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  1. It's unreasonable to expect LEGO to release a set as detailed as a MOC because their designs follow various restrictions that make it impossible to do so. So expecting a MOC detailed set is only a dream. But asides from design, I think at some point in the future (a couple of years to decades) LEGO will decide to make certain models that other MOC builders have made. Also since some of the most popular ones (X-wing, Tie fighter, etc.) have been made by LEGO there might be a good outlook on some other ones unless LEGO just remakes them...

  2. 25 minutes ago, Mandalorianknight said:

    Ninja'd by @ArrowBricks while typing, but I agree with him, It looks to me like one of those things where it's more accurate, but different to the previous model people are used to. The 2009 AAT was bigger, so even though it's less accurate people remember the bigger AAT and think it's better.

    I'll be getting one, maybe two if that ahsoka figure is expensive enough on bricklink for me to sell one to partially offset the cost. 

    My wallet hurts just thinking about this wave. AT-AT, Razor Crest, Interesting-looking resistance transport, and of course I'll need millions of 501st battle packs :laugh:.

    Adding another on-topic question, some people have had some serious criticism of the new clone designs. I personally think they look more detailed, but alot of people prefer the 2014 versions. So what do you guys see in the 2014 designs?

    On the same boat with you about my wallet haha. I honestly don't mind the new clone design, but I think it'll become annoying if LEGO decides to change the design any time soon like how they did for the stormtroopers. 

  3. 2 hours ago, lego the hutt said:

    You dont see the issue with your point?  You werent collecting back then...you were 9 in 2009 so you are still a kid now.  You have no basis to have any kind of valid opinion but you still try to give one.  This forum is ridiculous. Just dont respond to me...

    Mate, you're the only one here making a claim that has no basis of any kind. You are making a claim (rather your personal opinion, in that case just say you think it didn't do well not as some fact because it's not) that Clone Wars sets were unpopular without giving any evidence or proper reasoning to why. If you think that your single-store represents how other stores sell, then you need to open your eyes that there are thousands of stores around the world with different statistics. Also, opinions, like yours and ours here, don't need any validity because they are not facts. Here's an example of a fact, "The Sith Battle Pack is $14.99 USD", and an opinion, "It's overpriced and I don't like the figure design". I hope you learn the difference. 

  4. On 6/1/2020 at 8:37 AM, Timmeh91 said:

    Hey Jerac, i'm new to eurobricks and dont know if you have already aswered the question...So here it is:

    Is it possible to buy the instructions and brick list to rebuild this masterpiece of a moc? The Chimaera is a monument!

    I'm happy to hear from you m8.

    Regards, Timmeh91

    Hey, welcome to Eurobricks! Not Jerac, but a lot of people have asked this question earlier in the thread and Jerac has said that we will not be making instructions for his Chimaera. But if you want the next-best option, check out 2mpairds Eviscerator

  5. 4 hours ago, Reaper said:

    Hello all, I'm nearly done with collecting all the parts, around 95% done. Just wondering if the price I got the parts is ok, as my overall total estimate is around 1600 AUD.

    Also a suggestion for an updated partlist, the tile round 1 x 1 with tube is available in LBG, and the LBG levers are much more cheaper as they were released in the UCS ISD. Also the LBG barrel are available in bricks and pieces for under a dollar each.

    Awesome! I promise you that you won't find a better SSD than this ;) Why spend hundreds for a mediocre UCS model where you can make this perfection haha

    For the price you got though is a bit high (when I gathered my pieces it cost around ~$600 USD), but that could be due to the price for certain pieces increasing like the 1x1 clips. 

    7 hours ago, thire5 said:

    Thank you for comments!

    Small update
    - fixed the issues with bridge discussed above^
    - the whole "wing" section is way more complicated that I thought, I had to rebuild the side "flaps" maybe 5 times and I still haven't properly attached those around the hangar. Ideally, each section of side "flaps" would be attached with two small ball joins to make it stable.

    Looking absolutely fantastic! It's definitely looking like it'll be the best Venator in LEGO! Looking forward to the final result

    On 5/6/2020 at 12:16 PM, bricksmarlin said:

    Thank you @2mpaired for sharing the instructions for this wonderful MOC!!!

    pics superstructure WIP

    pics Eviscerator


    Great shots! Those engines look really good with the death star bowls. I might have to change mines to like yours as well haha. Btw, are you planning on posting comparison shots to your other destroyers? 

    6 hours ago, bricksmarlin said:

    Another little update.
    I'm now finished with book 5.
    Slowly there is light at the end of the tunnel!
    Looks great so far! All the details with greebling and different heights, just awesome!

    Sorry for the picture quality. Terrible light conditions.
    When I'm done I will make better pictures.


    Looking good so far! Glad everything worked out with the engine section of the build. Placing the superstructure to the body might be a little tricky to fit snug btw.

  9. @bricksmarlin Ah completely forgot about that haha, yah I encountered that too. I just moved the bottom plate w/ pin holes by one plate up. 

    Just a heads up, there will be a couple of minor errors in other books like duplicate pages, but the most issues are in Book 4 pages 110-113, 117-120, & 207-215 where the thing that shows the pieces required for the step is missing. Nothing major, but a little tricky. 

  10. 16 minutes ago, sahidko said:

    And 3,4k reactions + almost 600 comments on the FB post that announced it. What is the point of going on the website for set that will be available in 4 months? :)

    I think he's talking about the "reviews" already made by fanboys on LEGO haha. He should have said "reviews" instead of "views". Weird to say it like that tbh

  11. On 3/21/2020 at 4:01 PM, danielwerner said:

    Assuming I could get about 2000 dollars for a 100% complete (unbuilt) Aggessor, should I sell it or use it for parts?

    I would recommend to use it for parts because you can use about half the parts for the Eviscerator or ~9000 pieces. The rest of the other pieces could cost around $1200 from my guess, but I was able to bring my cost down to ~$900 with shipping by going through my parts and using LEGO's Bricks and Pieces for certain pieces. It will take a lot of time though, but in the current situation we are in it might actually be good to spend that extra time organizing haha. Anyhow, that's just my recommendation :)

    Finished books 1 and 2 and I'm halfway through 3. Can't wait to see the final result!