I think the executive decision on Lego’s behalf to change the color to dark blue would tie it in far better with the already made Marvel sets. The transformation on both of the vehicles is great especially considering how compact they still are. Of course the main reason to get the Marvel set for me is the minifigures. I don’t like the new Spiderman, but Venom will fit in well with my old movie Goblin, Ock, and Spidey. Nick Fury is a long awaited addition, and I think this is a great simple figure—sometimes I think some figs are just too detailed. ------------------------ The DC set on the other hand is not something I’m super excited about. I expected something small—and that’s what we got. Aquaman is there in ice with Batman coming to save him, but Freeze on the other hand almost seems like an after thought. I don’t like the new Freeze figure—he’s just all wrong—but hopefully he comes with goggles on a reverse head. Batman looks cool—though I thought he was suppose to be in all white, but either way I like increasing my collection of Bat-Suits. Aquaman is great, and while he’s not the next JLA member I wanted, it’s good we are getting more of them—though it seems we’ll need to be slowly collecting them over waves which are unfortunate. The Bat-Sled looks ok, but I’m not a fan of the contrast between rounded slopes and sharp points it has. It also looks like it’s got some kind of ridiculous disk launcher—not sure how well that will work. Really this seems like just another throw away vehicle that comes with figures that I want.
  7. Captain Nemo

    What do you prefer?, Lego Batman or Lego DC superheroes

    As of now, I prefer the Batman Line. So far, for the most part, the DC line has just been remakes that are not as good as the ones they represent. They are all smaller (At least in scale) to the older ones--this is really obvious in ones like the Batmobile or the Batcave--and they (Like most lego sets now) just seem to miss substance. Really for me I'm getting them to not miss out on the heroes/villains again. In addition, so far they've not taken full advantage of the DC line very, since it's still mostly Batman (However the one Superman set was amazing). There are a few standouts--particularly the Funhouse, but it's still the classic sets that get my vote.
  8. Captain Nemo

    Contest: EB is Down

    Hum... Well first off, I'd like to point out that I, Captain Nemo, am the entry by Juilus No (Hense the Nemo theme)--just throwing that out there since just use my Bond name on Flickr instead of my Eurobricks name. Anyways: 7. Krystel--1 21. Dog Ironbones--1 3. badboytje88 - 1
  9. Captain Nemo

    Lego Superheroes 2013 Rumours & Discussion

    Honesty I never really expected to be wowed by the Tumbler/Bat set, and these photos just confirm that. The Bat seems too cartoonish, like too deformed in certain areas and it's scale is all over the place as you look around it. It does however look like you can place two figures inside it--too bad there's no "cat" burglar (Since they never call her Catwoman in the movie). The tumbler is just bad...though hopefully it can be easily moded-- I feel they really could have made it look better with just a few different bricks, and even better stickers. Just adding the cannon on top would make it look far better and give it huge play factor (Bring in the Flick Fire missiles!). But, like any Lego fan, I'm going to end up getting it anyways... Not too impressed with the Bugle either--it seems too bare, and they spent so many bricks on the ladder system on the side--it's just too empty. Personally the only reason I'd get it would be for Doctor Doom, and so most likely I'll just hunt him down separately.
  10. Captain Nemo

    Ninja-fy your Avatar!

    Here’s my entry—the Nemo of Japan! Daimyo Nemo is in charge of the Imperial Navy tasked with defending the Tokugawa bakufu from raiding Ninja pirates. From his flagship Nautilus—a turtle ship capable of submerging beneath the red seas—Daimyo Nemo protects the vast coasts surrounding Edo in search of dangerous Ninjas who attempt to penetrate the region with their dark warrior arts!
  11. Captain Nemo

    The Penguin's Batman Minifigures. )

    OH my God! I love that Sinestro! By far the best Sinestro minifigure I've seen out of the Lego Batman 2 game itself! Now I really want Lego to make an offical one just like that. Come on Lego don't fail me now! (Also Lego while I have you, plase make Flash, Hawkgirl, Grodd, and Zod. )
  12. Captain Nemo

    Whats the BEST deal you ever found?

