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  1. Proportions look spot on to me, you can immediately tell which car it is and what an iconic car!!....great job
  2. duskrikk

    Hi everyone...

    Thanks for the welcome .......no worries Pleasedontspammebro .....hi to you, I like your user nic!
  3. It seems fit to make my first proper post (apart from the hello new person) to say OMG!!....that is just magnificent, amazing and all the other words others have already posted!! Being a total AFOL noob I'm still plucking up the courage to start on the Porsche 911 kit which I bought as my very first build, since finding this forum I've got into the details and read all the improvements people have found and am ordering the additional pieces as per the errata Didumos69 compiled.......oh and also the GT3RS stickers. I'm a car person so this appeals massively, I'll see how I progress but maybe venture into having a go at this at some point, if I had one I'd take my hat off to you...awesome!
  4. duskrikk

    Hi everyone...

    Cheers guys .......yes, I feel like I've already stared into the light too long and my wallet is at risk, the hooks are in!
  5. duskrikk

    Hi everyone...

    Introducing myself, I'm Rich and only just found out I'm an AFOL......who knew?!! I only found out since recently purchasing the 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 (car guy) and searching online for tips etc before plucking up courage to start the build. I have come to this shall I say 'later in life' but I guess better to have made it to the party late than never having got there......greetings all!