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    Disney Properties 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Ugh! Really Lego? Wake me up when Disney CMF series 3 arrives I suppose.
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    MOC: Juggernaut's Rampage

    Juggernaut's Rampage The unstoppable Juggernaut attacks the X-Mansion to enact vengeance upon his stepbrother, Professor X, in this X-Men inspired build. The X-Men don't get much love from Lego; we've only received a handful of minifigures many years ago now, and nothing is on the horizon. So, I decided to build my own! Juggernaut is one of my favorite characters from that corner of the Marvel universe, and building him as a figure in Lego was always a dream of mine. Or more accurately a nightmare? About 11 months, countless failures, and around 60 hours designing the helmet--and here you go! Lego Juggernaut! Aside from the creation of Juggernaut himself, my main goal with this build was to replicate the path of destruction he leaves in his wake. Across this three foot long build are multiple examples of catastrophic destruction resulting from the Juggernaut's charge, and this was something really fun to design and implement. It was also a great challenge to see how interesting I could make an empty lawn look! The Juggernaut's rampage begins outside the Mansion's grounds, where his colossal feet crack the pavement and sidewalks. He first leaps through the outer wall, flattening the poor hedges behind it, before sprinting across the lawn. Craters implode in his wake; not even the bird bath is spared. Wolverine, who was cutting the lawn before the darn mower broke again, is caught by surprise--but he leaps into action immediately to protect the school. And now you're thinking, excuse me Nemo, but Wolverine would not be surprised by the Juggernaut attacking because his superior sense of smell and hearing would alert him to the Juggernaut's presence! ACTUALLY, reader, he would be surprised! Wolverine would NOT hear Juggernaut charging towards him, because he has his noise canceling headphones in and he's listening to popular Japanese pop music! And smell?! Excuse me, but you're not paying attention--Wolverine was just cutting the lawn, and so he's getting nothing but super-wiffs of freshly cut grass, and not the distinct musk of Juggernaut! Well then, ugh, why didn't Wolverine feel the vibrations of the ground when--------Shut up! That's what I say! This is for fun, just go with it! Don't think about it! I think my favorite detail about all the smashed up bits is the first crater on the lawn. I used brown leaves to create a muddy stamp imbedded in the ground. While Wolverine was cutting the lawn, Nightcrawler was planting flowers (because apparently the upkeep on the X-Mansion is rather demanding). Nightcrawler is likewise surprised by the attack, but instead of jumping in to slow the inevitable: Nightcrawler teleports inside the mansion to push an unsuspecting Jubilee out of the path of Juggernaut's destruction. Creating the smoke from Nightcrawler's BAMFs! was rather fun. They're largely transparent purple and black, but I also used transparent blue vines. These unfortunately don't exist in trans-purple, but I chose to use them regardless for two reasons: they acted as a great way to show directionality (so viewers could understand the story moments visually) and acted as a fun character nod to Nightcrawler's distinct blue tail. For Nightcrawler I used a custom tail piece (from Brickwarriors) and a custom painted hairpiece. Jubilee uses a custom trench coat. While the hallway is about to be obliterated, the classroom on the opposite side, is for the moment ok. Here Professor X teaches Mutant Genetics with Jean Grey at his side--which is fortunate, as he'll need Jean's help if they want to stop Juggernaut before he destroys the entire building! The classroom features custom stickers I made, which feature a few nods to the larger Marvel universe. Some other fun details about this build--there's hidden chewed gum on the underside one of the student's desks, and that bench outside is have just the worst day. So all in all, this is not really a pro-chair build, in my opinion. The Juggernaut I've made many many character builds over the years, and I would honestly say this was one of most difficult ones to design, entirely because of the head. Building character heads is always a challenge and generally it is the most difficult part of a character to design, but this was, just yeesh. Having a partially visible face inside a round dome helmet was just a nightmare! So it was an arduous process scattered over many months to eventually come off with a satisfying design. I'm actually really really happy with the mouth and chin. The fleshy chin was late addition, but I think it really pulls it together (which is great because I chose to had to buy an entire Lego Mario starter pack just to get those two tile pieces, like now). Also, bit of a behind the curtains story, but you may notice the little gap between the eyes on the helmet. This is unwanted mathematical problem, in that the 1x1 technic bricks when attached by pins (to an internal 1x4 technic brick) and aligned sideways, do not unfortunately perfectly line up--hence the vertical