    Hello everyone! So this morning I got a huge deal on a Lego set, 70% off the Earth Defense HQ set from the Alien Conquest theme--yay! (From B&N, at a 50% off table and a 20% off coupon) So anyways, it soon got me thinking, what was the best deal you've ever gotten on a Lego set? Did you use coupons, VIP points, blowout sales, or even blind luck? What discount made you go WOW?!!! ~Nemo
  13. Captain Nemo

    Purist Superhero Figures

    I’m a fan of purist figures—in part due to my dislike of figures which look covered in paint, and in part because I’m not good enough at painting to make my own!—and so looking for purist designs of my favorite Legion of Doom villains is hard. I’m trying to create a complete Legion of Doom, preferably with official figures, but as we all know there are just not enough of them! And so I’ve been making a few of my own. Below are purist customs of Black Manta and Gorilla Grodd. Manta is a simple figure with a brick and two dish pieces; and Grodd is a beefed up Gorilla Suit-Guy with the new purple cape from the Series 8 Alien Queen. Below is a creation (Which I guess you could call a figure—but I want to show him off anyways) of the Brain—whom I’m adding to my personal Legion of Doom. Anyways Enjoy! And if anyone has any ideas for a purist Sinestro or Cheetah I’d sure like to know about them! ~Nemo
  14. Captain Nemo

    Design a 5th Guild Challenge

    Here’s my entry as a “Fifth Guild” so I hope you all like it! Guild: Gomoria Location: 100 miles off the coast of Nocturnus Capital: Fern (Largest Lordship) Unique Characteristics: Gomoria’s fertile fields provide vast knowledge of efficient agriculture techniques. Knowledge of sturdy defenses to fend of attack of Giants is also known, though knowledge of extensive castle construction is limited. Color Scheme: Gomoria’s colors are Gold and Black. Gold representing the Gomoria’s humble history of farming and a symbol of the harvest. Black represents the harsh nature and the long shadows of the horrid Giants that roam the realm of Gomoria. History... Gomoria is a land of large things. It’s a large island; there are large open plains, large farms, and notably large monsters. For Gomoria is known best as the home of the world’s Giants—they hail from the mountains, snow tops, and fire pits—all coming to strike terror in the hearts of the humble farmers who call this island home. While the rest of Heroica fight each other over land and titles, the simple farmers of Gomoria continue their tradition of agriculture as they have done for hundreds of years—as well as fend of the clubs and teeth of giants. While below the surface Goblins dig for gold—while humans above, under the leadership of Olaf Muninn of Fern, intend to finally put down the their pitchforks and pick up spears to drive the life from the Giants once and for all! Inhabitants: Humans—The largest type of inhabitants in Gomoria. The majority are farmers, and they live under regional lordships. The humans of Gomoria know little of castle building and live primarily in small wood and brick homes. They have no national military, though some regional Lords have great strength, and been known to create wooden fortresses with strong defenses. Goblins—Races of Goblins live beneath the small mountains of Gomoria. They have a truce with the humans, but have been known to come to the surface to steal livestock. Ruled by a singular king, they focus on their gold mines and easily scare at the site of Giants. The Giants: Above all (Literally) the most notable residents of Gomoria are the Giants—for which the country is named. There are three types, though some inhabitants claim they’ve seen more. Mountain Giants—The majority of the giants on Gomoria are of this type. They are dim, brutish, and scantily dressed. Known to scoop up sheep and pigs that stray too far from the human farms, Mountain Giants also like to brandish large wooden clubs and loin cloths. While they normally avoid attacking human dwellings, they have been known to decimate towns for food—in search of man flesh—which they’ve grown a taste for. Snowy Giants—Blue in skin, and cold at heart, the Snowy Giants are few and far between. They only dwell in the highest and coldest of mountains on Gomoria and won’t normally attack unless provoked; but they are mischievous and like cause avalanches from time to time. Being the smartest of giants, myths claim they once had an alliance with humans. These giants can freeze things with their breath—though they flee from large fires. Fire Giants—More common than Snowy Giants, those giants of Fire are the most trouble for the human peoples on Gomoria. They in particular they love to light up towns and farms, and are by far the most savage of giants. They’ve also grown a fancy for human women, and have been known to raid villages just to carry of their virgins. Sometimes they also form small forces of Fire Giants to take down larger towns. Fire Giants are immune to heat and lava; though they must carry large torches as they cannot naturally create their own fire. Geography: Build: 14x18 studs Gomoria is a large island roughly 100 miles off the Eastern Dark lands of Nocturnus. Being around 500 miles across, its large landscape is only surpassed by the massive Giants who roam the island. The majority of Gomoria is open plains which are mostly flat with forests only growing near the mountains or streams. These plains have very fertile soil which yields strong crops often. Small rivers also irrigate the land, and are home to various forms of freshwater fish. Short, thick mountains flank the majority of the plains, and they divide up the island into isolated regions each with their own governments and citizens, though with a common occupation of agriculture. The largest mountains are clustered in the center of Gomoria; both blanketed by snow, and patrolled by the illusive Snowy Giants. Beneath the mountain ranges live the Goblin folk, who mine gold deep within the surface. The destructive Fire Giants also reside there and escape to the surface through cracks in the peaks to cause mayhem. Surrounding almost all of the mountains are misty forests, whose tree’s height is tall enough to hide Mountain Giants. Heavy winds are known to coat the plains and have been said to even throw small livestock across the fields. Rain falls almost daily, but for short periods. The weather changes fast in Gomoria, though she has four seasons. Lord Olaf Muninn, Leader of the Humans and "King" of Gomoria: His father was crushed by a Mountain Giant, brother frozen by a Snowy, and mother burned by a Fire Giant, Lord Olaf Muninn has a personal vendetta against all things tall in Gomoria. Leader of the region known as Fern, and unofficial leader of all Gomoria, Olaf Muninn has been training his famer folk in the ways of war against the Giants. He intends to either destroy all the monsters or die trying, and he’s willing to sacrifice his own life, his land, or the lives of his people to complete his vengeance. That's it! Hope you liked it!
  15. Captain Nemo

