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    5 hours ago, ARC2149Nova said:

    And yes, it might be crazy to assume that every set must be MOC quality, but I don't think OP was saying that. I think he was saying that Lego could've done more with the helmets, making them more accurate and detailed, even if for a higher price. After all, no one put a gun to Lego's head saying "sell these at $70 or else". Lego could've just as easily made them $100 and people would buy them, provided it was a better offering than the $70 alternative.

    If I may, I honestly interpreted the post as "why doesn't LEGO make better sets like these MOC's" and I think that was the issue with this post. People should understand that LEGO cannot make sets to the quality of MOC's that people have made. It's like saying why can't Toyota make cars like Ferrari? Anyways, if the post just talked about how disappointing the busts were I honestly would have agreed with OP and probably gotten the responses OP was expecting for. 

  2. WOW! This is a fantastic MOC of the Krusty Krab. It makes me wonder why LEGO never did a UCS style for the Spongebob line. One thing concerns me though the fact that the model is made in digital bricks won't affect the passability of this would it?

  3. As much as I love building the MOC's people have shared/sold in the LEGO community, its ridiculous to compare MOC's to official LEGO sets, probably incomparable for most. There are a lot of constraints and standards that LEGO designers have to achieve to make it a mass-producible product. And with MOC's the only restriction is the designer's imagination. And as many have said here, people need to stop comparing MOC's with sets. 

    Asides from that, not a fan of these "busts", but an interesting idea LEGO is going for. 

  4. On 2/5/2020 at 5:36 AM, Hunter003 said:

    That design is just incredible!!


    On 2/7/2020 at 2:08 PM, dvogon said:

    I think it looks impressive and it fits perfectly in SW world. Keep going!

    Now you have to find a (huge) ship to put it on... :classic:


    On 3/1/2020 at 5:19 AM, Mr_Good2 said:

    Really beautiful!


    7 hours ago, gotoAndLego said:

    Holy cow, how large is your ship going to be?


    3 hours ago, k3nshiin said:

    *huh* WTF? This is awesome! I had to look twice if this was really lego

    I really hope you guys realize that macaron35 wasn't the one who designed this model... The original designer's Flickr username is "noblebun". You can check out his other builds by clicking on the photo. 

  5. Just now, Balrogofmorgoth said:

    I have my favorite and least favorite Star Wars movies (definitely had issues with several aspects of TLJ) but I just love Star Wars so I love sets from every era of the franchise. I’ll never understand why people think anyone who loves a SW era that isn’t their favorite is somehow a whiny 12 year old. And regardless of the issues in some movies, they are all visually striking and have superb Lego opportunity. Stop griping. OT produces great sets, PT produces great sets, ST produces great sets, all the shows produce great sets. Can we please just enjoy Lego Star Wars without everyone calling each other’s love of the franchise into question

    Yes, I very much agree. Arguing over toys seems a bit much... If people like something you don't like, just say good for you and move on. No need to argue and call people names over toys or movies. Anyhow, anybody check out the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda Brickheadz??? I hope LEGO's distribution team doesn't screw up the release like usual... 

  6. 8 hours ago, Graupensuppe said:

    UCS sets can be minifigure scale too. I'd love to see a gunship that's studless and more accurately shaped than the playsets, uses more advanced building techniques, and comes with a stand. But it doesn't need to be much bigger than 7676.

    It definitely can, however, I think that only applies to ships that are pretty large like the Falcon, Slave 1, and the Imperial Lambda shuttle. But for ships like the X-Wing it'll be too small to be made in minifig scale for a UCS set. And the gunship is not that large of a ship in minifig scale so it'll have to be larger than minifig scale to be considered UCS. 

  7. 1 hour ago, tfcrafter said:

    Great contribution.

    I'll go for the Slave 1 myself.

    Just ignore it. I say the Slave 1 due to the smooth build and clever techniques. And doesn't require too many mods to be up to my standards. An interior is really the most lacking thing for the Slave 1. Next to that I'd say UCS Falcon (2017) and then Lambda shuttle. 

  8. 1 hour ago, mediumsnowman said:

    I voted for Nebulon-B. A new TIE Bomber and Gunship sets are hopefully coming soon, but I think they work better as System sets and a Nebulon-B would have to be UCS. Maybe in scale with the UCS Star Destroyer? :look:

    I listed Mon Mothma and Jan Dodonna as the figures I would most like to see with it.

