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  1. I really think this wave is just not worth it. Just like previous waves this one doesn't offer anything good except for figures (which I think are the only good about star wars sets nowadays). The only set that looks somewhat appealing is Kylo Rens shuttle but it practically is the same from TFA but more accurate. I generally never liked the play-scale falcons and that Yoda is quite something... Still  hoping the UCS ISD isn't a disappoint like this wave or previous UCS sets

  2. 2 hours ago, Guyon2002 said:

    I really hope they stop with the whole ''reveal one week before launch'' thing. It's driving me nuts and it's extremely annoying, I want to have some time in advance to check out a set and decide wether I want it or not. Especially with such a hefty pricetag a week before launch is just stupid

    I completely agree with you on that. If lego doesn't hopefully someone inside lego is able to give us a "peak" ;)

  3. Just wanted to say again that this is an amazing build and that I am very grateful that you are creating instructions for not-so-talented people like me! But I mainly wanted to say take your time and don't feel too pressured to get the instructions done. I too really want it but I understand how difficult and long it is to make these. So take your time and take it easy! 

  4. Hello! 

    So I have just finished building Jeracs Y-Wing and it looks absolutely fantastic. Just the amount of detail and the attention to like the angle and shaping of the head is just ingenious. The build was mostly smooth (the final section where you use the treads for the engine ?winglets? was a little rough) and the instructions were very easy to follow. There are a couple errors that I found in the instructions and the parts list where on page 175 step 227 and page 177 step 232 the 1 x 1 plate should be white and not yellow. Brickvaults and jeracs model use the white plates whereas the instructions show it as yellow and the yellow 1x1 are used a little later on for the cockpit. The parts list is just missing the 3x Minifigure, Utensil Handcuffs. And thats just it for errors. Asides from that fantastic work Jerac and thank you for making these instructions! 


    Forgot to ask, the landing gear in the engines, is the piece 48336 supposed to not connect all the way to the 33909? Also those landing gears do not go in all the way into the engines. Was there something wrong I did in the build process? Can't seem to find it.

  5. So I've been wondering why LEGO seems to have suddenly rehauled there near-perfect rewards program and I have a theory...

    You know there was an incident with the VIP program where one of the LEGO employees was "stealing points" from customers who weren't a part of the VIP program, and LEGO has been acting a little odd after it... I guess its a conspiracy theory, but it seems how VIP members have to do so many things to use points and it just seems more strict. I mean idk how this will discourage point stealing, but it just seems odd. Just to add this new program seems to have been worked on the day before the release because of how terrible the execution of this program was. But oh well... just my theory and opinion of this dumpster fire of a situation.... 

  6. 4 hours ago, Magmafrost said:

    Not sure whether I should bring this to you or Brickvault, but in the partslist included with the instructions, the 1x4 hinge plates (2429c01) are divided into two separate lots, for the top (2430) and base (2429). The overwhelming majority of listings for the part though is as one piece, so wouldn't it be better to have included it in the partslist that way?

    I think when you build digital models on like Stud.io or LDD, it has that piece separated as two instead of as one. 

  7. On 5/12/2019 at 11:29 PM, viptouge said:

    Sure. Whats your question?

    What were some of the other rare pieces in the build, asides from the hinge (4531) and the container (4424)?

    Also how important is the Hinge Plate 1 x 2 with 3 Fingers On Side (2452) for the build? Is it for greebling or does it have structural importance? 

  8. On 5/2/2019 at 10:57 AM, viptouge said:

    Some iPhone pics I wanted to share of the ISD Monarch I completed a few weeks ago. By far my favorite build and was worth the sore fingers! Love the size of this thing! I kept all the exterior tile pieces MSG as I prefer the clean look. Also switch out the the 4531 Hinge tiles to the 1x3 tiles instead as the hinge tiles I bought were used and look a bit old. The instructions were great with some challenging parts like putting the middle engine section into place as it's a really tight fit. The 30374 bar 4L used to hold the 3 large death star half together felt a bit short so I used the 351894 plastic hose I had left over instead.


    Those are some great photos of the Monarch! If I may, would you mind answering a couple of questions I have regarding the Monarch? Its mainly about the parts for the MOC.

  9. This a bit random, but a lot of LEGO stores still have a bunch of the Avengers Tower giveaway. For my store, they still have over a hundred of these giveaways in there stockroom and apparently, they are going to send them back to the factory for either recycling or reuse in the future. So I guess my question is, why don't they just continue to give these aways until supply runs out? Won't they make more money with this SW GWP? I've heard LEGO doesn't want GWPs to coincide with others or they want to say it for later... 

  10. 12 hours ago, strangely said:

    I expect higher up employees not to leak, as at a certain height on the corporate ladder they are probably bound legally by contract not to leak, or are at least compensated well enough not to want to risk it. And factories have security and other safeguards to prevent leaks (though it seems like the further the factory is away from headquarters the more parts walk out the door and end up on eBay).

    The Lego Store is the lowest rung on the ladder. Their employees aren't bound by contract, there's probably not cameras watching every inch of the backroom and those people probably aren't getting paid enough that getting fired matters that much. At a certain level, you expect leaks, especially since past history has indicated that it will definitely happen at that level.

