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    MOC: B:TAS, "Judgment Day"

    Thanks, but you don't watch it?! Oh you must see an episode immediately! It's one amazing show.
  2. You can say I'm late...but don't you dare say I have sea madness...
  3. Captain Nemo

    Review: 76007 Iron Man: Malibu Mansion Attack

    Thanks everyone! I'm happy you all liked the review, and that I was able to at least get some skeptical builders to give it a second thought. Yes, it does seem to me that this would be an easy set to either build off of or MOD to make bigger. It seems prime for expansion, and I do think that at the least it would be very easy to get a second one, and with a few piece swaps, make the other half of the circle. Well I didn't think anyone would want this just for the suitcase! But I'm sure if that's the case, once these start reaching stores I'm sure you could find a sticker sheet online for cheap. Thanks! I did try to get in a few days ago, but after no reply, I figured they didn't need me or something. I'm fine being freelance now though. Yeah his helmet is a bit big, but I think like Batman it will grow on people eventually. Pepper's freckles however will immediately be loved by everyone!
  4. Captain Nemo

    MOC: B:TAS, The Clock King

    A creation based off of the episode “The Clock King” from Batman the Animated Series. I rather like the Clock King, and while his appearance in JLU Animated is cooler, he nonetheless is great in B:TAS too. I went for the gear look on this build like in the episode, and added in more clocks for looks. Unfortunately I had to change the “death torture” of Mayor Hill so I could include all three characters in the same scene. Anyways I’m glad with how it turned out. Enjoy ~Nemo
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    MOC(s): "Almost Got 'Im"

    You should know two things about me; first, clearly I like building my own creations as this is one of many I’ve started posting to the Eurobricks community (And many more to come!), and two, more importantly I love Batman: The Animated Series. I think Batman: The Animated Series is arguably the best representation of Batman outside of comics, and I love many of the designs, characters, and episodes of the series. Because of this, I’ve started re-creating episodes of the show in Lego, with the first being my favorite episode, “Almost Got ‘Im” I’ve been posting these on my Flickr over the past few days, but at Eurobricks, you all get them in one big chunk! So enjoy! Click the pictures to see the full Flickr page with extended photo descriptions. More pictures of set pieces can also be found on my photostream. "How We Almost Got 'Im" Joker, Penguin, Two-Face, Killer Croc, and Poison Ivy meet at the Stacked Deck to play cards and talk of the time they came closest to taking out Batman. --- "How Ivy Almost Got 'Im" Poison Ivy tells how she almost killed Batman with exploding pumpkins, only to be foiled by a remote controlled Batmobile. --- "How Two-Face Almost Got 'Im" Two-Face recalls how he almost squashed the Batman with a Giant Penny, but was foiled by his own coin! --- "How Killer Croc Almost Got 'Im" Killer Croc yells out how he almost killed Batman by throwing a rock at him. It was a big rock... --- "How Penguin Almost Got 'Im" The Penguin describes how he almost killed Batman with a large Cassowary, but the bird failed to kill the Bat --- "How Joker Almost Got 'Im" Joker happily tells how just last night he almost killed Batman with a Laugh Electrocution Machine, only for the Dark Knight to be saved by Catwoman. The former who is captured by Harley Quinn and is currently going to be chopped up into Cat-food and sent to Batman--Remember, there's more than one way to get someone! Hahahaha! --- "How Batman Got 'Em" Plot Twist! Batman and the GCPD were holding a sting, and Batman was dressed as Killer Croc just waiting to find out the location of Catwoman from Joker's story. --- "How Harley Almost Got 'Er" If it were not for Batman, Harley Quinn might have chopped Catwoman into Cat-Food! --- "How Catwoman Almost Got 'Im" Thanks for coming after me… I owed you… Well I’d like to think our relationship isn’t just restricted to saving each other from freaks and weirdoes; and that maybe we’d have a place for each other without Gotham, without the freaks, maybe…without masks… …Maybe… (Sirens, Catwoman looks away as Batman glides off) …hummm…almost got ‘Im… Enjoy ~Nemo
  6. Captain Nemo