    Definitely agree how the bomber and gunship will be better off as system scale sets. It'll be much closer to minifig scale like that too. I'm not sure if I understood correctly but if the Nebulon was built to be accurately scaled to the UCS ISD the frigate will have to be 8 inches long lol. Unless you meant to the scale the UCS ISD is in, then that'll be a good scale to do. 

  9. My vote for Nebulon B since I really don't like the oversized UCS models LEGO makes and I'd rather have minifigure scaled ships. Also, we never got any set from the rebel fleet asides from starships like the X-Wing, Y-Wing, etc. However, I think the Gunship might make the win because its more popular and recognizable to the general mass. The Nebulon and the bomber are a little more for hard fans. But either way, I'm glad LEGO is allowing fans to vote for a future UCS set. 

    2 hours ago, legozebra said:

    It's high time for an updated gunship, not to mention the possibility of the phase II clone becoming more prevalent in sets (bugs me how the plain one was only in an advent calendar and a wave 1 microfighter), as well as clone wars minifigures with normal faces, especially Ahsoka and Maul. Let's hope Lego will give us a good number of Clone Wars sets in the coming waves...


    (Not to mention it's the perfect time for a 501st BP)...

    100% agree. Looking at the trailer it seems like there's going to be some large battles going on so it would be the most reasonable and profitable choice to make sets with a lot of clones. And if they do make a clone battle pack, it doesn't need to be 501, it could just be any standard clone. But no named characters, which is dumb to do overall. 

  11. I personally prefer the Eviscerator because it looks the most accurate and detailed out of the three. Also, how the builder achieved using a single stand to hold it up is very impressive whereas the others need two/three stands to hold it up. But as everyone here said, really up to you and what you like the best. And you can't go wrong with whatever you pick as there all great models. 

    4 hours ago, scheyjosh said:

    How about the Aggressor?

    Well I did have the Aggressor, but after I saw the Eviscerator and some debating, I parted my Aggressor to make the Eviscerator. But thats still a great model because of its interior. 

  12. 39 minutes ago, Banzayn said:


     I am not able to upload the xml file on Bricklink ....Imperial star destroyer.xml is not supported..

    am I doing anything wrong?

    thanks again


    You have to manually copy-paste the contents of the file to the "Upload BrickLink XML format" section. I recommend copy-pasting from the txt file instead of the XML file. 

  13. 11 hours ago, caperica said:

    Does anyone know why all these TIEs seem to be harder to buy parts for recently? Used to be the parts for an interceptor were about 100-120 dollars, but now it seems like it's more around 150-200 with upwards of ten different stores

    Probably because a lot of people have been making other peoples MOC's lately lol

  14. 22 hours ago, Brandon8o said:

    How would be people compare this to the Monarch in terms of being a display piece?

    I think this one is a bit better of a display piece rather than the Monarch mainly because of the stand and the greebling. I don't really like the stand for the Monarch where it has 3 stands (2 on the core and 1 in front) and a bit low for my taste. With 2mpaired's ISD it stands on a single stand and from what I can see in the photos pretty tall. And the greebling just looks really nice for this one, but Onecases is still really good. Just down to preference. And if you want a interior you got Raskolnikov's ISD. 

  15. 14 hours ago, macaron35 said:

    Do you think it is possible to design an ISD with a reasonable size without compromising details, in other words, downsizing large ISDs ?

    having ISD longer than 1 meter and more than 5-figure brick count is not accessible to everyone

    If I were you I'd just get the UCS ISD. Not as good as the MOC's here but good enough for any SW fans (causal or hardcore). If you don't like the UCS one then I'd recommend Onecases midi-scale one. Has like 1400 pieces and is pretty detailed too. Heres a rebrick link if you want https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-25013/onecase/sd-chronicle/#comments

  16. 6 hours ago, Rubblemaker said:

    Lol, well I don’t believe instructions exist so I guess not. But how many people would actually be able to afford or even have the skill to build it? Let alone store it. It’s enormous and would cost a small fortune!

    its a bit like Raskolnikovs Tyrant. People look at these things and think, yeah I’ll build that, with absolutely no comprehension of the scale of the undertaking. Most of them wouldn’t even be able to build these things if they tried and would give up through impatience after the first few months.