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  1. any official news or rumors about the GL and Harley quinn figs from the Lego Movie 2? I saw Alfred in a holiday special spot any idea of whether he's actually in the film/collection Also is there any info on the LBM 2 an if it will somehow coincide with this one. Despite TLBM being completely separate from the Lego Movie, it would be kind of cool to get a LBM 2 set in a No Man's Land style Gotham set after the events of the Lego Movie 2. Maybe then we'd get some new villains connected to that story line or something.
  2. Since it sounds like TLBM 2 is in the works, I'm hoping to see some new variants of Batman villains plus some new villains liiiiiiiiiiiiike Mad Hatter, Ventriloquist, Cluemaster, Phantasm, Baby Doll...just sayin.
  3. I just wanna see Mad Hatter, Black Mask, Hush, and Zsasz. Preferably the video game versions of them (BM and Zsasz from the portable version of Lego Batman 2). Hush with a trench coat and part of his face showing. Mad Hatter with Penguins hat and the new wizarding world legs in Orange. Other than that it'd be nice to get Two-Face, Bane, Grundy, Clayface, Copperhead, Bronze Tiger, Huntress, Shiva and Cheshire from Lego DC Super villains. I'm really hoping there will be more sets next year. 2 at the start of the year and 3-4 more over the summer or in the fall. It'd make sense since 5 sets were made to (kinda) coincide with Lego Batman 3. Like, It'd be nice to get a set with Joker's truck with Joker, Clayface, Two-Face, Batgirl and Nightwing from DC Super Villains. Clayface and Grundy as the two big figs of the year for DC (seeing as how Darkseid and Grodd were released with the 2015/Lego Batman 3 collection). For some reason a lot of people kept saying that a Copperhead/Grundy set was supposed to happen this year but it'd make sense to wait till next year after DC Super villains' release. This years DC/Batman sets were enough to tease/hint at the new game so anything that comes out next year would serve as more tie-ins. As for the other characters I mentioned above, they're just a part of a small wish-list. Lastly (and then I'll be finished) Marvel sounds like it'll have a sizable lineup next year with the 5 Spider-Man sets already appearing in stores. In addition there's the unknown number of Avengers 4/10 years anniversary sets, Captain Marvel set(s), and 2-3 Spider-Man Far From Home sets. I know that the 2016/2017/2018 LBM collection saw a long list of sets spread out across two years or so but there were still up to 10 Marvel sets released in 2017 to coincide with MCU films and generic Avengers stuff. So yeah, hopefully we'll see a few more DC sets next year to make it a bit more fair, but if not no big deal. Batman IS in the Lego Movie 2 so maybe Lego has other plans for future Batman sets. Only time will tell.
  4. Nick Fury's torso/legs in the new Captain Marvel and the Skrull Attack (76127) set would be perfect for a Black Mask custom. Add black hands and a fantasy era black skull with red eyes and boom. Additionally you can make the Lego Batman 1 game version using the same head and hands I mentioned with Harry Osborne's stripped dark grey suit.
  5. PremierComix

    DC Super Heroes Wishlists

    We are certainly overdue for a new Bane, Two-Face and Clayface set. With these sets some more Gotham villains would be nice to see introduced.
  6. PremierComix

    DC Super Heroes Wishlists

    Lego 2019 Batman/DC Super Villains sets (excluding the Bat mech set and the Ocean Master set) Set 1: Joker's Circus Truck Pursuit- Comes with Joker's truck with chattering teeth x2, joy buzzer, rocket launcher , escrima sticks, batarangs, coin, pistols and Harley Quinn's hammer. Includes Joker, Clayface (big fig), Two-Face, Batgirl and Nightwing. $49.99 Set 2: Batman: Earth 3 Invasion- Comes with Batmobile/buggy with space for big fig, Steppenwolf hover bike, batarangs, large battle axe, claws, and gun. Includes Batman, Solomon Grundy, Copperhead, Steppenwolf, Parademon and Owlman. $59.99 Set 3: Batman: Parademon Arial Assault- Includes Batman, Malcolm Merlyn, Ultraman and Superwoman. 29.99 Other minifigures from the game I'd like to see include (29): Vixen, Ventriloquist and Scarface, Superboy, Shazam, Red Robin, Mirror Master, Metallo, Mercy Graves, Livewire, Lady Shiva, King Shark, Kid Flash, Huntress, Heatwave, Green Arrow, Grail, General Zod, Doomsday, Creeper, Constantine, Commissioner Gordon, Cheshire, Bronze Tiger, Bullock, Atrocitus, Arsenal, Ares and Aqualad. Other Batman villains I'd still like to see include (18): Mad Hatter, Hush, Zsasz, Black Mask, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Cluemaster, Azrael, Baby Doll, Professor Pyg, The Carpenter, Roxy Rocket, Flamingo, Grey Ghost, Vicki Vale, Phantasm, Anarky, Bluebird, and Bane (Comic book based big fig).
  7. I saw the image myself and while it's a re-used face, it should be noted that this IS "The Batman" cartoon version of Firefly who had a normal face with a blonde goatee and black eyebrows (like the Lego Ra's Al Ghul minifigure). So Lego Firefly in that respect should've had a face like the General Zod minifig from Man of Steel. Yes, Garfield Lynns had a body covered in burns in the comics and other universes/franchises after getting engulfed in one of his own blazes but in the cartoon The Batman and presumably in BTAS he is unscathed.
  8. PremierComix

