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    The Tribute to The Razor Crest - Released!

    There's a guy on Flickr who reverse-engineered Marshal Bananas Falcon and is in the process of making instructions for it. Not sure if BV will sell it or not.
  2. Evergreen

    Brick Vault UCS Shuttle Tydirium

    Yah I get that. Their earlier reviews were pretty nosy and annoying when they kept on bragging about how perfect their models are, but I think they got a little better now. I usually check out the OG builder's social page before and I would sometimes ask if their models have any rare parts or really fragile sections. Did you test the motors before you placed them in the model? If it did work and nothing was misplaced then the wires could be damaged or loosened from the motor. I have similar bending in the video too, but I wouldn't worry about it too much about it. There's only a slight bend when the wings are down and it bends the most when you raise or lower the wings.
  3. Evergreen

    Brick Vault UCS Shuttle Tydirium

    I've finished mine about a month ago and there was a little bending but nothing too major. I was able to display mine with open wings perfectly fine. It could be because of the low clutch on the bricks or you might have missed something while building. That is true for some of their models, but a good number of the models they host are pretty sturdy (Jeracs TIE models in particular). Usually, the stability issues that people have are either due to being inexperienced builders or bought bad quality parts (low clutch, chipped, etc.). I've built a good number of BV's and other MOC builders models and I haven't had major stability issues some people have. The biggest issues for me are BL sellers who sell used for new :/
  4. Evergreen

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer - The Eviscerator

    @2mpaired Looking forward to the new update! I really appreciate the effort for making the modification easy for people who already built it.
  5. Evergreen

    Best UCS-scaled Razor Crest?

    I would probably go with papaglops because his cockpit design is really done well and I like how modular it is even more. However, there are quite a few parts that are very rare so you have the disadvantage of paying extreme prices for a petty few parts or at worst, have those parts run out. Jhaes design is really good too and I think he was able to get the shaping much better and smoother than papaglops. No idea if it has rare parts so that'll be a risk for you to take. Or you can ask him if there are any rare parts. 1) Both are pretty close to minifig scale. 2) I think papaglops engine design looks more proportional, but I think Jhaes fuselage looks alittle more proportionally accurate. 3) From the video reviews of both, papaglops design looks more sturdy. 4) Questions like that have only one answer (until it actually releases or TLC goes out-of-business). Maybe. No one but LEGO can give you the first yes or no answer.
  6. Evergreen

    looking for an AT-ST

    Only for people who've never seen an AT-ST Well the BV AT-ST has better details but it's still going to be more expensive than getting the 75153 brand new. If you're tight on money then I'd go for the 75153 or get the raider and recolor it. If not, I'd go for the BV one since it got better details. Don't know how stable that one is though...
  7. Evergreen

    [MOC] BTL-S3-ish Y-Wing x 2

    I haven't seen a thread solely dedicated about that (veteran EB's, please correct me if I'm wrong), but there was a thread about how knockoffs would steal or just resell MOC builder's instructions, which did bring up the example you said. Heres the link to the thread I'm talking about:
  8. It turned out much better than I had expected. I'm probably not going to buy this, but I'm now very interested in how the set will look overall. I wonder if there will be a hanger bay for the falcon or other ships.
  9. Evergreen

    Brick Vault UCS Shuttle Tydirium

    I think dmac nailed the cockpit design a little better, but MB's design is still one of the best. The stand could use some love though haha :) After some shuffling and using B&P the cost was around ~$650 with shipping with PFs. I don't mind used pieces and most of the time the used pieces I get are practically new. Still a gamble though. I might omit the lights or use something else because the LEGO lights are just awful (bulky and inefficient). The wing mechanism can be replaced, but you're going to have to redesign the interior frame or omit the interior. But yeah, definitely an expensive model to make, but that's the price for better haha. If you don't really care about the intricate details and accuracy the UCS shuttle is a better option, but if you want something more impressive, this model is the one to go. Of course you can always upgrade the UCS one to your own liking too.
  10. Evergreen

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Still got an order in warehouse from July 18 and when I received one of my other orders it was missing an lot and a couple of my pieces were in the wrong color :( I hope you guys get your orders soon
  11. Hmm does that then mean LEGO will just be selling all the stock they prepared beforehand? And after it sells out its just done?
  12. Evergreen