    Nocturnus Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    I'm thinking of entering the Fifth Guild contest. I've got a good idea and creation up on my flickr (Link bellow), and I wanted to see if any Nocturnus member would want to see and comment on it before I post it. I've been fairly inactive here--due to college starting again--but hopefully this guild will do the trick and get me active here! I'm also looking into changing the look of my character. Anyways if you want to check out Gomoria now, here the link: Gomoria, Land of the Giants I think it's pretty unique. I should be ready to post it tomorrow (So I guess you could just look at it then...but I do want to see if people like it...though I guess I could have just waited until I posted it...whatever).
  16. Captain Nemo

    Which set should I buy?

    Hello everyone, I need suggestions! I’m fairly careful when I make the leap to buy bigger sets—well unless its superheroes, I just kind of throw myself at them—anyways, after seeing the great review of the new Collectable minifigures line, I’ve fallen in love with the Alien Villainess. She looks great, and while I don’t have her yet (Hurry up Toy’s R Us, bring out the new line already!)—I do plan on buying her, among others. Basically, since I like her look so much, I’ve started looking at the Alien Conquest line which she’s based on—yes a little late right? Well the more I look at the line, which is almost gone on shelves now, the more I like them. I just picked up a small set on clearance, and I’m in love with the alien figures. I’m big on deals (Caus you know I’m a broke college kid—it’s what we do), and so to my surprise I see the Alien Mothership at a great discount on Amazon—with free shipping—it’s basically $40 now. (Though surprisingly I can still find it at K-Mart for $65 or whatever). I like the look of it, and I’d love to expand it with smaller alien sets I can find on discount, as well as an Alien Villainess—but I’m not sure if I want to take the leap? It looks cool—and is very big, but there’ only two figures and would require moding. Is the Alien Mothership worth it—even at discount?
  17. Captain Nemo

