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    Hello from Dan, UK

    Hello. My name's Dan and I'm from the UK. I rediscovered Lego recently now that my son is old enough to be bought various Lego sets from other family members, but still needs some help putting them together. We've had a lot of fun with some of the Harry Potter sets, but particularly enjoy the sets with instructions for 3 different models as I love the versatility, and going through the process of building, breaking down and rebuilding is something that appeals to both of us. I've also become somewhat infatuated with minifigures again, and can remember spending more time having adventures with the minifigures I had when I was a kid than I did building things with the actual bricks! I'm enjoying building up a collection of these again from the many collectable series', but it looks like I've got a long way to go to get caught up! Looking forward to seeing what others are up to, and staying in touch with this wonderful world of Lego that I'm returning to... Best regards, Dan