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  1. Hi Dugald, Half way through building this, is that sticker set available, really finishes the look?
  2. It would have been better if he had provided advice how to do that than a sarcastic remark, shows some immaturity. Was trying to be helpful to Charbel with my limited knowledge of this forum, next time I will not bother Anyway Charbel, I have built it in red, looks fantastic, will try to post a picture if I can work out how lol
  3. Look matey, he asked for the link, I'm an old age pensioner its the only way i know how, easy with the sarcasm, I've deleted the post
  4. Unfortunately this has already been copied and is for sale on AliExpress
  5. Wow, looks even better in red, re-doing my picking list, see what i need to reorder, will message my bricklink order when placed
  6. Built the original version but would like to rebuild to yours, any instructions?
  7. Is there a part list available for the manual version so we can start collecting the parts, thanks
  8. Modded my car at v3, is there a list of parts need to bring up to current version, thanks?
  9. Love the car, but not the colour, what other colour combinations can this be built in?
  10. Words escape me, beautiful, can’t wait to add this to my car collection