    DC Super Heroes Wishlists

    Anniversary Batman collectible Minifigs (22) Batman (Arkham City), Batman (first appearance), Batman (animated series), Batman (Green Lantern), Batman Beyond, Robin (Arkham Knight), Batgirl (classic TV series), Grey Ghost, Vicki Vale, the Creeper, Clock King (animated series), Baby Doll, Professor Pyg, the Carpenter, Joker (first appearance), Roxy Rocket, Bookworm, Phantasm, Sweet Tooth, Louie the Lilac, Flamingo and Cluemaster.
  9. PremierComix

    DC Super Heroes Wishlists

    Batman set 1: Anarky Motorcycle Mayhem. Includes Anarky's weaponized motorcycle (brick built) and a brick built para glider for Batman. Comes with Batman (para glider suit), Anarky (Arkham Origins Inspired) and Azrael (Michael Lane). $19.99 Batman set 2: Catwoman Pursuit. Include's Catwoman's car (inspired by LBM concept art) and Batman's dragster. Comes with Batman and Catwoman (classic purple suit with Black panther ears/black ponytail). $29.99 Batman set 3: Batman: Two-Face Face off. Includes Two-face armored truck, ATM machine and Batmobile (animated series). Comes with Two-Face (either Long Halloween version or DC Super villains version), Tweedledee & Tweedledum, and Batman (upgraded version of 2006 grey and black suit). $49.99 Batman set 4: Batcave Brawl. Includes two story batcave complete with relics from previous villains, redesigned 2006 Batboat, place for Batwing. Comes with Bane (video game big fig), Batman (Knightfall armored suit), Nightwing (80's version), Tim Drake. $69.99 Batman set 5: GCPD Lockup. Includes two story GCPD building and Squad car. Comes with Commissioner Gordon (DC Super villains), Bullock (DC super villains), Batman (Hush outfit), Bluebird, Zsasz, Black Mask, Riddler (DC super villains) and Hush (trench coat worn over black suit with eyes and mouth visible). $159.99 Batman set 6: Batman: Ninja Showdown. Includes Shiva's motorcycle (molded like city bikes) and Polaris Slingshot-like Bat vehicle. Comes with Batman, Huntress (LDCSV), Shiva (LDCSV), Cheshire (LDCSV, comes with wolverine claws). $39.99 Batman set 7: Harley's Hammer Smash. Includes Harley's hammer truck and Batcycle. Comes with Harley Quinn, Bud & Lou (Hyenas), Batman (same as Two-Face set Batman above). $39.99 Batman set 8: Solomon Grundy Cargo Crash. Includes cargo shipping containers, crane, bat jet pack. Comes with Batman, Constantine, Solomon Grundy, Copperhead (Arkham Origins inspired). $49.99 Batman set 9: Batman: Mad Hatter Harbor Chase. Includes air boat and jet-ski. Comes with Batman and the Mad Hatter (Penguin top hat, bow tie, medium length legs from Wizarding World sets). $12.99 Batman set 10: Joker's Circus Truck. Includes Joker's truck from LDCSV and chattering teeth. (all minifigs from LDCSV) Comes with Batgirl, Red Robin, Joker, Clayface (big fig) and Ventriloquist and Scarface. $59.99 Batman set 11: Super Son's Take Down. Includes lab and containment cell. Comes with Batman (rebirth), Robin (Damian), Super Boy (LDCSV), Metallo and Kid Amazo. Batman set 12: Batman Feral Face Off. Includes pick up truck and Batmobile (Arkham Asylum). Comes with Batman, Vixen, King Shark and Bronze Tiger. $49.99
  10. I too wouldn't mind a redesign or relaunch of the 2012/13 Batman Collection. If they're redesigning the Spider-Man villains/heroes why not relaunch Joker's Helicopter with new Joker Henchmen. Two Face chase and Catwoman pursuit with newer designs from the game or a Black/white outfitted Two-Face. Arkham Asylum with Straight-jacket Joker (I was originally thinking of the villager torso from Minecraft), Zsasz, Scarecrow, Penguin and Nurse Harley Quinn. Harley's hammer truck with Bud and Lou (her hyenas). Batcave with new Big-fig Bane. I'd be okay with this, nothing against Marvel/DC superheroes But Batman and Spider-Man are more popular and most profitable characters out there
  11. I know it seems like Marvel is getting more sets than DC (Winter lineup), but as of right now everything should be taken with a small grain of salt (save for any minifigures that were leaked). Until images and release dates are revealed for ALL sets they should be seen as a rumor for now. Marvel may look like it (unfairly) outweighs DC in total set count next year but that's because official information just isn't being released or found yet. On top of that, Lego DC Super Villains hasn't been released yet (among other Marvel/DC titles) so set details are being withheld. For me, until COMPLETE official set images and details are revealed, everything will be taken as a rumor, not that I don't wanna believe that all of these rumors and speculations are false but still, like Bigfoot, I need proof. I'm sure there are obviously gonna be more DC sets than 1-2 or 4-5/6 sets. You know there's usually several DC sets released at the start of the year plus several more later on (movie/comic/game related). I really am hoping for 5 DC Superhero sets and 3 Batman sets like the 2015 collection. Plus they released 2 big figs in 2015 so hopefully we'll get Grundy in at least one of these sets finally.
  12. You know I'm surprised that Lego decided not to do a Bricktober set for DC Super Villains. Replace the Jurassic World pack (which should've come with Hammond instead of that stupid baby Velociraptor, waste) or Ninjago pack (cool pack but characters could've been released in sets in place of repetitive gang villains or ninja characters) with a DC pack (since they did an Infinity War pack it would make sense to do a DC one). A Marvel pack, DC pack, Wizarding World pack and Ninjago pack should have been the lineup (no offence to JW but the sets don't feature enough dinos which are the only thing that are worth getting). DC pack could have come with Joker with spray can, Deathstroke with katanas, Merlyn the Dark Archer with bow and Black Adam. Maybe next year
  13. Jokers Truck with Joker, Clayface (Big fig), Ventriloquist and Scarface, Red Robin and Batgirl with motorcycle for either Tim or Barb Still need, Cheshire (game version), Shiva (game version), Mad Hatter (Lego Batman game version), Hush, Bronze Tiger (Lego DC Super Villains version), Copperhead (Arkham Origins version preferably), Grundy, Zsasz (Portable Lego Batman 2 version) and Black Mask (Portable Lego Batman 2 version) to complete Lego Batman collection. Would also like Bluebird, Huntress, Azrael, Baby Doll, Cluemaster and Anarky.
  14. PremierComix

