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  1. 5 years already? The LEGO Ninjago Movie is now five years old! Brick Legends made an attempt at building a full-size Garma Mecha Man. This is the closest thing to a real-life, full-size Garma Mecha Man for now. I also found an image of a quake mech MOC, built by DanielBrickSon. This was made right before the film's and the videogame's release back in 2017. Happy 5th Anniversary LEGO Ninjago Movie!
  2. New Ice Tank update: I built the cover and made more of the Technic wheel system for the tracks.
  3. GLAP23

    Assembling Bricksburg

    It seems as if this thread is not as active as it used to be. Fortunately, people are continuing it. Keep up the good work everyone. To my surprise, it has been almost 10 years since the original film was released. Anyways, I made a new Bricksafe page containing my LEGO movie and LEGO movie 2 Reconstructions. Feel free to look. Here are my micro managers, for example.
  4. @legoman23 I just created a new Bricksafe page hosting my LEGO Movie and LEGO Movie 2 builds. You can now download the Construct-O-Mech there. Link to Bricksafe Page I finally got a new Blu-Ray player. Ice Tank updates are coming soon.
  5. @Mei Are you using Lego Digital Designer version 4.3.12? This version is broken. If you have 4.3.12, uninstall it and try installing 4.3.11. You can download 4.3.11 here: @andardbricks I am going to release it today as a Work in Progress. Announcement: Unfortunately, I do not have a Blu-Ray player anymore, which means I can't view the movie for references. To make sure the models are accurate as possible, I use the Blu-Ray as it's high quality footage. Until I get a new Blu-Ray player, please enjoy the available models. It's going to be a while before I can start working on the mechs again. I will also release the work in progress model of the Garma Mecha Man. Keep in mind the mech is still incomplete. Also there is a lot of parts that are either floating or connected in ways they can't in real life. In order for the model to appear correctly and to not have missing pieces in LEGO Digital Designer, you need to turn on developer mode, or you can import the LXF into Studio 2.0. I appreciate everyone who has contributed to this topic. Thanks. GLAP23
  6. @zweifuss In chapter 6 of the game's story, there is a part where you have to help Cole out of his mech. The mech model the developers used in this level is the movie model. This is the one I ripped. Sometime in the future, I will release the mechs as Studio files.
  7. @zweifuss Yep. The last vehicle to build is the Ice Tank. After Zane's tank is finished, all the mechs will be complete. Speaking of custom parts, I extracted the full-sized Quake Mech's tire from the game and turned it into a part which can be used in Bricklink's Studio 2.0 software using PartDesigner. Sizing was hard but I think it's perfect now. @Ninjago_fan2123 I know about the hammerhead dropship. However, I'm focused on building the main mechs which appear in the film. After all the main mechs from the movie are finished, I will make the hammerhead dropship.
  8. @Ninjago_fan2123 The 80mm/8cm outer cable piece is not available in reddish brown, but I know where you can find the parts you are looking for. Here is the link to the Bricklink page for the 80mm/8cm rigid hose piece: Link to Brickowl for same part: For the 144mm/14.4cm rigid hose piece, here are the links: Bricklink: Brickowl: Hopefully this will help. I'm back after a long break. Just recently I resumed work on the Garma Mecha Man. A lot more progress has been made. I rebuilt the shark ammo chain and updated the shark cannon. Not only that, the Garma Mecha Man is now posed the same way as it is in the render seen in the making of the movie book. The mech is closer than ever to completion.
  9. @mr4543r A great find, @mr4543r! Thanks for sharing this. It's nice to see anything behind the scenes of the movie's production.
  10. @Matteo Nottoli There has not been too much progress, but I did make the shark ammo chain. The Garma Mecha Man currently has 7576 pieces. Amazing work you have done @blue72 and @Matteo Nottoli! As for updates, the center flagpoles on the shoulder pads were slightly shortened for the Quake Mech and small changes in the feet and tank attachment area were made for the Fire Mech. The Water Strider was also updated to have better and more accurate details.
  11. @Thedoctorwedwhistle The set stands around 36 cm (14 inches), whereas the movie version is around 86.5 cm (34 inches tall).
  12. @zweifuss Here is a full-fledged size comparison. The movie model is far superior in my opinion. It's enormous.
  13. @Matteo Nottoli I did notice the slight differences with the beams. The legs are overall the same, but with a few added beams on the bottom. There are two reasons why I made the movie version. First reason is the extra beams in the lower legs would not let the two lower linear actuators fit, and the other reason is I'm try to make the mech as close to the movie version as possible. Here's how the Garma Mecha Man is with all of the components attached, but there is still more work to be done to the mech before it's %100 complete.
  14. @Matteo Nottoli I never took weight distribution into consideration when adding in these bricks specifically. The bricks in the tail are designed the way they are because that is how they are structured in the video game model. Looking closely at the mech in the movie, the same bricks seem to be present in the design. Though, I think the tail will balance the model, especially with that huge jaw the mech has.
  15. It has been a little more than a week since the last update. So here's a new one. The head was built. The tank is finally attached. The cannon is nearly done.