    Lego Superheroes 2013 Rumours & Discussion

    Normally in my area, it still takes a while for the new things to show up anyways, so it unlikely they'd be out on the said days. Plus I want to review if for Eurorbicks, and getting it in early is best. I will wait for the other sets to come in other stores however.
  7. Captain Nemo

    Lego Superheroes 2013 Rumours & Discussion

    It's suppose to be 40. At Toy's R Us (As many know), they add a mark up price, which was $10--without tax, so it was like $55 in the end. It was more expensive then I wanted, but really, I wanted it!
  8. Captain Nemo

    Lego Superheroes 2013 Rumours & Discussion

    Yay! Just snagged a IM3 Mansion set from a Toy's R Us in Rockford Illinois, USA. Expensive mark-up, but it's worth it. I'm working on a review now (And hopeing to get let into the review academy at the same time!). I didn't see the other two sets, but really this just says to keep an eye out because they are coming out early.
  9. Captain Nemo

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    Ahoy, I would like to be considered for the Eurobricks Reviewers Academy please. ~Nemo Edit: On a related note, I would love to join to post an offical review of the IM3 Mansion set, which I just aquired today. Scratch that, nevermind.
  10. Ahh, ok. Eh, still sucks. I don't feel like its a Series 7, 8, or 9 contest if it doesn't actually include anything from those series. Most likely going to give a second thought to entering now.
  11. Wait I've got at question. Why is it we cannot use an official figure/parts in that figures category? So like we cannot use a series 9 figure in our series 9 vignette? I don't understand that.
  12. This is great! Can't wait to get building!
  13. Captain Nemo

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Azrael Made from CM Red Hood, Judge, and Series 9 Space Villain. Malfoy head; Torso is the back-print side of the female Monster Fighter. PoP Shoulder pads, and LotR sword.
  14. In order to determine if you are suitable for admission into this prestigious program, please answer the following questions to the best of your limited human abilities and then payment information will be provided so you can begin down the road to learning. Have you participated in a learning experience of this nature in the past? [_] Yes [X] No [_] Learning? No one said anything about learning If you answered yes to the previous question, did that lead to a successful result? [_] Yes [_] No [X] I'm not sure This learning experience may take as much as 6 weeks to complete and a failure to participate can lead to unpleasant results. Will you be available for this entire time? [X] Yes [_] No Do you appear well educated to others? [X] Yes [_] No Are they wrong? [_] Yes [X] No Are you currently being observed? [_] Yes [_] No [X] Not Sure Have you ever sued a scientific corporation for an injury you received? [_] Yes [_] No [X] An Injury prevents me from remembering ~Sea Madness Why do you wish to participate in this experiment learning experience? Please limit your response to no more than 10,000 words. Do I want to participate? But you came to me! What's your game computer?! Did you feel pressured to write more because of the above limitation? [X] Yes [_] No [_] I can't count that high [_] Oops, I didn't read that Thank you for helping us help you help us all. ~Nemo
  15. Captain Nemo

    LEGO Batman: Improvements

    I don't think you can compare Luthor's mech to the Dr. Inferno one, simply because the latter is 30 dollars more and has almost double the number of pieces (It's only short by 3!). The knee thing may be a let down, but really to me, Luthor's mech is (Aside from Arkham, which again really can't be compared to the other DC sets due to size) the best of the DC sets so far. You get three exclusive characters all of which are major, and a great mech--one of Lego's best in years--all for a cheap $20.
  16. Captain Nemo

    MOC: Bat in Wonderland

    A MOC depicting Batman fighting the Mad Hatter. The latest part of my series on Batman vs. Villain Creations. I rather like this one, mostly for its chaotic nature, but also because of the seemingly joyful facade with shadows of horror. I was waiting to build this for a long time, and finally when the parts and bunny hats arrived yesterday, I just had to make it. Now is it weird that I post many creations here? I don’t see people posting MOCs here often since to me, we spend more time talking about Lego then actually doing anything with it. Should I be posting creations like this—at least so many in this time frame? --- Batman vs. Villain Creations: Bat in Wonderland Catwoman Museum Heist Joker's Funland Riddler's Hostage Hideaway (Flickr) --- Enjoy ~Nemo
  17. Captain Nemo