    Marvel Super Heroes Wishlists

    Had Some other set ideas (All X-Men sets are meant to feature minifigures inspired by the 90's cartoon/comics as well as Wolverine and the X-Men's costume designs Set 1: X-Men Vs. The Brotherhood. Comes with X-Jeep and large Brotherhood 4 wheel Tank (like a cross between 76017 Hydra tank and 76041 Hydra tank) with missile shooters disk shooters. Includes; Gambit with staff, Rogue with power blasts, Iceman with power elements (2018 power elements used in JLA sets), Mystique with gun, Toad (Ultimate version) with rocket launcher, Pyro with flamethrowers (Like the upcoming Firefly minifigure) Set 2: MRD Break-Out. Comes with MRD (Mutant Response Division) base, brick built Sentinel (like Ant Man or Ares), and Sentinel Drone (like Imperial Probe Droids but without the legs). Includes; Professor Xavier with wheelchair, Beast with claws, Jubilee with power elements and MRD Agent with gun Set 3:Colossus VS. The Juggernaut. Comes with large vehicles for big figs. Includes; Colossus, Nightcrawler with sword, Juggernaut, Multiple Man Set 4: Silver Samurai Showdown. Comes with brick built battle damaged street, motorcycle, Samurai mech. Includes; Logan (brown jacket with dog tags on white tank top), Sabretooth (brown and orange outfit with fur) with claws, Silver Samurai (Lego Marvel Superheroes version) with sword Set 5: Apocalypse Final Battle. Comes with black and translucent red X-Jet and energy projector with four surrounding obelisks with ball shooting Technic piece (like Darkseid's hover vehicle). Includes; Apocalypse, Archangel with blades, jean Grey (90's cartoon version) with power elements, Psylocke with energy swords and Cyclops (90's cartoon version) Set 6: Hulk Vs. Abomination. Comes with large vehicles for big figs. Includes Hulk (heavy brow hair only on top of head like Frankenstein's monster), Rick Jones, Abomination, Leader Set 6: Captain America set. Comes with large robot mech, VTOL (Lego Marvel games). Includes; Captain America (Marvel Now suit) with shield, Daredevil (Netflix version) with red eskrima sticks, Echo with swords, Baron Zemo (Lego Marvel games) with sword, Baron Strucker (green and yellow Hydra suit) Set 7: Iron Man set. Includes Iron Monger mech. Includes; Iron Man (Marvel Now) with power elements, America Chavez (dark brown DCEU Wonder Woman Hair), Iron Monger
  15. They had a Bat-train in the Lego Batman Movie I'm surprised it wasn't in a set, like a part 3 to the batcave like the Bat-Space Shuttle