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    Star Wars Rebels

    I thought on the whole, it was a fine episode--but it was brought down by a bit of inconsistencies and cringe worthy dialogue from you know who. The episode did look spectacular however, so that was a great plus. But anyways here are my thoughts on Saw (spoil tagged in the interest of R1 spoilers). On non Saw stuff: Ezra was the worst part of this episode, what with his childish naming of Klick-Klack. I cringed and looked away every time they mentioned that name, which was frequent. As pointed out in a review from the AV Club (who write great in-depth reviews on practically everything), the moral superiority of Ezra and crew is starting to annoy me. Saw was not in the wrong to want to interrogate Klick-Klack. Ezra saying how they need to do everything the "right" and compassionate way while forcing troopers to commit suicide (which happened this season if we remember!) is very disingenuous. On the flip side, Sabine was arguably the best individual of the episode, what with her sweet jetpack action. The Rocket Troopers were incredibly awesome too, if anything because they recalled the more effective and deadly troopers in Rogue One. They were even smart enough to take the high ground! On the other characters though, I wish Zeb wasn't seemingly pushed to the sidelines so much this season. When Hera splits the team up, it's the Kanan, Ezra, Chopper and Rex show yet again. We need to put our only two Jedi on the same team again? Sabine gets some sweet action shots as always, but Zeb yet again gets shuffled to the sidelines being practically nonexistent. There are so many "guest" characters being brought in now that the main crew is getting overshadowed I think. I'm calling absolute BS on the Ghost not getting hit by even one boulder. The absolute best part of the episode in my opinion however, and perhaps one of my favorite things ever on Star Wars Rebels, was the female (!) Imperial captain smacking the Imperial officer (who gives Kallus a run for his money in the sideburns department ) on the back of his head, sending his hat spinning around his head! Rebels excels at the really small yet simple inclusions of "background" animations and this is easily the best one yet. Absolute hilarious!
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    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Aurthur Parsons confirmed a few months ago now that we will be getting all three Powerpuff Girls as physical minifigures actually, and they they would have (a least) Lantern powers.
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    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Guys stop asking members to post pictures please--no one is required to take pictures of new things and post them here, let alone tell anyone about them in the first place--it's their prerogative to disclose information they obtain (just as with members who hold leaked info). Be happy with what we have now. Thanks!
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    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Guys play nice. I don't want to have to close this thread for the day because of infighting. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say nothin at all.
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    Disney Collectible Minifigures 2 Rumors and Discussions

    I agree. Let's wait until mid-2017 at least before we start focusing on these unconfirmed figures...
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    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Because this is not an "anything" thread! As I've said time and time again, bring your movie talk over to the appropriate areas. There are many silent members who wish to browse this thread for set discussions and not have their correlating film experience spoiled by trailer parsing. This is a Lego Set Discussion thread. Talk about the sets only.
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    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Everyone please take the Steven Universe/Ben 10/South Park/etc. talk over to the Lego Dimensions Wishlist thread. As we are not getting any of these licenses specifically, they should not be discussed here. This thread is for official Lego Dimensions discussion only. Thanks!
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    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    That's just a knock-off of a third-party piece from Brickwarriors. It's also something that Lego would most likely never produce themselves, as they consider the torso/arm/hand connection to be one "piece" and you would have to remove the minifigure hand to add such an accessory.
  9. Captain Nemo

    Rogue One movie discussion thread

    I saw the film on Saturday morning, and it was (not?) surprisingly packed--and oh what a stunning film it was! I was admittedly shocked too when the credits started to roll and the theater started clapping, but it was truly a special film I think. The perfect balance of new and old. I loved TFA, which also did that, but this film takes the cake I think. It was utterly intense, gritty, and very unexpected, which is saying a lot considering it runs right into Episode 4. On more specifics:
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    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    The Batman CMF showed up at my local Target in Rockford, Illinois. So they're out there--good hunting everyone!
  11. Captain Nemo

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Let's not freak out over that polybag price please. That photo is clearly from a location that has...above average...pricing in comparison to other parts of the world. Talk about the sets! Thanks!
  12. Captain Nemo

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    This is not an official picture... It's obvious that she will come with a wand, just like every other HP-Universe Dimensions character.
  13. Captain Nemo

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    I'm of the opinion that a casual clothes Hermione is far more interesting than a school uniform version. At least we are getting something new with this, whereas anyone who already collects/collected HP Lego would already have half a dozen identical Harry uniforms that could be easily swapped in. -- I hope we see some PowerPuff Girls figures soon, as I'm more excited for that license than anything in Year 2 (well maybe Adventure Time). I do think they will translate rather well to minifigure form actually, as they were always depicted in a rather simple abstract form, at least in body type--which is something that would lend itself far better to Lego than the lanky characters often being attempted. Granted I wouldn't mind Dimensions depicting them and their open world more after the original show than whatever that new "show" is. Also Mojo Jojo--it would be wonderful to get him, although four figures from one new license is rather stretching it...AT did set a recent precedent however.
  14. Captain Nemo

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Stop the sexism discussion please. This is not the thread, forum, nor site for that kind of debate.
  15. Captain Nemo