gap. Little math problems are often frustrating when building characters; so if they happen to be unavoidable, I feel it's best to lean in. I used a 1x2 round palate just above the technic bricks (alongside a 1x2 plate) to accentuate the unintentional gap to create an intentional "crack". Or rather the appearance of one, and the story possibilities that come along with it. I hid the gap by putting it front and center! That said, the head design was a process, but the rest of him went rather smoothly. Most of the body was built in a day, which is sort of how it goes with character building--there's always that first hurtle and then just a nice downhill to the finish line. The really unique thing about this figure is the heavy use of light nougat (flesh) pieces--which is very uncommon. Having the flesh tone was really important to me, so I could bring the character to life, and I used as much as I could...which is basically every piece you see! There's not many pieces in flesh and these are basically all of them. I had no idea that it would work by the way; I was only focused on the helmet, so I didn't design or consider really anything for the body (other than the big-fig arms which I knew I would use somehow) until I had a suitable head. The fact that the two exact Large Figure Pieces that I ended up needing actually existed in light flesh was entirely the work of divine intervention! That was not at all planned, I'm just really really lucky! This Juggernaut figure is highly poseable and also dummy thicc. He's obviously larger than a big-figure, and larger than he should canonically be, but once I made his giant cute boots I just didn't care! Screw it! He features lots of useable joints at the arms and shoulders, he swivels at the waist, and can move his head left to right and forward and back. Other bits: I did leave off, or rather strategically chose to omit, his third arm band(s)--both because it was super difficult to design something that would match the first two yet still wrap around the bigfig arms, and because it would have seriously obstructed the poseability of the arms either way. Also while heavy he is shockingly sturdy. Aside from the full build where he's attached to the lawn; in every other photo he stands entirely unaided, whether on two feet or one, running or walking, carrying multiple heroes or not. Anyways, that's it. I hope you enjoyed this rambling a bit. And darn it Lego--MAKE MORE X-MEN! Why do I have to do it?! Thanks!
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    Jurassic World 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Stick to Lego Jurassic World discussions please... Thank you.
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    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Please remember that this is a Lego discussion thread not an MCU news thread. We've not had to deal with Marvel movie spoilers for a while now (for obvious reasons), so I think we could all use a refresher as these shows and films start to pickup steam: this thread is for Lego Marvel discussion first and foremost. With that comes the acknowledged urge to talk about the source material; however that's not the purpose for this thread. We have many many members and guests dropping into this thread, and myself and the other Licensed moderators ask that you be respectful and mindful of spoilers because of that--when people click on this thread they expect to see Lego discussion, not the plot points to the ending of Endgame. If you feel it is necessary/relevant to discuss MCU plot or news (like castings or otherwise) please use spoiler tags. There's an easy to click button right up top when typing up your comment, it takes two seconds. Please use that for any suspicious material. You know that that material is, because you know as MCU fans when something is "HUGE" and a big deal. Use spoiler tags please. BUT also please first consider if that non-Lego MCU news even needs to be discussed here in the first place. This is about Lego Marvel. So before you post, please ask yourself if this MCU topic you bring up is truly relevant now to Lego Marvel. Thanks!
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    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    What even is this wave? I like all the components, but as a single wave I think this stuff will look rather crazy on the shelves. But I’m highly impressed by the variety the HP wave is bringing for a licensed theme (compared to others). But now I just have to make my own giant figures! More flesh colored pieces please! Bit surprised they didn’t throw in extra pieces to make a Ron head though, like the buildable minions that were “build 2” but contained the option to build a third character with an extra set.
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    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Keep it civil everyone... Thanks
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    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    @Mattallica @Guyon2002 Saying someone’s opinion is factually untrue is not really appropriate. Someone stating they have a different opinion than you does not constitute personal attack. So play politely you two or you won’t have the option to play at all.