    I have to agree with you. And to add what you said, LEGO sends one to a few case(s) of each new set a couple of weeks early to there stores so the stores have time to build the set for display. My local LEGO store already got the set and the displays for it a few days ago. So it is most likely a store associate that leaked the set. 

  11. 4 hours ago, Tidy said:

    for what it is worth, that hoth freebie, is labeled for may 1st through the 31st ... not just the may 4th weekend ... is there still hope for an exclusive may 4th fig ?!??

    Ah good point. I really hope you are right... But yah this giveaway is quite disappointing just like the previous couple years. I'm gona have to ask my friend if he knows if there is any more surprises coming out for May the 4th weekend. 

  12. I have a feeling this might get the same response as the Cloud City. I think the Tantive IV looks like a pretty good playset overall, but definitely a poor UCS set. A definite pass for me, but its not for me... I just hope they make a proper ISD later in the year... 

    33 minutes ago, Don Neimoidte de la Mancha said:

    Are we having any leaks on how the Bail Organa figure is looking?

    Earlier in the year there was a leak of the Bail Organa figure. You might have to dig through the instagram posts to find it. From what I remember it was a decent figure. No memorable details or anything really. 

  13. 2 hours ago, Rubblemaker said:

    Yeah. I’ve done my research on this thing and seen many pictures of what 15,314 Lego pieces on the floor looks like. I’m fully expecting there to be some serious sorting going on beforehand. Probably several days of it. Luckily, I’m quite adept at sorting by now. Still, I know 15,000 pieces is next level shit! Kind of looking forward to the challenge actually.

    Before you buy all the pieces, rockpig made a spreadsheet where he made a list of all the parts you need for each book for the Aggressor. So rather than organizing 15k+ pieces I would recommend you make 7 wanted lists on bricklink and upload the pieces you need book by book. Good luck on the build! 

  14. I actually have made the Aggressor and I am planning on building the Monarch as well (not anytime soon though LOL). I personally like the overall visual of the Monarch better than the Aggressor because of the accurate proportions the Monarch has. Also, in general, the Monarch is more accurate and sleek than the Aggressor IMO. However, the Monarch is only good for the looks and nothing else. Even though the Aggressor isn't as accurate to an actual ISD, it still looks great and it even has an interior! The building process for the Aggressor was absolutely great and I think all the techniques that Raskolnikov used to create a stable structure to be brilliant. And the fact that he was able to create a great exterior and an interior while being structurally stable to be amazing. I can't say the same for onecases Monarch since I haven't built it yet, but from what I saw while skimming through the instructions, the building process looks slightly similar to the LEGO UCS Star Destroyer (10030), but I'm sure there are some great techniques that he used for his build. Oh, and one more thing that I think the Aggressor does better than the Monarch is modularity. For the Monarch, I think only the superstructure and the bridge are removable where with the Aggressor you can very easily take off the entire top portion of the build, including the engines (the bottom panel will be alittle difficult but not impossible). So if you plan to move the Aggressor will definitely be far easier to move around. 

    So to sum up what I said, the Monarch is just visually more stunning than the Aggressor whereas the Aggressor is better built. Just to make it clear this is all just my opinion and I haven't built the Monarch yet and only the Aggressor. So I hope my little comparison review helps you out in building either one of these great MOC's! 


  15. Oooo why is there so many great creations with instructions coming out lol.. I absolutely love your design of the bomber! And you even were able to put an interior?! You really sold me on this haha. Being a guy who likes minifig scale stuff, I think I will have to make this :D even if it'll take a few years before I can

    That being said, will you still be selling the same instructions for all your creations for multiple years or do you have a specific time-frame that you will be making instructions for? (e.g 3 years of production for your U-Wing)

    Great work as always!


  16. 6 hours ago, onecase said:


    9676 and 4531 will be an issue for those who want to build my Monarch.

    Though I cannot replace those particular bricks to others, since they are unique shapes. Maybe you can try spray paint other planet series domes for 9676.

    I see. Well for the 9676 I got 3 of the domes with the superlaser indent for $0.50. Does it really matter which dome piece I use?

  17. 23 minutes ago, Rubblemaker said:

    There were quite a few 9676 sets on eBay when I looked a couple of days ago. In fact someone was selling 2 complete Death Stars taken from two of these sets for £10.99 for both, free shipping. So I bought them as I’m planning to build the Monarch too.

    Ah ok. Just took a look and the prices for some are a bit hefty for two. I just decided to get the domes with the indent of the superlaser from bricklink. They were only for $0.50 from the buyer I got. Thank you for your suggestion though!

  18. WOW... Having built the Aggressor not too long ago, I really want to build this as well....  Just everything looks perfect and sleek with you signature building traits. 

    I just have a small concern, however. While building the Aggressor and other MOC's, small and large, I always had an issue in buying rare pieces that just wasn't possible to get. So for example, the Hinge Tile 1 x 2 1/2 with 2 Fingers on Top and the Death Star Domes (9676) will be a bit hard to get, especially 9676. Do you have recommendations or a list of potential replacements for some rare pieces?