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  1. @9v system That is an outstanding layout. I might do the same. I have all the components. Just need to commandeer my wife's dining room table.
  2. @dunes Thank you for the link. I got them.
  3. @InnocityWhere can the instructions be found and downloaded? I can't find them. Thank you
  4. @plingboot I would love for someone to do the @Quanix-Germany version 3 of the pneumatic ball factory. I built the Ver 2 of Akiyuki's and I also built the "framed" version3 by @Berthil. Both performed well. I also built the Invisible Lift but it is not totally reliable. Right now I would dismantle everything and reuse all the parts for the Ver 3 pneumatic ball factory if somone could reverse engineer it and create instructions. That is way beyond my capability. Do you have a link to your files on this project. Maybe I can take a look. I don;t know how to import a model or where to even get a model to import into
  5. @Berthil I have completed the JK Brickworks Dream Robots using the updated instructions from @FernandoQ. It runs perfectly and it very easy to adjust. Best to run with a train regulator than a battery pack in order to adjust the speed. I am looking forward to your "framed version" so it can easily be moved, and certainly a more rigid construction. The version I built requires a lot of bricks to build up the foundations. If I can supply any insight, please let me know.
  6. I am just about finished with the original model, but have really been thinking about doing it as you have shown. The amount of bricks and pieces in the original build is quite a lot. Your conversion to a "framed" version makes a lot of sense. The mechanism itself is not that complicated, and either the original or your updated version easily allow for increased modules. I look forward to your final product and instructions. I am sure it would be worth converting.
  7. @Berthil Thank you for such a quick reply. I have it working fairly well, although the large ring with the cups that holds the balls sometimes does not stay in place.
  8. @Berthil - while looking at Rebrickable the other day, I noticed that your instructions for the Tensegrity GBC were dated November 27, 2020. The instructions I used to build this were dated much earlier in the year. Is this a newer version and are they any changes from the original posting? Let's all hope 2021 is a much better year.
  9. I see your problem, but I rebuilt my Ver2 using @Berthil Ver3 and it works perfectly. It almost looks like you might had a wrong sized axle somewhere in the linkage, thus not allowing the shifter arm to move front/back. That wider link it definitely too tight and it will keep snapping the chain.. The instructions do not list the axle sizes in each step, so it could be a bit of trying different sizes for a perfect fit and movement.
  10. I will let you know how it works with the train power supply. I am guessing it has too much power now to run smoothly. Thanks for that very quick response/
  11. @Berthil - I am finished with the entire front end of this Tensegrity. Just a few questions. Is there a better way to secure the large gear wheel (that the buckets attach to). It wants to jump out of place and the small tires do not hold it securely. I have tried it with tight tension and loose tension on the wheels. Also, the buckets themselves swing very freely, thus when the wheel is pushed to the next bucket, the balls tend to fly (fall) out of the buckets. It is almost a violent motion in pushing the wheel around. The buckets swing back and forth. Any suggestions? (I might try it with my transformer and run it at a slower speed that using a battery box. I am also continuing to fine tune the timing of the bucket wheel and the stepper as well as the ball pusher on top. Any thoughts on that? By the way, I am using large glass marbles instead of the Lego ball bearings on the bottom of the bucket holder modules. They weight 3 ounces. Thank you and I hope all is well with you and your family.
  12. Thank you for your quick reply. I am still awaiting parts for the Tensegrity, but working on it as best I can. Will let you know the final outcome.
  13. @Berthil did you ever develop plans for this GBC? I am working on he Tensegrity GBC now. The front end of this module is almost identical. I would like to build both. Hope all is well, I have not posted to you in a while.
  14. Thank you for the update. I am over 1 month now awaiting a parts shipment from Germany. We have started an insurance claim against DHL for a lost package. Everything in that shipment was for this project. I will have to source some of those rare and expensive parts (the chrome cups) somewhere else.
  15. @Berthil - Excellent. Not a problem. I have not gotten to that point yet. I appreciate the notice on this improvement. Just post when you have updated the file.