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    Well if it did it doesn't anymore. LEGO won't be doing things like Halo for multiple reasons such as violence and licensing. You can check out megablocks though.
  2. There weren't any. Only double VIP points. But if you bought it from a LEGO store the employees might have given you the droid commander GWP if you ask nicely.
  3. Evergreen

    Should LEGO Star Wars take a break?

    Well, I doubt LEGO will take a "break" or slow down on product output in the next couple of years due to the number of SW shows coming out next year. But let's say there was a period of no new content from SW. LEGO is not going to stop putting out sets (look at the period between ep. 3 and ep. 7) since SW brings in a great amount of profit, but most likely they will not push as hard as LEGO has been throughout the few years. And possibly LEGO might feel encouraged to make some "unconventional" sets rather than repeats. Also, as @Digger of Bricks said, LEGO might make a space theme to spice it up. But whatever the case, whether there are no movies or shows or nothing SW content coming out, I highly doubt LEGO will take a break from making sets, but instead will slightly decrease there output, as there will always be a market for it.
  4. Well, I sort of did that, except I got the parts book by book rather than all 15k at once. Much easier to find pieces and easier to organize (better to organize 1k-2k pieces instead of 15k :P). If you're wondering how I sourced the parts book by book, @rockpig made an amazing excel spreadsheet that has all the parts you need for each book! You can find the file either somewhere on this thread or on rebrickable. Good luck!
  5. Ah, I see. Never noticed that haha and you and @Kristofare definitely right about the inconsistency within the films. I thought they replaced the ISD model completely when filming V & VI. Still think the "feature" of raising and lowering the sensor array to be silly though. Idk if someone already asked this, but does anyone know if there are new parts with this set? The designer has said he used as many pre-existing parts to build this, but not sure if all of it was made from old pieces.
  6. That is actually an incorrect "feature" of the UCS set. If you wanted to change it to the ISD MKII you need to change the turret designs (to quad turrets) and do a couple of adjustments on the bridge and superstructure details. Super nitpicky I know. From the designer video, I think he didn't know there were two versions of the ISD and got confused when he looked at a model from episode V or VI.
  7. Got another update from my local LEGO store that they now have 24 ISD's in stock for its release. Also, they said they won't be having the wheels for it :( Looks like LEGO is really prepared for a sell like the Falcon.
  8. Evergreen

