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    Collecting sets and making a few MOCs<br /><br />Main themes of interest are Town/City, Trains, Castle, Vikings, Harry Potter, Ferrari, Star Wars


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  1. Over the weekend of July 18/19 2009 a LEGO display was put on at the National Space Center, Leicester, England to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the lunar landing A large moonbase was on show (which included a large biosphere/geodesic dome by myself), an 8" model of Saturn V and a large display by Peter Reid (legoloverman on flickr) of his Neo-Classic spacecraft Pics can be found in my flickr stream
  2. andy_0306uk

    Castle Month Caption Contest

    Dwarf: I told you to fetch me some strumpet and the local bike Troll: Ugh? Dwarf: Nevermind
  3. andy_0306uk

    What are your projects ??

    My current project is a Geodesic Dome It's currently in phase 1 where I put together a BOLOCs version to determine its size while awaiting for old grey parts from Bricklink
  4. I thought all of the 30 instructions were available from within the Lego Factory ? But you'd need to install the Lego Digital Designer and if your pc is old/low spec then that may be an issue
  5. andy_0306uk

    Suspension bridge

    Looks nice and modular!! Depends on your funds as to whether it can be made in reality or not - from the drawings it looks more than feasibile to construct it for real How many upright and road sections would you be thinking of making?
  6. andy_0306uk

    What did you buy today?

    Yesterday I ordered my biggest order so far from S@H :- 851502-1 LEGO
  7. andy_0306uk

    "The Person Above You Game"

    The person above hasn't been on this thread for awhile - but more recently than me
  8. andy_0306uk

    "The Person Above You Game"

    I'm kinda guessing the person above likes the Sponge Bob program
  9. andy_0306uk

    What did you buy today?

    Not so much what I've bought today but what I've bought in the last couple of weeks :- Furniture 3 * 60001 - Building Stool 2 * 60010 - Toy Chest 3 * 60020 - Stacking Bin - Green 3 * 60021 - Stacking Bin - Red 1 * 60040 - Building Table Sets Creator 1 * 5515 - Fun Building with LEGO Bricks (*FREE*) 1 * 5528 - Red Cannister (*FREE*) 1 * 5537 - Blue Tub Indiana Jones 1 * 7620 - Indiana Jones Motorcycle Chase 1 * 7621 - Indiana Jones and the Lost Tomb 1 * 7622 - Race for the stolen treasure Sports - Basketball 1 * 3548 - Slam Dunk Trainer 1 * 3549 - Shooting Practice 1 * 3550 - Jump and Shoot Knights' Kingdom II (Large figures) 1 * 65769 - Value Pack - Vladek, Danju, Sword and Helmet Starwars 1 * 7658-1 - Y-Wing
  10. andy_0306uk

    "The Person Above You Game"

    The person above has just accused the person above them of being a stalker 8-
  11. andy_0306uk

    "The Person Above You Game"

    The person above has given up commenting on the person above them
  12. These sets have been spotted at The LEGO Shop at Bluewater by a member of The Brickish Association 5610 5611 5612 7667 7668 7669 7670 7671 7672 7723 7731 7732 7733 7734 7741 7743 7744 There may be others .........
  13. andy_0306uk

    "The Person Above You Game"

    The person above explained the TPAM acronym
  14. andy_0306uk

    Question: do people buy you LEGOs as gifts?

    Everybody knows that the only gifts I want are Lego or cash to buy Lego X-D I'm 35 and my wife, kids, parents, in-laws and maybe other family members will be buying sets. Some are wary of buying sets as they don't want to duplicate any I already have - so I keep reminding them that it doesn't matter if there are duplicates, Lego is Lego and I can never have enough of it. I've been bought Lego as small gifts from people at works as a 'thank you' and/or for birthdays/easter/xmas This year we are buying Lego for 1 of our nephews and for our son and have bought Lego as presents for other occassions too. So, for me, yes people do buy Lego as gifts
  15. andy_0306uk

    "The Person Above You Game"

    Ther person above the person above may not have realised the statement was said with sarcasm, but the person above the sarcastic statement knew that it was a sarcastic reply :-P