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  1. Exactly. Kind of ridiculous to even compare a cheap print to a mosaic. Might as well just quit buying LEGO then since LEGO sets has so many thoughtless products
  2. Evergreen


    Hey and welcome to Eurobricks! I would highly recommend that you use Bricklink (BL) and LEGO's Bricks and Pieces (BP) to gather your pieces from. With BP, I would only use it for certain pieces like the 2x4 LBG tiles because on BL they are quite expensive. The drawback with BP though is you'll have to spend quite a bit of time comparing prices from BL to BP if you want to really save money. And I would recommend you do this first and in one sitting to save on shipping costs. With BL, after you uploaded the part lists to a wish list, I would use the "Easy Buy/Buy All" feature to get all the needed pieces with one click! But before you buy anything, I recommend that you "dislike" a certain amount of BL stores because certain stores are just ridiculously expensive. After you think you got those stores out of the way you should be able to purchase all the parts at the optimal price. For building the Monarch specifically, I would change out or just remove some parts like the Lever Small Base with Light Gray Lever, Tool Wrench, Box [3-Rib Handle], and Hinge Tile 1 x 2 1/2 with 2 Fingers on Top (replace with like the 1x3 tile) because those parts got really expensive over time. Those are some that I'm certain won't affect the general MOC. I hope my suggestions help a little and this MOC is definitely not an easy one to gather parts and build. But if not, that's completely alright and the UCS ISD is definitely a fantastic alternative with less stress haha. Either way, best of luck and have fun building this!
  3. Evergreen

    Official UCS set versions of popular MOCs?

    It actually was Dmac's Imperial Shuttle that he made wayyyy back. Here's a link to a post of his shuttle.
  4. Evergreen

    Official UCS set versions of popular MOCs?

    It's unreasonable to expect LEGO to release a set as detailed as a MOC because their designs follow various restrictions that make it impossible to do so. So expecting a MOC detailed set is only a dream. But asides from design, I think at some point in the future (a couple of years to decades) LEGO will decide to make certain models that other MOC builders have made. Also since some of the most popular ones (X-wing, Tie fighter, etc.) have been made by LEGO there might be a good outlook on some other ones unless LEGO just remakes them...
  5. On the same boat with you about my wallet haha. I honestly don't mind the new clone design, but I think it'll become annoying if LEGO decides to change the design any time soon like how they did for the stormtroopers.
  6. Mate, you're the only one here making a claim that has no basis of any kind. You are making a claim (rather your personal opinion, in that case just say you think it didn't do well not as some fact because it's not) that Clone Wars sets were unpopular without giving any evidence or proper reasoning to why. If you think that your single-store represents how other stores sell, then you need to open your eyes that there are thousands of stores around the world with different statistics. Also, opinions, like yours and ours here, don't need any validity because they are not facts. Here's an example of a fact, "The Sith Battle Pack is $14.99 USD", and an opinion, "It's overpriced and I don't like the figure design". I hope you learn the difference.
  7. Evergreen

    [MOC] ISD Chimaera

    Hey, welcome to Eurobricks! Not Jerac, but a lot of people have asked this question earlier in the thread and Jerac has said that we will not be making instructions for his Chimaera. But if you want the next-best option, check out 2mpairds Eviscerator.
  8. Definitely a great wave for figures. Like before, I don't like the ship designs of most LEGO SW sets and the same goes for this one and I don't really see what makes the Resistance set so appealing. But I will definitely be getting the AAT just for the figures and maybe the Grievous fighter if I can. Overall, a pretty good wave.
  9. I'm happy that LEGO finally put some holiday exclusive figures in the advent calendars like how they did prior to 2016. The most recent ones were pretty mediocre at best. Looking forward to the HQ pictures soon.
  10. Evergreen

    [INSTRUCTIONS] Executor class Star Dreadnought

    Awesome! I promise you that you won't find a better SSD than this ;) Why spend hundreds for a mediocre UCS model where you can make this perfection haha For the price you got though is a bit high (when I gathered my pieces it cost around ~$600 USD), but that could be due to the price for certain pieces increasing like the 1x1 clips.
  11. Evergreen

    [MOC] UCS Venator class-star destroyer (WIP)

    Looking absolutely fantastic! It's definitely looking like it'll be the best Venator in LEGO! Looking forward to the final result
  12. Evergreen

    LEGO Star Wars 2021 Rumors

    Mate were not even halfway through the year and this looks more like a wishlist than a rumor.
  13. Evergreen

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer - The Eviscerator

    Great shots! Those engines look really good with the death star bowls. I might have to change mines to like yours as well haha. Btw, are you planning on posting comparison shots to your other destroyers?
  14. Evergreen

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I was able to check out with no problem this morning so I think you'll be good to check out with your order now!
  15. The figures look great, but can't say the same for the build... It looks more like the Rebels animation AT-AT, but I guess the features on it are pretty nice. Overall, a decent set and good parts donor haha.