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    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Guys, stick to Harry Potter. Looney Toons is not Harry Potter. I’m getting way too many reports coming out of this thread. Stay on topic!
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    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Boo! Boo I say! Make something NEW DC Lego! Why do I even bother with you?! Don’t just make a better version of an overpriced questionably designed Batmobile I already bought, just so I can buy it again (for reasons?) Also please continue to not bother making more accurate minifigures when given the opportunity to do so, I love that you continue to give every Batman figure white eyes, especially for the SECOND 66 Batman, white eyes for which he is most known for, and not those slightly less iconic holes cut in his cowl which constantly shifted during episodes so as to hilariously clearly obstruct his vision. Internet—wake me up when we start getting DC sets again that don’t include Batman, Joker, and 4 to 8 tires. Sorry. I just can’t with this theme anymore.
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    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    There really is no need to discuss/argue about the film in this thread, because we don’t have any new sets to go along with it. This thread is for Lego set discussion—if you want to discuss the actual film, please take that over to Culture & Multimedia. Thanks!
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    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Pink just indicates self-designation as a dignified Lady of Eurobricks. Of course no one has higher authority than me! Continue to believe that until one of higher authority than me comes over here and says otherwise.
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    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Please keep this topic on topic. I don’t see how discussing Star Wars films and which actor is a bigger box office draw has anything to do with Lego Harry Potter. Stick to Lego Harry Potter please. Thank you!
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    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    This barely-on-topic rating discussion doesn’t seem necessary or particularly relevant at the moment. The film has been significantly pushed back, so if we are getting any sets based on it we won’t be seeing them anytime soon, if at all in 2021. I don’t see the need to argue about the film’s rating (which we also won’t get/know) until next year, right now. Also, obviously PG-13! Come on guys—DC needs to sell that Bat-Merch!
  14. Welcome to the Harry Potter 2020 discussion thread! This thread is dedicated to all Lego related Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, and general Wizarding World discussion throughout 2020--sets, rumors, thoughts, and general Lego Harry Potter discussion. Enjoy! _________________________ Confirmed for 2020 release (prices in USD): Forbidden Forest-$30 Includes Umbridge, Harry, Hermione, 2 Centaurs Room of Requirement-$20 Includes Harry, Luna, Hermione Privet Drive-$70 Includes Dudley, Pentunia, Vernon, Harry, Ron, Dobby, Ford Anglia Buildable Hedwig- $40 Includes exclusive Harry Astronomy Tower-$100 Includes Harry, Hermione, Ron, Slughorn, Luna, Draco, Lavender, Neville Burrow-$100 71028 CMF series 2 - Professor Sprout with adult Mandrake, Neville with Monster book of Monsters, Richard Harris Dumbledore, Luna in Gryffindor mascot outfit, Kingsley Shacklebolt with broom, Bellatrix in Azkaban garb, HBP Harry in civilian outfit with HBP's textbook, Hermione in HBP civilian outfit with butterbeer, Ron in HBP civilian outfit with butterbeer, Moaning Myrtle with Tom Riddle's diary, Griphook with sword of Gryffindor and clanker, Ginny in Slughorn Christmas party outfit with ice cream, Fred and George in matching GoF winter outfits, James Potter with photo, Lily Potter with Baby Harry. Image credit to Image credit to @Micmac. 40412 Hagrid and Buckbeak Brickheadz Yet to be Officially Revealed 75978 Diagon Alley-$400 (price not confirmed. Set's existence confirmed by exclusive Harry minifigure and sticker sheets) It may contain 5544 pieces, and include the stores Ollivander's, Flourish & Blott's, Weasley Wizard Wheezes, Quality Quidditch Supplies, Scribbulus Writing Implements, Florian Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor, and the offices of the Daily Prophet.
  15. Welcome to the Marvel Superheroes discussion thread! This thread is dedicated to all Lego related Marvel Superhero discussion throughout 2020--sets, rumors, thoughts, and general Lego Marvel Superheroes discussion. Enjoy!