    Another great AT-AP MOC! I really like the greebling detail on the back and the interior is well done as well. Great work!
  13. Thanks for clearing it up. Good to know that I can get the new Vader for a better deal now haha
  14. I hope no ones stupid enough to actually buy from them.....
  15. The builds are bad, but they're not going for accuracy like a MOC. And yes, of course you'd get this set for the figures what else? This is a great opportunity to make a clone army as well and who knows when we might another set like it. I find it disappointing that LEGO still fails to make enough stock even though the high demand is obvious.
  16. Evergreen

    Star Wars Rebels UCS Ghost - Minifig Scale

    They sell the instructions for it here
  17. Check on reddit in the LEGO Star Wars area. I like the aesthetic of this set and definitely going to get this instead of the Death Star Duel now because that Vader is the only thing worth getting haha. Hopefully it'll be available for all...
  18. Definitely good news about the MOC's haha and I'm pretty sure LEGO won't be able to make it as nide and detailed as the MOC's since the more detailed ones like to use unconventional techniques. Either way, LEGO just does whatever (mostly) they want and when they want. Still a shame they haven't made one over the past decade...
  19. Evergreen

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Has anyone ever had a partial shipped/partial backordered on there order before? Made an order yesterday and just one lot is backordered and I'm just wondering if they'll take that lot out or eventually fulfill it.
  20. Exactly. Kind of ridiculous to even compare a cheap print to a mosaic. Might as well just quit buying LEGO then since LEGO sets has so many thoughtless products
  21. Evergreen


    Hey and welcome to Eurobricks! I would highly recommend that you use Bricklink (BL) and LEGO's Bricks and Pieces (BP) to gather your pieces from. With BP, I would only use it for certain pieces like the 2x4 LBG tiles because on BL they are quite expensive. The drawback with BP though is you'll have to spend quite a bit of time comparing prices from BL to BP if you want to really save money. And I would recommend you do this first and in one sitting to save on shipping costs. With BL, after you uploaded the part lists to a wish list, I would use the "Easy Buy/Buy All" feature to get all the needed pieces with one click! But before you buy anything, I recommend that you "dislike" a certain amount of BL stores because certain stores are just ridiculously expensive. After you think you got those stores out of the way you should be able to purchase all the parts at the optimal price. For building the Monarch specifically, I would change out or just remove some parts like the Lever Small Base with Light Gray Lever, Tool Wrench, Box [3-Rib Handle], and Hinge Tile 1 x 2 1/2 with 2 Fingers on Top (replace with like the 1x3 tile) because those parts got really expensive over time. Those are some that I'm certain won't affect the general MOC. I hope my suggestions help a little and this MOC is definitely not an easy one to gather parts and build. But if not, that's completely alright and the UCS ISD is definitely a fantastic alternative with less stress haha. Either way, best of luck and have fun building this!
  22. Evergreen

    Official UCS set versions of popular MOCs?

    It actually was Dmac's Imperial Shuttle that he made wayyyy back. Here's a link to a post of his shuttle.
  23. Evergreen

    Official UCS set versions of popular MOCs?

    It's unreasonable to expect LEGO to release a set as detailed as a MOC because their designs follow various restrictions that make it impossible to do so. So expecting a MOC detailed set is only a dream. But asides from design, I think at some point in the future (a couple of years to decades) LEGO will decide to make certain models that other MOC builders have made. Also since some of the most popular ones (X-wing, Tie fighter, etc.) have been made by LEGO there might be a good outlook on some other ones unless LEGO just remakes them...
  24. On the same boat with you about my wallet haha. I honestly don't mind the new clone design, but I think it'll become annoying if LEGO decides to change the design any time soon like how they did for the stormtroopers.
  25. Mate, you're the only one here making a claim that has no basis of any kind. You are making a claim (rather your personal opinion, in that case just say you think it didn't do well not as some fact because it's not) that Clone Wars sets were unpopular without giving any evidence or proper reasoning to why. If you think that your single-store represents how other stores sell, then you need to open your eyes that there are thousands of stores around the world with different statistics. Also, opinions, like yours and ours here, don't need any validity because they are not facts. Here's an example of a fact, "The Sith Battle Pack is $14.99 USD", and an opinion, "It's overpriced and I don't like the figure design". I hope you learn the difference.