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  1. Couple questions are there any very rare or hard-to-find (e.g only like 10 BL sellers sell it) and for the instructions are there separate parts lists for like the stand and bridge, since you mention the modularity of the MOC? I just think it'll be much more efficient and less playing "hide-&-seek" if all the parts were divided up. Of course, it will be more expensive like this. 

  2. On 11/28/2019 at 4:08 PM, meliander said:

    Does anyone know if the GWP mini version of batmobile going to be available later on its own? I don't plan to purchase the huge set, but I really love the minifig version...

    That is extremely unlikely and unusual for LEGO to do that for a special GWP like the batmobile. If it was like the VIP Store GWP, from last year I think, then maybe. But in general, LEGO doesn't make GWP's available on there own, they'll always try to make us buy something to get it. But who knows, maybe they'll be available in the new VIP site (that works absolutely "perfectly" 24/7). 

    My LEGO store sold out on the UCS Batmobile, but still have like around 50-60 of the batmobile GWP's leftover. 

  3. I hope this doesn't mean the end of building MOC's (I ain't gonna wait a few years for another BL to open and I don't really have a huge collection of parts). Gonna make a BrickOwl account just in case, but I hope I never have to use it. Hopefully, LEGO keeps the independence of the market and maybe add there own market presence by selling pieces not available in B&P. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Feng-huang0296 said:

    I just checked SHOP@Home and it says Ninjago City;s already retired? When did that happen and what's your source on the Deals of the Day?

    That I don't know about, but my source for the "Deals of the Day" is from the LEGO store. I asked about it and they showed me their list for BF weekend. You can just ask the LEGO retail employees and they'll just show you the list if you don't believe me.

  5. 19 minutes ago, m4st3rt3ch said:

    I think Amazon will be far more interesting, at least in the US.


    "Save up to 40% on toys from LEGO"

    Probably. The sale on that MF is crazy good, almost too good to be true unless you got a friend in LEGO who can help you use that 50% discount ;)

    I forgot to mention, apparently, the Obi-wan polybag will be given out from Dec 6 to Jan 31 for SW purchases of $40 or more. Glad its actually coming out...

  6. Went to the LEGO store today and took a look at there deals of the day for Black Friday weekend and for ideas the Saturn V will be the special deal on Friday (11/29), Pop-Up Book on Saturday (11/30), Ship in a Bottle on Sunday (12/1), and Voltron on Monday (12/2). No idea how good the deal will be however. 

  7. 47 minutes ago, Mandalorianknight said:

    You do realize disney owns many of the IP's for the "other themes" you're talking about, like star wars?

    bricklinking cap and buying the iron man mech, and that's about it. Heck, I might even just bricklink the iron man, the mech is literally worth nothing to me

    Well yah. I'm just saying how Marvel doesn't get similar quality, in both builds and figures, in a consistent manner like other themes. 

  8. 1 hour ago, TheGlynreaper said:

    I know all these troll sets are appealing and it does look accurate to what it looks like in the trolls holiday special , did LEGO decide to let the best designers do these sets and that's why the upcoming sets in other themes are subpar , I think this set may be around £30-£40

    That's an interesting theory I haven't heard haha. Probably had the interns designs the sets for other themes (Marvel... SW..)

    Despite these sets being very exotic looking, I can't stop expecting that this theme will end up like Unikitty or Toy Story... Guess we'll find out in the next few months

  9. I haven't followed most of the LEGO Marvel sets in the far past years, however, I think Marvel has the worst designed sets I have ever seen if not the worst theme by just looking at how the sets look. Not only this wave but many previous waves as well. Figures usually suck, there are new molds and crazy good prints for obscure and unimportant characters in other themes and the main characters in Marvel just get torso prints and sometimes leg prints??? Look at the DC sets, they all usually look pretty good for kids and adults so why can't they translate similar quality to Marvel (what happened to "only the best is good enough"?). Or maybe its Disney's fault, maybe they just want the cheapest looking set for the highest price idk. Oh well, LEGO is for kids after all and they don't care about quality sets they want something to play with. :/

  10. I think the Sith Trooper battle pack is only worth getting for me (hopefully not $20 or more...). The figures all look great, but the builds themselves not so much. The X-wing and tie dagger look like junior sets and I have no interest in the Tatooine sets and the microfighters. However, I might have to get the snowspeeder to get Wedge... Overall a subpar wave, but I am still looking forward to seeing the Mandalorian pack.

  11. 6 hours ago, Gargon said:

    I'd say the Chinese sourcing and selling parts for a MOC can be beneficial for the designer in a way. I know there are a few sellers that don't simply send you the instructions, but they ask you to buy them from the author. Then you don't have to source the parts and the parts are more affordable, so the author gets more support. Though most stores simply send you the instructions, so the author doesn't see any reward for his hard work of creating the instructions.
    Then there are brands like Lepin (now King and Queen) that also copy Ideas projects. I believe the designer receives 1% from total sales of that Ideas set from Lego, while they see nothing from clones.

    Unfortunately, there are only a couple who do that (probably 1-3 sellers). Overall there is no benefit for the designer no matter how you look at it unless the designer gets help from TLC. 


    6 hours ago, m4st3rt3ch said:

    ledako.de is another disgusting example.

    I agree. Is anyone here able to report this scums account? I've seen that officers (not sure on the specifics) have the authorization on eBay to do such. But if not we can always spam them :D 

  12. 6 hours ago, lowlead said:

    ^^You read my mind.  Granted, there had to be some tension-building and drama in that scene but I think they took it too far.  The horrible slowness at which those bombers moved turned the suspense into questioning their tactics.  If they moved along just a bit more zippy, it would have made the scene!  ANYway...

    StarBricks, this MOC is a marvel to behold!  Not my absolute favorite vehicle, but I bow to your skills nonetheless! *huh*  May I ask, would you have any future plans for a Lambda class or Upsilon class shuttle?

    For the Upsilon Cavegod has made a phenomenal model (as usual) and will be making instructions for them :D Dont know when but he is making them with Brickvault

  13. 16 hours ago, LEGODrongo01 said:

    Reviving a dead thread to say that this is easily the best Millennium Falcon ever created out of Lego. Makes even the 2017 UCS look like a piece of garbage

    Definitely, a good MOC of the MF and its universally obvious MOC's will be better than sets (if MOC's end up right). This one is definitely on par with Marshal Banana's MF. The interior is the most appealing to me