    Review: 6873 Spider-Man's Doc Ock Ambush

    Curse you Oky and you're great reviewing skills! You actually made me want to buy this thing for a moment! Any who, if that statement does not show my dislike for this set, than I don't know what does. As a set, it's a decent concept, but it's just not pulled off right. The lair looks really bare, and I think they could have done more with the tower thing--like if they made the blue cylinders translucent (as Oky suggested)--just more like underwater sewers look than space throwback. Iron Fist looks good, and I may buy him separately, but I think the figs go way down hill (More like down mountain) from there. Doctor Octopus looks weird--the colors just don't look nearly as good as he does in the show (Now, I've not seen the show, nor do I intend to, but from the picture Oky provided--the fig looks too bright in color). I though Spiderman looked good, but the more I see him the more he looks off--he really needs a red hip or torso piece since he does look like he's a kid in pj's. I don't know, if this set is on discount I may spring for it--but really I'm just happy I have all the major players from the first Spiderman waves. These new figs just don't compare.
  18. Captain Nemo

    Custom Batgirl

    Looks great here too! Like I said on the flickr page of this, I love the inclusion of the yellow hands--they just add some color and spice to an already cool minifig! -->Great to see you here too by the way, Hatter...
  19. Captain Nemo

    Nocturnus Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    Maybe I have confused them? Why would they name them basically the same thing?! Curse you Poseidon! In all actuality, I thought they were both the same thing. Oh well, I will stick around here since time constraints + going back to college in nine days won't help! So this one is about building mocs, contests, etc. While the other is about the game play characters? It's so hard to find a list or something that explains what everything there something like that?
  20. Captain Nemo

    Nocturnus Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    Thanks for accepting me! Not yet...well I mean most of his original army died a couple hundred years ago. Although I can make more! I'll post some pics soon. Thanks
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    Nocturnus Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    Hello fellow Heroica-nites (Er whatever), I would like to join the Guilds of Heroica game, as a fellow member of the great guild of Nocturnus! I’ve looked at the various guilds, and have decided that his is the place to be! So I hope I can become a part of your devious dark guild, as the sigfig I created called the Witch Lich King of Moruth. I’m fairly new to this, and so I wanted to make sure I set up everything right—so if something’s wrong in my signature please tell me. Any who, here’s an introduction to my character, as well as a cool picture I created about him. The Witch Lich King of Moruth The creature that is now known only as the Witch Lich King of Moruth was according to legend, born during the great Lion and Black Falcon War; long before the formation of Historica. Said to be once a noble Baron of the Black Falcons; the Lich King soon dwelled too deeply into the dark arts. Consumed by its evil magic and the promise of everlasting life, the Baron lead forces of horrid creatures against his own human brethren. Defeated by the Black Falcon King in battle himself, the Baron’s body was destroyed, but his sole escaped—only to be resurrected with the same black magic twelve years later in the form of a lich and sorcerer. He gained great power, but again was defeated. However the Lich King escaped, and fled into the swamps of Moruth, weakened and broken. With the formation of Historica soon after, the Lich king knew he would have to bide his time before he could risk striking again. However, now with fractures appearing in Historica following a failed assassination attempt, the Witch Lich King of Moruth sees a new opportunity for power, and begins to emerge from the swamps once again to gain strength, immortality, and total control…
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    Are minifig arms supposed to be removed?

    I've been removing and replacing arms on minifigures for as long as I can remember. I can understand that Lego would say that they are not meant to be removed--but I really have always thought they should be, and really until I saw this thread I never questioned that. However I do take more care of my newer figs, since I want to keep them in the best condition possible.
  23. Captain Nemo

    MOC: Joker's Funland

    Hello everyone, This is my first MOC I'm posting on Eurobricks, although I've been building for a long time. This is also my first creation which features products from, which is a great way to get small LED lights in Lego creations--which frankly the awesomeness speaks for itself. So after figuring out how to get some pictures on here (Although I still can't change my username, which I want to do, hint hint), I present to you Joker's Funland! Joker's Funland Want more? See my full pic list on my MOCpage account.
  24. Captain Nemo

    MOC: Joker's Funland

    Thanks for the replies everyone! I plan on making many more Batman mocs incorporating my new set of Lifelights products.
  25. Captain Nemo

    LEGO Superheroes 2012 Rumours & Discussion

    But my birthday is not for months! Oh well, at least I don't need to make a decision on which superhero set I'll have to buy again to get a hulk minifigure. It's nice that the promotion is still going on though, shows that either they have a lot of leftover hulks, or they're popular enough to hand them out again.