    Lego Superheroes 2013 Rumours & Discussion

    Well after seeing a new poster for IM3, I can somewhat understand the choices Lego made in regards to Mandarin's hair. It's defiantly a mesh of styles, and giving him the short hair is probably better then making a new mold, which most likely would have looked too big/much hair. Link to Picture
  18. The Hall of Justice from the Super Friends show, in Micro Scale. I've also built the Legion of Doom many months ago, as shown below, but that will be rebuilt new soon, so look for that too! Anyways, The Hall of Justice Super Friends! Legion of Doom (Old) Enjoy ~Nemo
  19. Captain Nemo

    MOC: Bat in Wonderland

    While I'm not known for my Marvel things (Which I hope will change eventually!), for Spiderman, you could either go like standard Green Goblin/Doc Ock or perhaps some lower level villains like Shocker or Rhino (A giant brick built Rhino would be really cool!). Mysterio might also be a good choice, since you can do so much with his movie maker background (Aliens and smoke anyone?)
  20. Captain Nemo

    MOC: Catwoman Museum Heist

    Catwoman Museum Heist Catwoman and her crew break into Gotham Museum, but are soon surprised (Ok maybe not that surprised) to discover their plot is about to be foiled by the Dark Knight. I really like this creation. It’s a great museum, packed full of details (And lights!), and it works perfectly for a Catwoman scene. To see more of my photos or my Flickr, click the pictures. Catwoman In Black and White Icon Format ~Nemo
  21. Captain Nemo

    Lego Superheroes 2013 Rumours & Discussion

    I see Lego making an Iron Patriot figure at some point, either in an exclusive set or more likely like some people said that promo month figure. In all honesty, I can't see Lego not making this figure--he's highly wanted, most likely an important part of the movie, and is a new colored Iron Man. I see Lego making Iron Man the Marvel version of Batman; new suits every set (For the most part), and this is one suit that will be made. On a side note, most likely that will be Iron Man’s use in the Marvel game, swapping out suits for special tasks. Now, if it were released as an exclusive event figure that would be a tragedy. He's clearly highly wanted, and releasing only a few hundred of him would really ruffle feathers, more so then last year’s exclusives.
  22. Captain Nemo

    MOC(s): "Almost Got 'Im"

    Thanks! Thanks! Yes I am looking into making more episodes. I'd like to do Mad Love, Read My Lips, and Heart of Ice among others eventually.
  23. Captain Nemo

    Lego Superheroes 2013 Rumours & Discussion

    I'm surprised he got the sets so early, but more surprised they are allowed to sell them this early. If I was only just a bit closer to that place I would go see if I could pick some up now.
  24. Captain Nemo

    Lego Superheroes 2013 Rumours & Discussion

    I'm not too happy with Lego using Luthor's head for Faora; even if it looks slightly like her. It doesn't look female at all and worst of all it's not a new print. I don't think Lego should reuse prints of major characters for other characters--they should all be new. Least of all, it just add variety. You don't see them reusing faces in the other lines, so why here?
  25. Captain Nemo

    Lego Superheroes 2013 Rumours & Discussion

    Gotta say, that's defiantly not what I was thinking when I heard Smallville attack (Er whatever). Regardless the ship looks cool, and I'll pick it up--though I'm not a big fan of the armor troops however that may change when I see the film. Black Zero Escape looks good, but I wish they used the pieces on the ground thing for the ship itself to make it larger. It does look like Zod in that set has the same Armor he has on in the Smallville attack set though. But overall, on first impressions, disappointing. Lego needs to kick the Superhero sets up a notch--especially when compared to lines like Lord of the Rings or Lone Ranger where these just look so lacking.