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Licensed Folks Please Read This: This is getting too off topic. While this is a "Lego Batman Movie" thread, this is specifically a set discussion thread. We are all excited about the new trailer, but the discussion here should be, to the best of one's abilities, on the sets themselves and not on the film itself. In that vein, I would prefer it if we could avoid parsing out screenshots to deduce what sets and minifigures we'll possibly get down the line. As a Lego movie, there are frankly endless possibilities as to what could end up making the transition from screen to actual Lego set, which makes this whole parsing discussion rather futile. So for instance--Gentleman Ghost--is in the movie and I see his name being constantly thrown around as an "upcoming future" minifigure. Yet, we have no indication that we'll get a physical version of said character at this time, and as such I would prefer it if we did not constantly bring him up in conversation (or any other "limbo" character) as if we are just waiting to see him show up on some box art. It only causes confusion later on when people read tons of names being thrown out here and then expect to get physical versions of those non-existent characters. This thread is for set discussion; as many people (including myself) also wish to talk about the movie itself too, I would now like to direct you to the appropriate The Lego Batman Movie thread. You can openly discuss the film there--but here, this thread is specifically for the sets themselves. --- Additionally, and finally, as this is also a film and we are edging closer to the release date, please be respectful of spoilers for other readers. Although this is a Lego movie and as such its spoilers would most likely be less Earth shattering than those of say, an MCU film, please remember that many members here would rather not stumble across plot points and surprise cameos in the set discussion thread. Utilize Spoiler Tags if you must, or better yet take the spoilery conversation over to the TLBM thread. Thanks everyone!
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    Minecraft 2017

    Note to Members: After input from members and Staff discussion, it has been decided to move the Minecraft theme from Special Themes to Licensed. Feel free to continue all Lego Minecraft discussion here in Licensed, from official set discussion to MOC posting. Over the next few days the first page of Minecraft 2017 will be updated to the Licensed format as well. Thank you!
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    Spiderman Homecoming 2017 set rumors

    As we already have a dedicated overall Marvel thread, we do not need a separate Spider-Man specific thread.
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    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Clearly the sets and all traces have been removed from Let's not continue to bring that up again and again. Talk about the physical sets here--not their (lack of) availability on Thanks!
  19. Captain Nemo

    Iron Man: Detroit Steel Strikes...out on 30th Dec.

    This set can already be discussed in the preexisting appropriate thread. Thank you.
  20. Well that took two seconds--literally found it on the first set I clicked on. Still--fun easy contest!
  21. Captain Nemo

    Lego dimension packs, for non-gamers

    I don't see why we need this admitted rant thread. If you buy a product and don't use it as advertised, then yeah, you could be disappointed with the results. Dimensions clearly has a defined use; buying its packs for the purpose of only part of that use means you won't get the full value out of your money spent.
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    Star Wars Rebels

    Finally a Rebels episode with some teeth, even if it had a taste for red shirts. My Rebels bloodlust is satisfied...for one week. On the whole his episode seemed to greatly raise the violence across the board, which can only raise the stakes as well--even if we know our Ghost crew is still "safe". The obvious bike tester exploding was the main one of course, but let's not overlook the initial exploding bikes; the gunner who Ezra shot directly in the face; even the Kallus throw. I only bring this up because I'm often taken back at the ability of the show, being on DisneyXD, to go this far. Not that this is a bad thing, thematically. Though I could do without the Kallus torture, because I don't want anyone hurting my baby! On Thrawn, I think this is the exact type of episode/tonal shift we needed right now. He became less of a big-picture person and more of a ruthless military person right in front of our faces. His ability to be one step+ ahead in the moment was uncanny and very appropriate--he was always able to predict where the "rebels" were headed in the factory, as well as being completely able to improvise on the spot. And this is all considering that he did not even know the "rebels" in the factory were Kanan and Ezra! Incidentally, on Fulcrum, although the show insinuates that Thrawn does not yet know Kallus is the inside man, I'm more convinced that perhaps he knew already. Thrawn notes, "more likely they found an unexpected ally, or perhaps an expected one." Note the music uptick, eye and hand movements here. Considering Thrawn's long game strategy, I could see him already being in league with Kallus--and if not yet, that's clearly how he intends to use Fulcrum when he catches him. Final thoughts: MVP of the night goes to the AT-AT pilots; who were utterly competent. One had spectacular aim (for an imperial) and another a brilliant mind--say what you will, but we all thought just a little that Kanan and Ezra should have died here because dropping that AT-AT atop them was a spectacular move! The pilot deserved the win for that! Thrawn is more intimidating here, but is looking surprisingly lanky in this episode. That or Kallus was doing some weightlifting, because he seemed huge. Pryce continues to be the spitting image of Spalko--and I approve. Lex Luther voiced three people this episode: the returning family friend of Ezra, the second rebel saboteur, and the Stormtrooper officer. I love Clancy Brown, but his voice is too iconic for Rebels to use as background characters.
  23. Captain Nemo

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Let's not debate non-physical minifigures from posters please. Talk about the sets we know we are getting--thanks!
  24. Captain Nemo

    DC Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    @amazingbricks I had to remove those images, as they were causing some serious thread formatting issues for whatever reason. Anyways--back to set discussion!
  25. Captain Nemo

    EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    Yay! Usually I end up with a nail-bitter finish, so this is a big surprise. Thanks for organizing this CopMike--it's a truly gargantuan task and everyone appreciates you doing it.