  16. Welcome to the DC Superheroes 2020 discussion thread! This thread is dedicated to all Lego related DC Superhero discussion throughout 2020--sets, rumors, thoughts, and general Lego DC Superhero discussion. Enjoy!
  17. Welcome to the Jurassic World 2020 discussion thread! This thread is dedicated to all Lego related Jurassic World (& Park) discussion throughout 2020--sets, rumors, thoughts, and general Lego Jurassic World discussion. Enjoy!
  18. Welcome to the Disney Princesses 2020 discussion thread! This thread is dedicated to all Lego related Disney Princesses discussion throughout 2020--sets, rumors, thoughts, and general Lego Disney Princesses discussion. Enjoy!
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    PRESS RELEASE: 10276 – LEGO® Colosseum

    I’m closing this thread, as clearly the original point of this thread has concluded and the “discussion” now is entirely off topic.
  20. Absolutely stunning! I couldn't help but audibly gasp numerous times while scrolling through these photos! There's so much character and style infused with this build and it makes every inch all the more mesmerizing. I love how dense the build feels, there's a visual weight to it (and presumably an actual weight! ) that just gives you the sense this is a real place, it actually exists, and all of these characters live here and can go anywhere because it's a fully realized location. The depth is also impressive--there's so much to explore from the shoreline to the deepest caves. And the quality throughout all of it is consistently amazing. I could mumble on forever after staring at it for an eternity, but my favorite bits are the the gorgeous waterfalls constructed in such an inspired way, and the breath of fresh air decision to include a comparatively plain rolling green hill between the Sanctuary and Rosalyn's. Just top notch composition on this thing! An Elvendale masterpiece! Great job!
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    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Well I’m glad that you respect me—so I hope you would also show other Eurobricks members enough respect to not use such language or to be so genuinely rude. That is if you would like to remain on Eurobricks... Let’s be civil everyone. Thanks!
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    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Yeah, no...let’s not go back to posting fake “rumors”. Or impersonating people. Move along please—don’t give it the time of day.
  23. Welcome to the Trolls World Tour 2020 discussion thread! This thread is dedicated to all Lego related Trolls World Tour discussion throughout 2020--sets, rumors, thoughts, and general Lego Trolls discussion. Enjoy!
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    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Those are customs, not official unreleased pieces. They do look nice though.
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    MOC - The Lair of the Green Goblin

    The Lair of the Green Goblin Hidden within the dark rafters of Osborn Manor is the devious home of the twisted Green Goblin! Here, in this "renovated" open-concept attic space, the Green Goblin can plan out his attacks on Spider-Man. Upon discovering the true secret identity of his web-crawling nemesis, Spider-Man, to be that of his son's best friend--Peter Parker--Norman Osborn (the alternate identity of the Green Goblin) is overtaken by rage! With the Goublin-Green formula racing through his veins, Norman pushes through the hidden mirror door and claws his way though the rafters; all while his hideous transformation takes hold. Tearing off his human form and applying his emerald armored skin, the Green Goblin emerges--to destroy not only Spider-Man...but Peter Parker too! With this build, I really wanted to show not only the home of Spider-Man's greatest enemy, but the transformation and creation of that enemy. This included showing not only the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde inspired transformation scenes, but also the process of fully becoming the Green Goblin through the creation of his pumpkin bombs, various suits, and his iconic glider. Also, this is the first time I've used multiple minifigures in one build to depict one character throughout multiple scenes--and while it meant that I had to end up buying a bunch of extra goblins!--I think it turned out well. Interestingly the build is read right to left; the bottom half shows the creation on the equipment, while the top half shows the creation of the man (or goblin as it were)...which was totally planned from the start ( ) which is why it works so well. Not a coincidence at all. As I build primarily for canceled conventions now, I made sure with this build to cover every side and every face with as much detail as possible. Partly because I'm normally, generally, embarrassed by how basic my stuff seems at public conventions. Everyone builds way more detail than me! That's not a joke, I do feel my stuff is sometimes boring. But not this I say! Yes that is a hidden Venom reference! --- So anywho--thanks for checking this out! It was a rather fun build to put together.