    [WIP] Sith Star Destroyer

    Wow that is starting to look fantastic! Just wondering, since the sensor array is that of the MK I shouldn't the turrets be like the ones on the new UCS ISD? Can't really tell from the trailer which is used. But great work anyways!
  9. Not my store, but my local LEGO store (lazy wording lol). Well, when the MF first came out they only had 6 of them for release. So I think this is a clear indication that LEGO is definitely prepared for a huge rush like the MF.
  10. Actually, my store got 12 of them the past week and they said they are expecting a little more in their second shipment before the official release.
  11. Dang, I thought the MF would last like the Death Star. The chance for me getting it has now increased...
  12. Soooo randomly putting this out there, I found out that my LEGO store got there usual shipment from the factory the other day and they said that they already got 12 of the UCS ISD's pre-stocked. They also said they think that they'll probably get another shipment of them to fully prepare for the release. I'm guessing LEGO is expecting the set to sell out pretty fast and unlike the MF release they'll have the set in stock for a little longer haha...
  13. I really don't get the people who complain about desirable and exclusive minifigures in expensive sets. Exclusive figures should be in expensive or special sets to enhance a set. And I always thought that LEGO always does great (except Marvel) with figures in their sets (the amount and quality is just good enough). Now with the UCS ISD I feel like should have come with a couple more like an extra crewman and another officer since the price is so high.
  14. Exactly. It's pretty obvious that the ISD MOC's will always be better than LEGO sets but there is one difference between the two. Budget. With MOC's you have the piece budget of whatever you want and need whereas the set has a definitive limit on how much parts can be used and at an "affordable" price. I mean I'm still going to pick this up even though I've built the Aggressor and will eventually build the Monarch.
  15. Definitely. I just think MOC's and sets shouldn't be compared since MOC's have much more freedoms than sets. And MOC's look absolutely fantastic lol I absolutely agree. Its just that a lot of people have been comparing ISD MOC's like Raskolnikov's or Onecase's to the new UCS set which sets over-the-top expectations.
  16. Um the MOC ISD's will always be better than what LEGO puts and that's a fact. And comparing the those ISD MOC's is like comparing a professional baseball team (Idk Dodgers) to a middle school baseball team lol.
  17. I feel like comparing ISD MOC's to the UCS set is quite unfair because the ISD MOC's will always be better (assuming they are in the quality like the Aggressor, Monarch, or Jerac's ISD) than what LEGO makes and that is pretty much a fact. I know its easy to compare the two but we should just limit the comparison to the old 10030 ISD rather than MOC's. Besides, we'll be a lot less disappointed when we don't compare to MOC's. Anyhow, the set overall looks good. Nothing amazing and I'm glad they were able to make the MK1 ISD instead of a hybrid MK1 & MK2, but the sensor array feature is inaccurate. The designer got confused with the MK1 array with the MK2 array and thought both were the same, but those details are easy to miss even for hardcore fans. The proportions look really good. Turrets look good and impressed it is accurate. Engine section looks bare and basic, but the return of the LBG 4 x 4 barrels is epic! Superstructure and bridge look decent with simple greebling details. The top and bottom parts of the hull is bare, simplistic, and really studdy, but I doubt the designer had enough resources to add decent details. The interior technic structure doesn't seem that impressive since building techniques have evolved over the decade, but I really like how they were able to make the model modular for easy transport and modification. The minifigures are probably the biggest disappointment even though I like the new ranking officer. The crewman doesn't look good even with the extra prints, but I'll just assume the designers for the figures got lazy and cheap. I didn't really expect an interior in the set because of the limitations of building a set and I feel like the designer wouldn't be able to figure out how to put a decent one by himself. It would have been impressive if there was one for sure, if not make the price more appealing. The price at first glance is overpriced, but after looking at the set and reading comments on the price-weight ratio it seems ok of a price, but $650 would be better. Overall, I think this set meets the standard expectations of a UCS set and I don't think this set is terrible nor amazing, just good. Lets also not forget that this set will most likely come with just ONE sticker! :D I don't think the UCS Y-Wing was that great in greebling. More like a random barrage of pieces placed.
  18. If you have the resources I would highly recommend that you go for the MOC instead of the set since MOC's are better. But if not UCS sets are still a great and easy (from the idea that you don't have to order pieces from BL & such) way to get good models. Haha you are right about that. Onecase's and Raskolnikov's ISD MOC's have really raised the bar on what an ISD should look like. I've built the Aggressor and will eventually build the Monarch (after a few years lol) but I still will get the UCS one because I think the model carries the LEGO "charm" if that makes sense. Nowhere near as amazing as the MOC's but its just impressive to see LEGO attempting to make these kinds of sets. Besides its a pretty cool UCS set too ;)
  19. Thanks for the reminder... I really hope LEGO is better prepared for this one since this set is something a lot of fans have been looking forward to just like the MF.
  20. I doubt it has an interior. If it did LEGO would definitely display it on the back since the back shows all the "features" of a set. But maybe there might be pictures on the sides that might show one. We'll have to wait for the official release to be certain.
  21. But not officially from LEGO and only with other distributors. I'm pretty sure the 2nd whitish figure is a crew member.
  22. LOL discounts?!?!?! Maybe with other vendors but LEGO will NEVER discount sets like this.
  23. Proportions look pretty solid. I wonder how they did the big-3 engines, new big pieces? But after looking at it more, I think the most impressive aspect of the set is definitely the stand. Curious about how the interior frame will be. For once I think I am impressed by an SW set LEGO released. Now I hope the price tag is false...
  24. Quite studdy looking, but visually looks a bit better than I thought! Looks like the FB post about the 2 figs was right :/ Looks like there is an admiral and a crew member. Definitely the ISD Mk1 from what I can tell from the sensor arrays and I'm hoping they got the turrets correct this time. Also I really like the stand for the set as well and probably the most impressive.
  25. Evergreen


    Awesome! Looking forward to your build process and final result. Will you be doing a comparison of Raskolnikov's ISD to Onecases and to the 10030 UCS ISD?