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  1. UCS Scale Sebulba's Podracer

    If only LEGO would release a pod racer like this. The attention to detail is fantastic, lots of lovely greebles! That said the cockpit (with the least greebles) is probably my favourite part, the shape is perfect.
  2. Nice work, especially for your first Fabuland MOC. I especially like the roof and interior, very 'reptilian' (croco carpet? )
  3. General Grievous custom minifig

    Awesome minifig; not really too sure if he's too big or just right. Perhaps for this body size the moulded head is too small, but I guess there's no work around for that.
  4. Removed.

  5. Removed.

  6. Wow number 4 was hard. But then again it was actually quite simple . As with all these clues, you must 'think outside the box'. Great hiding & clues guys.
  7. 10188 Death Star stand?

    I also have a similar piece to this, only the base is different. However it is just a turntable with no clicky. I'm not sure but if you try to turn the DS with the clicky turntable it might be too stiff and it may risk damage and breakage. I'm not sure of the piece id though, I'll be searching for it. EDIT: This is what I meant LINK.
  8. LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    Wow a great set of pics. I don't like that bounty hunter ship at all, to me it looks like a flying dumpster. Perhaps if the ship were slightly darker coloured it would look better. However the bounty hunter minifigs are great with that set. Perhaps the V-Wing meant to be the one seen flying around coruscant at the end of RoTS? They had the Empire then right? The T-6 is way undersized but I suppose that was expected. Having those massive wings and cockpit that could seat minifigures is somewhat of an unlikely prospect for TLC to make. And i'm quite sure the new jedi will jack up those prices. I quite like the gungan set. I just hope they add some of those animals the gungans rode. They will still have the molds from when they first produced them. Some new mandolorians are good too. Despite me already having the official Jango the helmet and armour from these guys looks much better than his current version. I hope if they do keep the 'commandos' they fix them to look how clone commandos should/. Alternatively they could rename them to the clones that they actually are. (someone posted screen and info)
  9. An excellent raffle indeed WhiteFang (& anyone else that is helping with this). The first clue was a great starter!
  10. Star Wars LEGO Photography

    That's just great Smokebelch, I love your captions .
  11. LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    Those screenies are a great sign of what we could get. Saesee seems the most reasonable prospect but hopefully we will see the Clone Commandos. A Lego wish I have had ever since the Republic Commando game came out. However I doubt there appearance would be in a BP. I think we may only see 1 or 2 of them in a set similarly sized to Cad Banes speede ror a larger set such as the Venator, just like the senate commandos we saw this year.
  12. Why is the Cloud City set so expensive?

    Perhaps so. If it was I don't think Shop@Home was too popular back then, let alone any internet shopping. Did S@H even exist back then?
  13. Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Thanks, having it so low I think it made the shot look great and have the obvious focal point. OT - Original Trilogy Esque - Style, similar qualities etc.
  14. Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Thanks for all the comments. The Jabba shot was kind of lucky, were just two small, 'un-ntaural' lights. I used one LED light with 3 white LEDs inside it. This was set up from behind it and a 1 LED torch, infront. I like your pics Solscud007. Very OT esque . Even with your 'budget' lens you have some great photos. What F Number did you use for the AT-AT/Luke ones? Balrog, a suggestion on your images: Perhaps you should try to build a mini studio with some paper or card (coloured or white) This would greatly improve your pictures with the need for an expensive camera. The EB reviewers Academy has a nice tutorial for that. If you wish to sign up (if you haven't already) you can apply here. Other than that your scenes are very nicely set out . I took a few more shots today as well. Although HDR doesn't work amazingly well with LEGO, a lack of depth I think, it does achieve some nice effects, such as the background on these photos I took today. The paper I took them against was orange, they turned out pink! The colour reminds me of Planet Teth (?) from the Clone Wars film.